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2018 is just around the corner!

Time to get things in order for next year LDS mutual theme: Peace in Christ

I've created some simple but cute binder covers, and I'm not using them so I thought i'd share and hopefully help someone else out. Binder covers for YW presidency & class presidencies: CLICK HERE to download your FREE binder covers.

I hope you use and enjoy them!


Slow and Steady

November 2017 vs 3 Weeks postpartum April 2016
obviously same shirt 

This is what slow weight loss looks like after having a baby.  I don't understand why so many want to just "bounce back" so soon after having a baby. I don't know about you but not everyone has the ability to do that. We're all different inside and out, and some take longer to loose weight gained during, and after pregnancies.

I've tried many times to loose weight too soon after I've had babies and it back fires... every.single.time.
Why? Because my body & mind are not ready for it.  It takes at least a good year for my hormones, and hips and all sorts of other things to recover from creating life and bringing that life to the world, but its mostly mental.

I am not even close to being mentally ready to change my eating, let alone exercise.  I try a little at a time. Everything clicks, eventually, but if it doesn't then I know its time to stop and start again later instead of beating myself up about it and causing even more mental and physical abuse to myself.

It's clicked quickly this time around because it was an absolute must that diets change in our household. Leo is 20 months and I've started and stopped many time and I was very much ready for a change. My body was screaming at me to change, even a little. I was ready cause its for the health of Chris, but it also needed to be a family change. Its much easier to make a change if you have your closest support system right there along with you for the ride.

We've cut way down on carbs, still have them though, cause I just can't not have it, boosted our protein, vegetable and water intake, and its having positive effects already. We still indulge a little, but we're already to the point that it would make us sick if we went too far over the edge. Which I see as a good thing. Our bodies are resetting.

We've been a little over a month in and I've lost some weight, Chris has too, we just feel a little better and that's the whole purpose in this, feel better. It's not about a weight loss number, although its been a positive side effect.

I did an Instagram post about not caring about the number of my weight. I weigh a little less now but seriously who really cares. Weight is such a weird thing with women, when it shouldn't be.

I've gone way off, and if i kept talking about it I would just blow up. So I'm going to end this with thought of weight loss, especially those postpartum...

Just because it's what's done doesn't mean it's what should be done!

By the way, the tortoise did beat the hare. Just saying.


Cold Weather Momiform

Today's Mommy Style Monday topic made me lol a little. Being in Arizona, it's just finally starting to feel like fall. We've been flirtin with low 80's finally. 😂So cold weather is still about a month or so away, but even when it gets cold, my wardrobe doesn't change much from fall to winter.

I'm kidding, well right now that's true, only a light jacket needed but come end of December & January you'll find me huddled in the corner wishing I had purchased a snuggy. 

One thing i'm always super excited about with my cold weather momiform is wearing jeans, and not getting heat stroke wearing them. Weird I know, but you learn to appreciate the little things like that. In addition to that you'll see me sporting just a simple shirt, mostly short sleeve but I'll wear a cardigan or jacket with them, or I'll wear quarter length sleeve shirts, so no extra is needed.

On my feet I'm wearing some kind of flip flop most days, otherwise closed toe flats. The second I get home shoes off and socks on. I have an easier time staying warm if my feet aren't cold, anyone else? 

This is my new favorite shirt, I found it on clearance at Walmart for $7 and then went back and bought another one in black. I would have a 3rd but the plum color was sold out in my size. I knew I should have snagged them all. Never again. 

See look jeans! I found these stretchy skinny jeans at Target. They were a size down from what I would have bought a few months ago, that was exciting. The legs are a little long and a little loose though, but I'll be sewing them up shortly for a perfect fit.

Mr. Link came to visit after taking photos. My momiform also doubles as a cat mom too. 😉 When I find something I love and am comfortable I run with it!

What does your cold weather wardrobe look like? What's your favorite winter accessory?

Thank you for stopping by today and checking out my mom style! Click on over and see the other's momiforms.

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