EVMoms night out

Tuesday night was the East Valley Moms Blog half birthday celebration at The Original Chop Shop in Chandler. Their food is indeed delicious, thanks for asking. :) 

Guys, I am partied out, if that is even possible! So many wonderful events in a short amount of time.  I feel so lucky to be a part of the East Valley Moms Blog as a contributor.  One of my favorite things in life is meeting new people and i know i'll be meeting a ton of people and i am so excited! 

Here is a picture recap of the night.  It was a wonderful night out!  

Thank you Gigis' Cupcakes of Chandler for this rad picture of me waiting to start the night! More on Gigi's in just a bit! 

 Just a few of the East Valley Moms Blog ladies! 
These girls are so much fun.

There were so many prizes!! It was amazing! And at the Center of it all was the wonderfully delicious Cupcakes and the cutest tiny heart cookies from Gigi's.  There was talk of potential matrimony with these cupcakes, they were that good! THANK YOU GIGI'S!! 

My Spread. I won a workshop seat with LifeCreated
I am beyond excited.  My pictures are not what i want or what they should be. I'm excited to learn from the amazingly talented Stephanie! 
Check out her beautiful work on Facebook or her Website

See proposing marriage to the cupcakes! 
This is Amber at When Is Nap Time?
She is so fun and totally sweet. She is one amazing mom to her two boys and she makes the cutest monthly craft kits, too!
Check out her Facebook (LIKE away), and her Website 
(she's on my side bar too is you want to just click on that!)

We got a swag bag as well to take home! It came with an adorable personal size bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  It is so cute tiny, and the greatest puny name for cake I've ever heard 

Also got an adorable card from Estilo Cards.  These cards are crafted by individual artists and each one is totally amazing. 

It was a wonderful night! 
Thank you East Valley Moms Blog for putting together a fun event! 


last week, today

This past week has been an eventful one. Amazing happy things and stuff that is just sad face.

First i need to write something sad face, which is really rare for me.

Right now, I am at the table of "girls who eat their feelings".

People are moving away and it make me sad.  One of my super amazing best friends, who i love and adore so so much, is going to be headed off on a new adventure. aka:moving aka:two whole states away

I was perusing the isles of Target when she dropped the news of moving on me. I wanted to throw a tantrum in the middle of the shampoo isle but i restrained myself. I was grateful it was over the phone and i was in public, cause i clearly would have lost my mind if i was at home or if i was looking at her face.

I cry a little less any time i think about it now, so that's good.  I've had about a week to process it, but it just bums me out, man. I know i have plenty of time to spend with her and her family before they head off, but wow, its going to be super hard. I haven't even known her very long, but sometimes you just click with people and its amazing!

I will say this though, I am so unbelievably excited for her! I want this for her, like, i want to party all night, excited.  It is a weird mix of emotions, for sure!

Change is hard, but i am a believer in change and how much i need it. Maybe, i could also be a little jelly, that i don't get to go on a super awesome adventure in a new land with her. :)

Plus side: I've already come up with an amazing 'you're leaving me but i still love you' gift!

I big puffy heart each and every person that comes into my life, and i wish i could have everyone stay close but i still big puffy heart them if they leave. I've been "the leaver" a few times and its rough for sure.

I will miss my friend so much but i look forward to many phone/video calls, packages, & letters in our future, and the occasional, I'm coming to visit. :) 


blogger meet up: Galentines

photo cred Lydia @ Photography Hill 

Since this is the year of put myself out there, I went ahead and bought a ticket to the AZ blogger meet up.

I've seen the hashtag #azbloggermeetup in the past and was always like "holy smokes! these people are so amazingly cool and I'm not worthy to be in the presence of them" guys, its so true! The peeps i met are totally amazing and i am so not even worthy! 

I had thee best time! Everyone was so sweet and fun and just all around glamorous.  I basically did the whole, fake it till you make it approach. Crushed it...maybe! :)

I was given a fellow blogger/social media celeb to stalk and then buy a Galentines gift for.  I super stalked the crap out of Jenn from A Style Portrayed. She is literally the most fabulous, and adorable person! I was like whoa, what do i get for this girl, she is far more fierce than I! After many moons of night sweats, and nightmares, i finally compiled a few things that i thought went well with her. I got all weird and nervous to give her, her gift because, uh, its Jenn freakin Loyd! 

I had a stalker as well, yay! My Galentine was Cathy from Our Mini Family. You guys she is so cool, again NOT WORTHY! I got some of the sweetest stuff from her! Love, love, loved it all!

I am glad i got off my rear and put it in gear and went to this meet up. I could go on, and on about all the amazing people i met. I see many besties 4 life. :)

Thank you, thank you to everyone i met for being so rad, and making me feel like i belong, you ladies are something else.  

photo cred Lydia @ Photography Hill

Shout out to Waffle Love for the delicious waffles! I ate mine so fast i forgot to take a picture of its deliciousness! Just so you know I've followed the truck around town many times, praying it would stop, so i could try one! The wait was worth it, so yummy! 
photo cred Lydia @ Photography Hill

Many many thanks to Shari's Berries for the unbelievably delicious chocolate covered strawberries they provided to us ladies! I may have scouted and chose the biggest ones for myself. I ate them later that night so i would't have to share with my kids.  I even had a dream about them the next night, they are literally dreamy! 
photo cred Lydia @ Photography Hill

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