Summer time around our little neck of the hood = war time.

heats up outside, the ants go marchin right into our house.
i don't blame them, there is a feast of yummy snacks waiting for them, with love, from my children under the couch all the time. 

our first summer (last year) was a battle. it was tough but i finally managed to keep those little devils out.  it was seriously ridiculous.

i was hoping this summer would be better, but im already scared for my life, and my children's as well. no, i'm not even kidding people, i've got mutant ants here. apparently they went off to mutant school and learned to be super ants.

these things are bigger than the biggest fire ants i've seen. just thinking about them is making my skin crawl. great now i'm paranoid.

But i know its gonna be all good, cause i've got the best ant fighter trainees around.  

Get your war face on....grrrrrrrrrr....watch out they bite. 

no really, sometimes they do and it hurts.

oh baby.

So yesterday (memorial day) was everything i hoped for and more.

We did not eat any watermelon, but i did get to cuddle with my niece so its all good folks.

It was the first time i saw my niece in the flesh, and she is even cuter in person. 

source: mwphoto

Seriously how precious is this little one.  I held her for about an hour or so just drinking her in.  Which is why i failed to take any pictures of the other things we did, i was just too excited and smitten by this little slice of heaven.

I know i'm not done having children, there will be at least one more in our near future, i don't know when, but its so exciting to think about.

Babies are so precious, and can bring even the strongest tough guys to coo and gah along with them.   



you smell that?!  yes thats right, the smell of a glorious weekend. i love me some long weekends!

even though it really doesn't pertain to me much beacause well do momma's get breaks....? hardly

should we.....? you bet your bottom dollar we do!

any awesome weekend plans??

i'm hoping that our weekend will consists of the following:

watermelon, BBQ, sunscreen, swimming, laughing, napping, dancing

so basically a whole lot-a awesome!!


lame sauce

yep that's right i just dropped a lame sauce on you.
drop it like its hot!

not much going on in this crazy life today.  my fault.
i'm still recovering from the happening of being out of the house pretty much all day yesterday.  so tired.

we went on an adventure to my mommas work, she is retiring after 20+ years of working at the elementary school my siblings and myself all went to. so we went down there with some stuff and some kids.

my kiddos better learn to behave better when they are actually in school. 
i'm sure they will, right?!

we ended up at my sistas house, until we went to my cutie pie niece's preschool graduation.

okay this is were i get serious people.

okay not really, but i've got to know....

when did graduating preschool become such a big hoopla celebration??

call me old fashion but wouldn't just a piece of paper saying "You did it!!" now get out of my class be enough?

It was very adorable to see all those little faces be all excited, but it seemed a bit much.

I probably just don't get it because my kids aren't in that stage of life now, or maybe i'm just a simpleton.

anyway i just thought it was odd, cute, but odd.

are we making too much out of things that should be simple??

day 8 - short term goals for this month and why
a few days behind i think.  i forgot about it. my brain in mushy.

  • no soda for the rest of this month. hahaha. oh yeah go me.


pet peeve

okay want to know what really bugs me?! yes? i shall share my young ones.

people who can't seem to get carts into the place for carts in the parking lot of stores!  seriously how flippin difficult is it to get it there?  there are plenty of opportunities out there to get it somewhere.  

the most annoying is the cart that just sitting next to it. seriously what another 2 inches was too much for you?! really?!

yes i admit i have on occasion not put the cart back but i at least have the courtesy of moving to a place where its not in the middle of a parking spot or right next to the door of a car.

i experienced such a thing while i was picking up my copy of I Am Number Four (you are more then welcome to come watch it with me, can you say party?).  It seriously ruined my awesome mood.

So to document the lameness, I drew you a awesome picture. Yes i know, i know,  I'm an amazing artist. thank you.

Yeah, so i super hero saved those carts and brought them safely home.  Oh, did i forget to mention i have an alter ego?  I Am Cart Women.  With super cart saving skills. (there is a story behind this, my dad is Cart Man, and i'm just trying to live up to his awesome super abilities.) 

You know what may be worse then this whole cart thing?  The fact that i have the parking lot of walmart freaking memorized.  Yeah that's a whole other issue right there. I apparently go way too much.

I've got a lame pet peeve (why it is even called this? weird words together. google will tell me), what's yours eh?!


messing with the messes

When do i not have a messy house? very few times. even when its "clean" it still seems messy.
i was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes.  wait this deserves a moment to celebrate!!

woot woot!! GO ME YEAHH!
okay moment over.  so as i was saying i was tackling the piles of dishes in my sink when i hear a lot of crunching sounds, coming from the family room.  yep of course. my little nugget poured a whole box of cheeze-itz all over the floor and was stomping on them. She was having the best time too, so why stop it. i got on the floor and took some pictures. i was then attacked from a blitz from the left, and then another from the right.
here are a few shots of my little nugget showing off her amazing work. :)

crunching cheeze-itz is an artform that is hard to perfect.

day 7 - a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

my children.


love feelings

so i took a little break. whatcha gonna do?

well i guess it may not have been a "break" really, but lets just say i did. coolness.  my offspring have been sick this past week so they needed some tlc from momma. 

they seem to be sick a lot. hmmmm....maybe its because my oldest sneaks spoonfuls of chocolate frosting from the fridge and my two little chicklets devourer (is that even how you spell this?even with spell check i don't know) it with little evidence.

yes evelyn is rockin a hilary duff shirt, and no i never clothe my little nugget amelia, cause all that chocolate on her chest would have been a clean shirt now ruined.
and i'm serisouly feeling some love from my western indian couches right now. yeah that how i roll, free stuff.
oh and have i mentioned how incredibly entertaining my children are?

day 6 - favorite super hero and why

Super Martian Robot Girl.  Because when your introuble and you need help she'll help you out. :)

if you want to know who i'm talking about check out this video it will clear things up for you.


gag reflexes

For the record, this does not effect me what-so-ever.  However my husband's gag reflexes are terrible. 

Now for the story.

I'm in the bathroom and i hear Evelyn start running around freaking out (btw, why do things always seem to happen when its time for a bathroom break. there is plenty of time before and after that. geez)  So i get out and here comes Evelyn screaming MOM, MOM MIA MIA POOPOO!! this is all while gagging and swallowing back vomit. yeah it was pretty dramatic.   She quickly handed me the diaper and wipes that she was carrying around in her arms and ran to show me where Mia was. ( i thought about it later, was she going to change mia if she couldn't find me in time?)

Now i know from experience that she wouldn't be freakin out about this unless Mia had so kindly fished something out of her diaper. 

I was right.  standing in a corner of the family room, sweet little Mia had a giant grin on her face (thankfully no poop there) with covered hands and legs. So Mia laid down and i clean her up, all the while Evelyn is applauding me with cheers, and gags, i told her that she didn't have to watch and i could take care of it.  After gagging a few more times she decided i could handle it from there. 

I pray for Evelyn's sake that this is just something now and she will eventually grow out of it.  I'm hoping its only because she's seen her father throw up just at the smell of a stinky diaper. 

day 5 - a picture of somewhere you've been

i have been searching and searching for some pictures, but i couldn't find anything super legit. so this will have to do. in 2004 my family went on a two week road trip across country we ended up in Nauvoo, Illinois but this was in St. Louis. We went to the top of the arch.

me inside the "egg" we called it, making our way up the side to the top of the arch.
it was extremely small and a bit claustrophobic

proof i was up there.
looking down and took a picture of the shadow of the arch.
it was pretty crazy being that high.


four and more

I've been working with Evelyn (my oldest) with developing some more skills for her upcoming adventures with school.

Today she learned the correct way to write the letter E.

I now know with out a doubt (i knew a bit before, but now 100% confirmed) that i could never ever home school my kids.  I would go absolutely crazy if i couldn't send them to school.

she has got some serious selective hearing and she has not selected me to be one she hears.
"School Time" is fine in theory is a wonderful idea, but it's just not what we expected. I'll keep on keepin on, i won't give up, any learning time is better than no learning time.

I applaud all you mommas out there that can home school your kids. You are doing great work! Just not for me kind of work. :)

day 4 - a habit that you wish you didn’t have
many, but we'll just stick with one.
Biting my nails.  i'll go so long and do such a great job, then a slow, or maybe a stressful day comes and i start nibbling, gah!!!


drei w/ a twist

day 3 - a picture of you as a child

 yes this is me.  which i'm pretty sure is me in my kindergarten glory days.

i honestly don't think my looks have changed so much. haha.  straight caterpillar eyebrows, same over the top cheese smile, uncontrollable hair.

this picture is my favorite because i see so much of my children.  its weird thinking that there are little ones out there that look like me now.
i guess that was ment to happen, obvious by the fact that i helped create them. haha.

added bonus:
who looks like me more??

(click to make the picture bigger)



day 2 - the meaning behind your blog name

so whenever i'm praising my children i always for the standard "GOOD JOB!! you did great!"
well apparently children repeat things. who knew right.
so now when i do something like, oh, make lunch, wash my hands, put something away, i get a big ol' excited "GOOD JOB MOMMA!!" from my girl. its something i hear multiple times a day

so when it came down to thinking of a name it was the only thing i had in my head, because my daughter had just said it to me for getting her a drink, so it was the obvious choice.  

its nice hearing that i'm doing a good job, at least to her and thats all that matters.



30 days of awesomeness.

I got this idea from a fellow blogger and friend. who is super cute and just so happens to be doing a giveaway at the moment.  

Any who, I thought it was a creative way to share more about me.

Day ONE:
day 1 - recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself 

(taken at Apple Bee's on a date with my hubby 5/14)
its not all that great but its the most recent

15 facts.
wow this is going to be hard. 
  •  i am a shorty 5'4 okay really 5'3 i gave myself an inch on my drivers license
  • my feet are ginormous. size 9 to 10 so if any one has some unused clown feet lying around send them over.
  • i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. nope not the middle child.
  • i've been married for 4 1/2 years.
  • i like to people watch. so naturally i come off being a wee bit creepy sometimes.
  • i sing really loud and dance while I'm driving, and with no shame.
  • i love watching movies. we've got quite the collection and growing.
  • i'm not a planning person. i find planning so boring. (probably the cause to me never getting anything done. hmmm.)
  •  i'm a night owl.  i usually stay up till 1 in the morning. so if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm your gal.
  • i like to bake. i love how it makes my house smell so delicious.
  • i really don't like reading.  not much of a book fan, if it has a movie i'm more into that.
  • my pointer finger on my right had in totally messed up. hahaha.
  • i've got a fat toe. its pretty funny actually.
  • i prefer to watch cartoons over other shows, especially spongebob. (influence of children i think.)
  • let go easy for the last one, my all time favorite color is green. in any shade, just love it to pieces.
so there you have it. 
15 totally random things about me. 
this actually took me hours to do.



I am not a mom of fashion.  Never have been and have tried sometimes with complete disaster.  I have never had a nac for putting clothes together or thinking that something looks totally amazing on me.  I applaud all those chica's (blogging girls) that i see that have pictures of themselves looking ubber fabulous and put together, and they tell you where they got their look from and such and such.

Well this is me.

hair never done
no make up
no accessories
shirt: walmart on sale $2
shorts: i think i swiped those from my mom
shoes:  i never wear them.

60% of the time
i look like this every time.




sittin here eating my well balanced lunch (hot dogs and dr.pepper) & admiring some pictures of mi familia. 

I'm so lucky to have totally nut case children that can keep me entertained all day with their shenanigans.  they are just plain ol' simple shenaniganisers.  they really are always up to no good, but they seem to have more fun that way. 

by the way, did you know that car seats are better used this way?  yeah i think its pretty genius too. 

PS.  I am currently working on a lovely giveaway for ya'll.  i'm sure it will be well liked by all.  coming in the next week. unless of course blogger is lame and keeps crappin out of us. :) cheers!


mothers what?!

Any one else try to take the day off on Sunday, and then fail miserably? 
Oh wait or was that just me? 


So mothers day was descent.
the kids were crazy insane all day
but still descent.

best gift ever:
my girls colored on paper that said happy mothers day
(they made them at church)
they were so excited to give them to me.

these i think are what you look forward
 to the most about holidays as a mom.

handmade crafts and cards from your kiddos.
you get to see all the love and hard work that went into it.

how was your mothers day?



NOTE TO SELF:  Don't get distracted and forget that you've put your child in time out.

The one time she actually listens and stays put until i come get her, i forget about her.

When i finally realize this, after about oh I'd say 30 minutes, i go to her room and she looks up at me and says.  "yay! your back, i'm happy now mom."  I apologized that i forgot about her and she told me its okay.

why i love being a mother:
  • My children forgive me easily for the "really?!" moments during the day. (story above:one of many)
  • I can always count on big hugs and kisses whenever i want.
  • They are always happy to see me, no matter what.
  • My oldest courtesy laughs at my jokes.
  • My youngest has the best smile, and is always showing it off.
  • They make me feel like i'm one of a kind.
Cheers to all mommas!
We work hard & we play hard. 
We are awesome. 

Happy Mother Day



First off
thank you, thank you
to everyone who participated in this giveaway!

I was way, way surprised at the response!
super duper.

well lets cut the chit-chat
and get on with it

i know y'all are dieing to know who has won!!


last chance for giveaway--->

Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention.
I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story.
I need all of you, to stop what you're doing and listen.

Today is your LAST day to enter the giveaway!!

You have till MIDNIGHT!

Get those entries in!!



I'm really proud of my children's artistic gifts.  my oldest especially. she colors like a champ and she uses the computer program paint and makes some really amazing pictures. 

As much as a love the artist in my life it occasionally has a down side now and them. 

what happens when your creative monkeys can't find any paper?? well let me show you.

yep that is what happens. 

notice how wonderful their art is!  oh and that line going across the back door, see it? yes, that goes around the entire room, every wall in our family room has a touch of something extra special. 

i guess this is what i get for trying to get other things done. 

i am very proud of myself though, i did not yell at all, i just calmly walked in the room and i just said, " oh no what happened in here" my daughter then replies "no paper mom."

i just laughed. i guess she didn't have enough paper for her vision!  oh goodness.

all i can say is, good things for magic erasers!
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