hi, hi, hiya! (10 points to Slytherin if you can name that movie.)

Okay so schooooooools out for summah!  

Evelyn had a kindergarten "promotion/graduation" today.

lets just call it what it is people. another event to praise/spoil our children for things they are supposed to be doing anyway. going to school and learning stuff. i mean its nice to have an end of the year program or something like that but it was redic. Principal gave a speech, the principals from the high school was there (????) i mean come on, its KINDERGARTEN. just blows my mind all the hoopla that goes along with moving from kindergarten to 1st grade. i remember just going home after the last day of school then showing up for 1st grade.  REALLY?!?! The End. 

Anyway, we are happy for Evelyn to be a 1st grader now and happy she was able to have a wonderful kindergarten teacher. 

We did get some great pictures though. enjoy. 

She's just beaming with joy! Oh this girl. Never wants to smile for pictures. 
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