the last days

so for serious i really would love to be having this baby like right now, but i'm not. i'm hoping for this week. that would be AMAZING!

my "due date" is the 28th. yeah so just a couple of days.

i had my (hopefully last) dr. appointment monday. I am to just about 3cm dilated.  if i'm not fully 3 after that exam i'd be surprised. my doctor has the biggest hands ever! he didn't mention effacement or whatever and i didn't care enough to ask. he did mention that the baby is really low. SCORE. any news is the best news in this situation, and i'm just glad i'm something and baby is good.

my babies just love chillin in the womb way too much. im just such a good incubator.

doc made a note on my charts that i prefer to NOT be induced. he did mention if i get closer to two weeks over they will schedule something at that point but they will let me wait it out. lets all pray that is not the case!!

so that is my baby update for you right now.  just a waiting game at this point, its fun, annoying, exciting, and frustrating all at the same time.

we're ready for him.


full moon

just thought i'd share an update.

i am closing in on 39weeks. i went to the doctor yesterday. things are good, heartbeat strong. my next appointment is next monday, which i'm hoping a)it is my last one or b)the full moon will be on my side and i won't make it to that appointment.

either one would be just fine with me. :)

i didn't take very many pictures of myself this pregnancy, but in fact its more than both of my other ones combined. i didn't take any with evelyn and maybe 2 with amelia. haha.

so here is a progression i think it starts at 22 weeks and the last one is from monday right before my appointment.

these were all from my phone, i suck at taking pictures, dirty mirror, so yeah not the best pics ever. :) but enjoy.

i'm excited for not being pregnant anymore, and being able to cuddle and love on my little boy. :)

oh and notice the bed? yeah its really tall. seriously so excited to be able to get in and out of it without losing my breath. :)


my funny valentines

yes my husband is my valentine, BUT
i get two little funnies to share my day with.
while daddy is at work we will be having a fun day cutting hearts, paintin our nails pink and eating candy. :)

Happy Valentines Day folks!!!


staying alive

i swear im still alive.
even though yes, i feel like death at some points of the day. i would know i've been there before trust me not the best place to be. but even with the small amounts of that i'm still feeling great.

i waddle, i wince, i cringed, but all in all i'm happy. I can't wait for these next few weeks to happen. hopefully many walks around our local zoo helps things come along. oh and we got a new bed and it is taller than the one we already had so its pretty much a work out trying to get myself in and out of the thing. getting up in the middle of the night is the worst thing right now, hahaha. chris has woken up a few times and has had to help pull me up on the bed. its pretty ridiculous if you ask me. :)

oh by the way. i made a decision, to have a natural birth this time around. so aka so induction date will be scheduled, no drugs will be given. everyone cross your fingers, toes, eyes, and legs that i'm not 2 weeks late. thank you everyone for the good vibes. :)

Saturday was my baby shower, sadly no pics were taken(i forgot my camera, of course), but it was an amazing time and so happy so many people were able to come and support me and baby cam.

here are a few phone pics of the last little bit. enjoy. :)

 i thought it was a perfect fit for my little camden lyle.
only 1.99 i couldn't pass it up. :)

got this book on a tuesday and read everything by friday.
i loved everything about this book and i know it will seriously help me with my decision to go natural. i am really excited!!!!
this is our front yard id say 80% of the time.
we live on a corner and people ditch their evidence of drinking and driving in our yard. it drives me crazy.

my sweet little nephew henry with his great grandma crandell at my baby shower saturday. he is the cutest!!

me at 36 weeks. this mirror is at a slight angle which makes me look much MUCH smaller than i really am. oh and this outfit is worn pretty much every time i'm in pulic now, its the only one that fits.

i wish i had a video of the waves my stomach makes and it tickles every time he does it too. this is me trying to relax, and depuff my legs and feet. it doesn't look like my feet are propped up but they are, thats how big my tummy is. haha.

i hope everyone has a great day!! thanks for reading folks. :)

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