Mommy Style Monday: What I Wish I Knew

Good day to you all! Thanks for stopping by.

I had so much fun doing a fashion post link up that I jumped at the chance to do another link up with some more fabulous bloggers, for a series called Mommy Style Monday.

Like the name suggests for the most part its style/fashion minded.  So to my surprise the first topic I get has nothing to do with fashion or style. Gotta tell ya I was a little relieved. I'm still learning the ways of trying to be fashionable. The topic is "what i wish i knew" about being a mom.

Okay, lets dive into this head on.

So here is my list of what I wish I knew about being a mom before becoming a mom:


I know what your probably thinking:

"that's not even an answer" "nobody wishes that!?" "she's crazy"  "liar"

As I thought about this topic over the last couple weeks, I just could not come up with something that I wish I knew. Maybe if I was asked this questions in my new mom life i would probably have a list of 100 things. But then I thought, well maybe I can't think of anything is because I'm glad I didn't know what I was doing (and still don't).

I really am not the type of person that needs to know what's coming or really thinks to far ahead and I try not to dwell on the past.  I'm glad for my lows and highs. I feel like I am a better mom for failing so many times.

Evelyn now almost 9

Amelia- coming up on 7
Camden my crazy 3 year old toddler

Leonard my sweet and cranky 3 month old

I'm glad that everything I went through with each one of my kids was a surprise. Bonus,my kids still love me and want to hang out with me even though I think I'm royally screwing up most days. 👍

real life mothering at it's finest people.

I'm probably like way off the mark on this topic, but there you have it folks.  I've never been one to really follow the rules exactly anyway. I'm a rebel, just don't mention that to my kids, cause they need to follow every direction and rule they are given, for all time, forever and ever.

Thanks for reading and looking at pictures of me with my babies. 

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Thanks for reading my nonsense! Now, you go and have a great day! 


Peace, love & unicorns

A few days ago I was just sitting and enjoying a quiet night,  just looking at my sweet sleeping babe in my arms and thinking about life.  Its a scary time to be alive. So much hate and fear, but I only thought about that for just a brief moment, then my thoughts turned to all the reason why its such an amazing time to be alive.  

I've come to realize that the things going on around the country right now, that should be scaring me out of my mind right now, honestly have don't affect me that way.  I feel a great sadness, but I don't have any fear.  

I have been blessed with faith and courage, to not let these things bother me. Its a gift I am very grateful for, especially raising my sweet children in a world of turmoil. 

I'm going to continue to spread love & laughter in my tiny little corner of the world and try my best to be an example of what we want in this world. I love my God and my Country and I want people to feel safe and not be fearful. 

Anyway, that was some heavy stuff, I thought I should just pop in and say a few things about all the crazy going on. Seems to me that people are capable of coming together, aka, Pokémon GO. I don't play it but it makes me smile, and laugh at how quickly its spreading so much joy, weird joy, but joy nontheless. The world can be good, we just need to find it and be apart of it.

Peace, love, & unicorns to you all


Keep gettin' it summer challenge

I thought I'd give a little update on my summer challenge.

Its not going super great.

I've been sticking with the eating better, that's much easier right now than trying to find the time to get a consistent work out in. I would love to be able to wake up before the kids and get in a workout.  Lets be honest, that ain't happening until sweet little baby actually sleeps at night.

Even with not getting to work out as much after a few weeks of not weighing myself I stepped on the scale the other day not expecting any change, and I lost 3 lbs. HUH? I was a little confused, but they do say that its mostly about the food you consume.  Oh well I'll take it!

Slow and steady, I don't like to lose too fast.  So I have a few pictures for ya.

I realize now that i should have put the start on the left and the current on the right, but oh well.

It seems the only consistent thing about my summer challenge is water spots on all the mirrors in my house and how I hold my phone taking pictures. LOL!

Just for a comparison of where I actually really started here is a picture of me from the blogging event I attended in April at 3 weeks postpartum.

Cheers to making small changes and small progress.  Progress is progress and should be celebrated!!! 

Have an awesome day! 

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