Mommy Style Monday: Time Management

Time is such a weird thing.

I want it to pass quickly but be slow simultaneously, somehow.

The topic for Mommy Style Monday is Time, specifically how I manage my time.

Honestly, I am not a time manager for my personal life. Probably a tiny pinky nail size of time management is in me. It's not much, but its enough. There are dates and events that I need to remember, that I write on my big calendar for myself and my family, and that works.

When it comes to time management and being organized for other people though, that is a whole different ball game.

I would love to give you an amazing post about how I wake up early and get things done before the kids wake up (they wake up so flippin early right now, this could only happen when they are sleepy teenagers) or how I'm consistent with nap times for Leonard, or work outs( or more like work nots), but I can't.

It's taken me time for me to let go and stop feeling like because I'm not doing something on a schedule, or I don't have a magical chore chart for my kids, or what not then I'm doing it wrong. I've tried many times to do these things, and its not a passion of mine. I know it won't stick till I have that.

If you are a time manager, more power to you, some days I wish I could but, that's just not me. :)

You do you.

How are you with time management? Is there something that works for you? 

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