so brian and jess have one of those segway things. 

i didn't want to try it but i thought what the hey, why not.

so i tried. i stunk. it was funny.

kevin was instructing us on what to expect. he said that the first time people get on they usually get what he calls tourettes. just shake uncontrollably because you can't get your balance.

yes i was slow, but oh well. i can say i was on one.

chris got the shakes bad the first time, i wasn't filming yet...dang!

this is what i got though.



weeding weekend

this past weekend i was able to go with my husband to a wedding in Oceanside, CA.

thankfully my parents were able to watch the two rugrats so we could go. :)

i was hoping for a picture overload for you BUT my husband had the camera most of the time and didn't take many pictures. He did take a few too many of these big guys though.

i only uploaded these 2, there were a few more. He is pretty obsessed with these puppies.  You'd think three great danes in a house would be too much but they are so sweet and well behaved.

Any who, so like a said we were there for a wedding.  It was for my husbands friend Brian and his lovely wife Jessica.

It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful wedding.  The weather was kind of on the cold side though. We were planning on going to the beach but for me it was just too cold, but i tried to embrace the cold knowing when i got home it would be super hot.

i did miss my girls a lot though. i started treating the puppies as my children: following them around, making sure they weren't getting into anything. it was fun.

thank you to Brian and Jessica for letting us stay at your house.  thank you to my parents for watching the girls they had so much fun they have been telling me all the things they did with you guys.

a couple of videos and pictures for you.

::the videos i was trying to upload were giving me grief, i'll see if they will post later::

we'll actually be back in oceanside the weekend after next for a week with my family. we can't wait to go back. i'll keep the camera next time and have more pictures to share. :)


lifes a beach.

yeah this is happening right now.  a weekend in oceanside,CA.

I haven't seen my hubby dressed this nice in a long time. ill have more pics of this weekend for ya later this week.  :)

happy memorial weekend friends.


disappearing act

surprised to hear from me?

i'm surprised too.

i haven't been using the Internet very much this last couple of weeks to do social media things.  so i've been just in a slump in blogging.  i'm trying to focus more on the important things in my life. right now that is myself, my husband, and my children. everything else comes second.

i'm not going to promise anything like "i'll try my best to blog", "you'll be hearing from me soon" yeah, non of the nonsense. i'm trying to keep things real here peeps.

i deleted my facebook app from my phone and it was the best thing i could have done.  you don't realized how sucked in and trapped you are until it's gone. the constant attachment to your phone for what?? i wonder what so and so is doing? yeah not my thing anymore.  i'm kinda to the point now where i just going to delete the whole thing. i see no cons in getting rid of it.  it's a waste of a lot of precious time i have with my children.

the other day Evelyn was really hard to deal with she was acting out, hitting, screaming, and just being awful.  i was trying to figure out what her deal was, and what i could do to help her chill out.  bed time came and it was the same thing,  i ended up the laying down next to her holding her.  she immediately calmed down, and told me she wanted to me stay until she fell asleep. so i did. it didn't take long, but it was nice. she actually wanted me to be there with her. how much longer will she want this?

i realized i was the problem. i'm the reason she was acting this way. i wasn't giving her the attention she needed, and wanted. so she was trying to get it any other way.  i felt like a terrible mom, and in general just a terrible person.  why would i do this to my children? and for what??? nothing.

so i guess what i'm just trying to say is, i'm just doing my thing, you do your thing, and eventually i'll be getting around to blogging.  hopefully a good mom. i'm a momma in training right now, and it's about freaking time.


the factory

i'm finally getting into the swing of things with myself. figuring out what works, what doesn't and i think i've got my system, and i'm just nervous about sabatoging myself right now.  especially if i'm asked to go out where there may be any food.  still not my strong point. it is getting better though. 

one thing i was not able to weasle myself out of was going out to dinner last friday.  my parents for a birthday take that person out to dinner. well this year for my birthday, which was two months ago, we just plain forgot and i was totally okay with that. well they invited me to go with my other two sisters to their birthday dinner so we could go all together.  to none other than the cheesecake factory. kill me now. haha. 

i had to prepare myself. how awful it that.  i was nervous to go. so i looked at the menu online before i left and picked exactly what i was getting so i would not even look at the menu when i got there. of course i forgot that there is bread on the table and appetizers ordered. i resisted, i knew i only have a certain amount of calories to eat and that was it. i was not going over and that was final.  i was good, the food i got was great. i didn't want to eat the whole thing but i had to in order to get my calories in. what a shame :)

everyone ordered their cheesecake. i'm actually really glad my husband doesn't like it. it saved me from sneaking anything he ordered. i was scared to go just because that is alot of delicious temptations to deal with but i'm glad i was able to stay focused and have a great time too.  thank you to my parents for taking us all out. it was a great time!!  the best part was my brother in law came up to me and said how great i looked! yay. so people do notice!

i'm trying really hard not to be a food nazi but it may seem like i could be headed in that direction.  oops. :)

and i totally swiped this picture from my sister in law amy's blog. sorry, i had to at least have one picture with all these words, and they look hot so it make this post better.   

(me, kim, amy)

thanks for sticking with me peeps. i'm even more crazy now. heaven help me.


saved the day

well i have some pretty cool friends.  one of which saved the day!!

thats right i'm talking about you emily!  she took pictures while at the zoo because she is cool and pro like that, with her super awesome non ducktaped camera. :)

just a few of my girlies that she sent over to me.


 amelia checking out the wolves with her boys

 enjoying a quick break and a snack.

 love this picture!
 amelia pushing the button and evelyn getting sprayed.
she was having a blast 
 this one was too.

no that is not my awesome stroller. it's another friend of mine stroller that she let me borrow. seriously i have some pretty wicked awesome friends. :) 



well i was hoping to grace you with many pictures from our zoo adventure, but when i put new batteries into my camera it didn't turn on. 

yep its official my duct taped together camera finally bit the dust.  maybe by some miracle it will work again. i sure hope so.

so i am sorry i have no pictures from the zoo. :(

something exciting happened yesterday.  i was grabbing a hair tie and was getting ready so we could go to a splash park with some friends, and come back out and my sweet little amelia had ripped off some keys off of my laptop.  yep. awesome.  she is a cunning little sneak and works very quickly. so we didn't get to go anywhere because there are consequences to being naughty.

i'm just glad that she had kept all the letters in a neat little pile so i could get them back on.  a couple of the letter keeps popping off and the ? mark button will no go back on at all.  super.

then this morning evelyn put on red lips.  i have the red lip stick that does not come off and she did a pretty good job doing it by herself, and she put some on sister too.  they will have red lips today. 

they have been littler terrors this week. just awful.

i probably shouldn't be leaving them alone right now but i'm to the point this week that i don't even care. they aren't listening to me so i'm just not going to try. next week i'll see how things go.
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