evelyn says...

okay i have to post about this.....too funny not to share.

my little evelyn is exploring her ability of speech to a whole new level lately. her logic is her own for sure and it just cracks me up!

she just told me this..

"mom my boobies hurt and i think it's because you need to get me more sprite cause then they will be better."


hahahahaha. i didn't know how to respond so i just laughed and then she started laughing too. 

she is so entertaining, and i never know whats going to come out of her anymore. full of surprises. oh four year olds, they so much life in them. :)

oldie but goodie. :)


about time twenty

Yeah is the freakin weekend! woot.

To start off this week i am celebrating 20 pounds lost!
holy moly is finally came! i'm hoping that this plateau that i went through is as its end.
to celebrate i'm going clothes shopping with my sister. yes the same sister who is amazing at picking out clothes and making you look hot, yes. my personal shopper. haha. im very excited to get some great clothes that actually fit.

we are going to AZ mills, so we can go to a lot of different store and see what we can get. eeeek. excited. i'm never excited about this kind of stuff.

so the children. 

i was talking to someone the other day and the conversation was like this.

lady: so you have a little one now right?
me: actually i have two little ones.
l: wow, how old are they?
me: 4 and 2
l: ::wide eyed::
me: both girls too
l: ::still wide eyed:: oh my goodness you have quite the little family now.

it always surprises me when people seem to get surprised at the ages of my kids! it doesn't seem weird to me.  i know i'm a younger mother but i don't feel like it's a shocker to find out a 25 year old Mormon mom has a 4 year old and a 2 year old. hahaha. honestly i feel like i'm behind in kids. i should really have at least 4. bahahaa!

i was very amused about that the rest of the day.

the girls are just as sassy as ever.  Amelia's terrible two's have really started to shine through a lot more. Evelyn's ornery fours are just a light of sunshine in my life. Lets just say we went to the park a lot this week to get them out of the house and good and tired.

They keep me busy, and keep me cleaning. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Make it a great one!


three days

i didn't get on blogger for 3 days and i probably shouldn't do that anymore. hahaha.

i am so far behind on reading and catching up on my favorite blogs. it's crazy! i have plenty to read the next couple of days. i'm following, i don't know how many blogs, maybe almost 200 or so and i love reading every single one of them, so i pretty much have almost 200 favorite blogs.

i love looking back through blogs and see how things were different, or not, or just finding more reasons to think i'm a crazy stalker. you know the drill. secretly wishing i would run into people on the streets so i can take pictures with them, or just try to be cool like them. 

i actually did see Ashley from I believe in Unicorns late one night at target (like a month ago).  I saw her husband first, and i was like "holy cow!! it's that guy! where is ashley?" i looked around, probably like a maniac, and walking in a different direction very quickly and on a mission to find something was ashley, as cute as a button.  i thought about it, and decided not to say hi, cause really?! what would i say to the ever fashionable, adorable ashley?  "hi, i love your blog, i'm not really a crazy weirdo....uhhh, yeah sooooo target...welp see ya." i would have died. bahaha. but sounds like an amazing standard awkward moment for me.

any who.

anyone have an experience with meeting someone from the blog world and actually talked to them, like i wish i did.  i'm sure those are some fun stories. 

i hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a super duper week!!!


games begin

yesterday i went to a pre screening of Hunger Games.  I've been so excited for this!

we were planning on making an event of it.  eating, standing in line, you know the goods. we got there at 4:15ish and our movie was starting at 6:15 so we would have plenty of time to eat. well they had us waiting inside the lobby, and whelp no food there. blasphemy!! but i am glad we were inside, it was nice. so we ended up eating after around 9 at chipotle.  i was hungry.

i don't want to give away anything from the movie okay maybe a few things, not much. but, i mean if you've read the books you know what happens.  But i LOVE how they added a few scenes in there that you didn't get to read from the books. just a better look at how the games are made, and how they worked.

really wonderful!! the camera work in the beginning was shaky, but i take that as they wanted you to feel the perspective of one of the people in the seam. how they would feel, and especially walking up to the reaping. i pretty much loved every bit of it.  anyone who saw it. please i would love to hear what you thought!!

we took a few pictures of us there, but my sisters told me if i put an unflattering picture of them they would hunt me down and, to put it nicely, hunger game me.  so this is the best i could do.

we made our shirts too.

the only picture that they looks good, but i looks like i was doing some drugs and this is how it turned out.. but i'll take one for the team. i think my teeth look nice, so that's okay.

i saw this as we were leaving. he belonged to a group of girls that were first in line for the midnight showing (they told me they had been there for like 14 hours or something! awesome!). they were very nice to let me take a picture with peeta.

it was a great night, and amazing movie. i honestly want to go see it again. like right now! hahaha.

i'm just glad that my old bones didn't have to stay up till 3am to see it, i was so tired at 9, i wouldn't have made it! 

oh and can i mention there was a preview for Breaking Dawn part 2!! ohh i can't wait for that one either! so excited!
thank you to dawna for getting me those tickets!! woot!


small victory

so i went to target last night with my sister. who really should be a personal shopper. i mean seriously. she knows her stuff.

anywho. i got a gift card there from my birthday so i wanted to buy something, and something good.

so we went around the store and she kept shoving shirts and things into my cart. all things i normally wouldn't try on.  it always surprises me when i actually get it on, that it does look good.

okay so i was debating on getting a skirt or jeans.

my sister took a photo of the skirt to try and convince me it actually looks good. hahaha..


i liked it for sure and i thought it looks great. i've never owned or wore a pencil skirt before, but i didn't get it. hahaha. if i'm still thinking about it i'll eventually go back and get it, i'm just hoping for clearance, some day.
and that shirt too. love it!!

i did end up getting a freakin great pair of jeans though.

i'm super excited about them for a few reasons:

1. i have a butt it them. and i good looking one at that too. the other pair of jeans i have are so big they were falling off and were so baggy.

2. they are more of a blue color rather than jean color.(i hope you know what i mean) getting me one step closer to owning a pair of colored jeans, hahaha.

3. they are TWO sizes smaller than what i normally would have bought. so freaking excited about that!!

a successful night at the ol' Target!!!

tomorrows post will be all hunger games!! i'm going tonight to see it! woot woot!



every time i say thanks i say it as the snake from harry potter. sometimes out loud, mostly to my husband, but in my mind to everyone else. hahaha.  you know the one.  when the glass disappears and the snake gets out. yes, just like that.

so thanksssss for all the lovely birthday wishes. 

it was a simple, nice day, with some fantastic weather i might add. again LUV Arizona.

my children were sick. again. which has been a yearly ritual since Evelyn was a baby. 4 years of sick birthday children. joys of motherhood. i just have to say that I'm happy no one was throwing up this year though. so it was a HUGE improvement from last year.

my parents came over in the afternoon to wish me a happy birthday, they brought me a birthday cake.  something i don't really think about having, it's just one of those things you forget about i guess.
anywho, they brought me a really awesome gift. they read in my 11 random facts post that i wanted a garden in my front yard but i would end up killing all the plants.  so they brought me flowers to plant, but these bad boys can't die.

yes those are some lovely, springy, happy fake flowers.  :)

they make me happy. we all went out side and "planted" them together with the kids, they had a wonderful time. 

it makes the front of my house not to haunted looking.

the rest of the day was spent resting, and enjoying time with my kiddos, and watching Mad Men. IM IN LOVE

the kids did get me a little something too. it was cute.
they got me some sour patch candy, evelyn told me because she wanted to eat them, and a bunco game set. since they know how much i love the game.  now i need to start my own group, or at least have people come over and play because it is so fun!!

again thank you for the birthday love!


i'm a quarter

well the big day has arrived.


i certainly don't feel 25.
i mean honestly how is this age supposed to feel?
(last night at applebee's they yelled that i was turning 21, hahaha. the kids were with us too, i just laughed cause how funny that would be to have a 4 and a 2 year old and just be 21, anyway.)
i guess i can rent a car now if i wanted. woopdedoo.

age is just a number
cause really i don't think i'm old at all.
i joke with my husband and tell him that he's old,
only cause he's, you know....28 soon to be 29! GASP!!

but of course i won't be old when i'm 28....it's science.

any who.

when your a kid you write down what you want to be when your this age....
i'm pretty sure i wrote, married with children.


if your wondering where i'm going with this, join the club, cause i have no idea. hahaha.
just a smeesh smoosh of random birthday gumble.

I hope everyone wears lots of green today so there will be no pinching. :)

Have a wonderful St. Patricks day! 
 do a jig, have fun, party it up!

Happy birthday to a few others that i share the day with.
Becky, Emily, & Cameron.

These three are smashingly amazing people that i hope have an amazing birthday!!!


eleven things

i think i supposed to start with some facts(or random things) about myself.
11 to be exact. :) i think this is how it goes....?

Edit:: i found the rules. woot!::

Write 11 random things.
Answer my 11 questions.
Write 11 new questions.
Tag someone else.

11 random facts/nonsense

1. i do not like sauce. plain sandwiches, burgers, salads for me.
2. i pretend like i know what i'm talking about, when i really have no clue...ever
3. i call my husband dude all the time.
4. i really want to plant a huge garden in my front yard, but i know it would all end up dying, $$ down the drain.
5. i don't like people touching my feet, or hands, or face, or...okay i just have personal space issues.
6. i have the story sleeping beauty memorized. requested ever night.
7. i love to dance and find any reason to at any moment.
8. i crack my neck, back, fingers, all the time. it is awful and very loud.
9. i am addicted to me phone. i did not want that to happen. ugh.
10. i really want to have friends come party at my crib, but i'm too lame. so i guess i wish i was cool and had more friends.
11. i've laughed so hard that i've peed my pants, on numerous occasions.

Questions from the always lovely Autumn.

1. If you could live anywhere...where would it be and why?
i really want to live in California, preferably San Diego. WHY NOT?! if would feel like a vacation every day, or i want to think it would be.  we love cali and go as often as we can now. the beach, the weather, amusement parks, just all around good there.

2. What are the five things you would grab if your house was on fire?
first my kids. my kids special blankets they are attached too. my phone. our back up cd's with pictures and info etc. & my purse. 
my husband can clearly fend for himself so i wouldn't get him.

3. What was the most peaceful day of your life? this is a toughie....well maybe not.  the first time i went to the Temple before i got married.  a very wonderful, peaceful experience.

4. What is your routine before you go to bed? hmmmm, like right before or a few hours.  i'm usually online, blogging, facebooking, then i drink water, brush teeth, wash face, then i'm out, after playing an hour of phone games while laying in bed.

5. What would be your perfect day weather-wise? right now weather actually. a nice 75-80, slightly breezy, perfect for shorts and flip flops. i love Arizona.  

6. If you could choose what your mark on the world would be, what would it be? like i'm dead and people are talking about me? i would just hope that any mark i left on anyone would be a good one. i want to be the one remembered for always smiling, having fun, laughing, making jokes, & enjoying life.    

7. What is something that you weren't expecting in your life that was an undisguised blessing? well probably the miscarriages that i've had.  they were sad and very disappointing, but they have really helped me appreciate and adore my two little ones that i have here with me now. life's too short to dwell on the past and the negative, always look for the good.

8. Who was your favorite roommate and why? i lived in a dorm with 3 room mates, but our room was connected to 3 other rooms. so i technically had 15 roommates at one time. 
it was crazy, drama, drama, drama, all around. hahaha. there were the "models", the "geeky", the "sporty" so many different personalities, i enjoyed each one of them, like for reals.
except one, that is a whole other thing. lets just say, even though are lasts names were similar, (they probably thought we were related and put us together) we were not, total opposites. it was awful, but i still had a great time with the other girls, and i made a lot of great friends.   

9. What do you find yourself doing when you don't have plans? sitting, and just looking around. i'll just stare at nothing for an extended period time sometimes. i just go blank, which i guess is me recharging for the day? yeah, i'll spin that around and make myself not look like a mental patient.

10. Would you rather sleep-in or wake up early? SLEEP IN.  i would love a weekend when i could sleep in, and not because i'm sick, or something, because my kids have slept in. oh that would be wonderful!!  that would be a new peaceful day in my life. :)

11. If you were only allowed to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be? hmmmm....well i wear a lot of black right now, so maybe black. no maybe blue, like a navy blue. yeah navy blue, so i would feel i have some sort of color in my life.

Questions for you!
(make your own for anyone that you tag, have fun!)

1.  What is your favorite movie? what is your favorite line/quote from that movie?
2.  If you were the president what would one of your first official acts be?
3.  What is one thing you could not live without?
4.  If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
5.  If you could meet any celebrity who would it be? why?
6.  Is there a moment in your life that changed you forever?
7.  What would be your idea for a perfect date?
8.  What is your favorite color?
9.  If you could have any job/career in the world what would it be?
10.  What is your favorite instrument to play and why? if you don't what is one you would like too?
11.  Would you rather have really bad smelling breath or really stinky feet?     
i tag:
Kateri, Mallory, Amy, Darci,



i feel like i need to throw my hands in the air when i say zupas. i feel a little greek but i'ts not.

last night i went out with my sisters, a birthday night out, Mal, Kim, & Amy. we went to Zupas of course....flipping sooo sooo good!!

our delicious food.
They have soups, salads, & sandwhiches. oh man, the tomato basil & cauliflower soups were so creamy and good. best soup hands down. yeah they have one in Phoenix and then the rest are in Utah. WHAT?!

if it wasn't so far away from my house i would go there all the time...actually thats probably a good thing it is far.

after we filled our tummies, we went over to the store Last Chance.  it's a Nordstroms outlet, so yeah really flippin great prices.  i had heard that if you were lucky you could find some Tom's there at super great prices.

well the store must have known that that was all i was looking for and graciously provided the sweetest pair Tom's in my size.  i mean i was hoping for just any, like plain gray or maybe blue. 

Scored myself some black sparkly ones! whopping 20 bones. yeah i was so excited!! best birthday gift to myself ever!! :)

i thought about getting this hat there too..

yeah i thought it might be a too russian inspired. hahaha. they had some really fun hats there, one reminded me of a pillow case you just threw on your head and wore it out.

hahaha.  good times with the sisters, and a great night out!! woot!


i think...sometimes

things i thought about while cleaning the kitchen and dishes today.

- ben and courtney are crazy, so clearly it will work out
- emily as the bachelorette?? really? i wonder if they will have Bently on the show, to cause some drama because thats all he could talk about when it was ashley...."i wish she was emily." stupid face.
- why is knife spelt with a k in front. what the heck!?
- he should have picked Lindzi! what the heck.
- really front of shirt soaked again, why must this happen. i need to make something that makes this not happen.
- josh and jennifer looked freaking amazing at the premiere of hunger games. super jealous of the people that got to see it already.
- i love confetti birthday cards from aunt sherri, cracks me up and makes me smile. i need to send more cards to people.
- seriously, Bently will have to be mentioned or something!!

and there you have it.
the inner workings of my crazy mind while cleaning.

hard to give $$ away

well the last winner did not respond within the time.

so i picked a new winner.

why the heck does youtube always pick the worst freeze frame!!

story of my life. hahahaha.

well with out further ado...

winner: sean & ashley, email me your info at goodjobmomma@gmail.com

you have 24hrs to respond
(10am 3/14)
or a new winner will be picked




sorry the video is dark, grainy, and probably quiet. 
 i used what i had. 

non the less, we have ourselves a winner!!

don't mind my double chin. it comes as a standard issue.

May the odds be ever in your favor

hahaha i look ridiculous!!! love it. hahahaha. i hope those that didn't win got a good laugh this morning from my awkwardness and hideousness anyway. :)

thanks for entering. woot!
ps. i LOVED reading all of your best birthday gifts!
so fun!!

winner: Lacey T. email me at goodjobmomma@gmail.com

please resond within 24hrs
(10am 3/13)
 or i'll have to pick a new winner.


geeking out!!

holy smoly!

-seriously over 50 peeps care to follow my small, insignificant, freakishly random, spasm blog?!

awwwwwwwww, thanks folks. no wonder i'm about to give one of you $$, you clearly deserve it, cause i'm crazy and people who follow crazy get mad props in my book.

-okay yeah so i'm freaking excited to have lost 18 pounds!!
i've worked super wicked hard for those dang 18 pounds. i can tell my body so dearly wants to hold on to every pound, cause that's what it's used too, sorry body, i'd like to be small again. thanks. :)

i'm hoping to have that say 20 by my birthday. my goal was 25, but i'll take what i get and i won't throw a fit. WOOT!

- 14 days till hunger games!! and 13 days till i see it with my sisters! i am so freaking excited!!! i can't contain it!  i love hunger games with a passion. i'm freakin obsessed, i try not to show it too much or that's all i would talk about. i'm saving you, you know.

- birthday in 8 days! YEAH!!

i'm just so freaking excited about everything right now!! gah!



because children no matter where in the world, matter. 

i don't normally post things like this, but if good comes from it i want to be apart of it.

spread the word.



my children can be picky eaters but something i am super grateful for is the fact that they love eating of fruits and vegetables.

yes, they are like regular children and love sweets, salty, and unhealthy snacks, and would choose junk food over good food any day.

i mean who doesn't? if you don't, do not tell me, because i still want to like you. :)

i was at a family thing (my husbands side) this past Sunday and they usually have a desert after a spiritual lesson or something like that, but regardless, always delicious deserts present.

it was time to dish up some goodness for the kids. i started with amelia. i asked her if she wanted a brownie of course she said yes, she sat down and just starred at her little brownie, took a small bite and then that was it.  she noticed i was eating some strawberries and blueberries and asked for those instead. a proud moment for me right there! my little healthy eater.

evelyn wanted ice cream so she got some, standard, then asked for me to put some blueberries on it for her. again a proud moment for this momma!

 Children's favorite Fruit & Veggies to have around the house:  celery, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, apples, banana's & oranges.

if i let them i'm pretty sure they would just eat those all day everyday.

i am more than happy to accommodate. :)

don't forget about the giveaway!!



i'd have to say that the last two have been freakin awesome. 

i have forgotten how much i actually love working out. the burn of your muscles being worked, the point where you think you could pass out but you keep going, and the best feeling ever is knowing you finished, and i am ALIVE. :)

i loved doing it in high school. it was my favorite class.

my mother and i signed up the summer before my senior year and did a flippin intense sports lifting class from my school.  i know my mom wanted someone to do it with her so of course i signed up.  it turned out that i was really good at lifting.  cling and jerk, those types of lifts.  it was A LOT of fun too! it was every day for a couple of hours. it was hot and miserable, but loved it.

i hope to be able to get back to that, the lifting.  i want to get to a certain point so i can sign up for crossfit.  i've looked at a few places close to my house that have a program. it would be so amazing!  i've been very inspired by this lady, simply sadie jane, she is pregnant and lifting too! super awesome.

something to remember

 it's been 4 weeks and i've noticed the change. 4 more weeks :) can't wait for 12!!! :)

have a wonderful day!

Make it a great week and don't give up!

if you do i'll send out my rex to get ya motivated. BAHAHAHA!!



what the heck is a macaroon and why are people so crazy about them??

they just look like an expensive colored cookie to me.


blog stalk

is it even possible to blog stalk....your own blog.

cause sometimes i feel like i do. hahaha.

i'm creeping myself out here! haha.

do you go back and read your own blog stuff?  i catch myself doing it all the time. maybe cause i don't want to clean anymore, or i just want to be lifeless for a few minutes. 

check out mentally.

okay so i hope you aren't checking out mentally when you read the nonsence i write, but if you do, that's okay.

everyone needs a break sometimes. glad i could feed your need.

any who, i can't even remember what brought this on.  oh yeah, i was stalking myself. i came across this post. i sometimes question my sanity.

those crazed eyes. that was taken just after i had finished 6 weeks of HCG diet. yes, you heard me right 6 weeks. ugh. worst weeks of my life. it was actually exactly a year ago that i did it.

so glad i have a different, heathier attitude this year about losing weight. i was cray cray. the proof is in the picture.

anyway, this was totally mindless fun right?! i hope you enjoyed this time we've shared together as much as i have.


remember check out the giveaway.



i have never told my husband what i want for my birthday, christmas, mothers day, etc....

cause honestly i don't want anything.
i have everything i already need and nothing more that i want.
(he thinks i'm cray cray and a liar. whatevs)
but this year, i surprised him by telling him EXACTLY what i wanted for my birthday.

he was a little surprised too, he asked me if i was sure, of course i was, it is exactly what i want.

so guess what?!


that's right my birthday gift to me is giving one of you a present because i love you all to pieces!!

like for serious.

that's right a gift card to target.
(i polled my friends on facebook and target was the most coveted)

in honor of my 25th birthday it will be $25.


okay so here is how to win this bad boy.

1:leave a comment telling me the best birthday gift you've ever got!

2:  be a follower and leave a comment telling me so.

3: share this giveaway on facebook/twitter/blog etc. and leave a comment telling me you shared.

There you have it folks

3 entries per person
Giveaway closes on March 11th @ midnight 
(open to US residence only)

i'll announce the winner on monday the 12th.
the beginning of my birthday week! woot!
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