Have you laughed today?

Its been said that laughter is the best medicine. I totally believe this.  

Take a break and laugh a little today. just a few of my favorite memes from pinterest i can't help but laugh at!!

have a wonderful weekend folks!! make it a great one and don't forget to laugh!! 


the internet lies to you

This video cracks me up every time i watch it! Thank you twitter friends for bringing this to me. Its funny cause its true. Anyways. 

Why are we putting so much of ourselves online and better yet, trusting total strangers with secrets?!

I put myself online, you know me, but not everything.  There are many things that i don't share online because it would be online, all over the internet for people to see. I share things that I'm okay with people knowing, its just a given.

I was a part of a couple secret Facebook groups, we'll call "the wife club" and "noob wife club".  I honestly only asked to join because i heard it was a complete train wreck and i just had to see for myself and it did not disappoint. Some of the things people were sharing in this secret group were mind blowing!!

I'm talking 'why in the world would you feel comfortable sharing this with total strangers' kind of stuff. Are you looking for validation for your actions? Why are you not talking to your husband about this and coming here!? just stop it!!!

I was ultimately kicked out of said club because i broke the first rule: don't talk about it or associates with anyone that talks about it or else we'll hunt you down and burn you at the stake. 
Don't even get me started about if you have a twitter and are in the group, you should just jump ship now cause they are coming for you. RUN!

I feel like everyone should learn a valuable lesson from posting private things on the internet, just don't.  Its like those pictures from teachers you see on facebook saying they are trying to teach their students about internet safety and that what you put online spread like wildfire, yeah cause it actually does.  Even if its private or secret and its closed off to other people, it will eventually make its way out into the world and you either won't care, or you'll be embarrassed.  There is never a safe place on the internet, but please don't stop cause its an entertaining tornado. So many conflicting emotions.

Moral of the story is this:

Wives, if you feel like there is something bothering you about your husband, talk to them.
Husbands, if you feel like there is something bothering you about your wife, talk to them.
If you need encouragement, talk with a bishop, pastor, friend, counselor, a family member, anyone else but strangers online in secret face book groups. People can see you.

Open communication in relationships are dying and its just sad.
I understand the need to share and find people to connect with, i get it, but there is a time and place for that.

I just had to share this cause it has been a cray cray weekend and i feel so much better telling all of you, some complete strangers, how the internet is awesome, full of lies and secrets.

Have a wonderful week friends!!

Long live communication and secret facebook groups.



Terry Jean West Cluff Atkinson

My dear sweet grandma passed away this past Saturday.  I'm sad but happy she is pain free and reunited with family on the other side. 

This woman was truly a fighter.  She had gone through so much in her life, more than anyone should have and she inspired me with her strength and her sunny attitude.  I really wish i could be in Utah this weekend to celebrate her life and be with family.

Chris and I visited right after we got married in 2006

4 generations 2010

Grandma Terry & Grandpa Les

We didn't get to see her often, but i know she loved us and was thinking about us, always. I'm happy for all the wonderful memories i have of her. I loved taking family trips to my grandparents place during the summer, and exploring the trailer park they worked in.  We'd walk to the corner store and get a snack, usually a super healthy hostess snack like a ding dong or something, then walk back eating it.  We'd do puzzles, drink cokes, laugh and just relax and enjoy the view of the mountains. 

We took a trip with the girls in the summer of 2010 to visit 

It was always so fun going there as a kid, even as an adult too.  I'm glad Evelyn and Amelia (even though she was so little) were able to experience life with grandma Terry. 

She will be missed. 

2008 family trip

Until we meet again grandma. 


a funk, and not the uptown kind

You guys, i'm sorry i haven't been gracing you with my presence.  I've lost a bit of my blogging spunk the last couple weeks.  I've been very much a live and well in district 13, wait, i meant twitter and instagram. So if you miss me dearly when I'm in a blogging funk just find me there!

I've had a many ideas floating around in my brain waves but can't quite get it right on here.  Don't you just hate when that happens.

You're like;
You're hands & brain are like:

Oh the joys of trying to blog.  Its a fun life.  I had a friend ask me the other week why i blog.  That's easy, i just love doing it.  I like sharing my nonsense with anyone and everyone that is brave enough to read it.  I love the people that i have met irl and met online. There are so many inspiring, thoughtful and beautiful people out there and i just love people. the people make me happy.  Its opened doors that i never would have thought would open to me.  I don't really know what's gonna happen for me in the blogging sphere but what i do know is that i just freaking love it.

This next week i will have plenty to share, so i hope your ready for it. :)

Have a wonderful day you beautiful people!!


I'm real

I'm sitting here at my dining table just looking around, biting chucks off the giant chocolate bunny my son got for Easter, and drinking a cherry diet DP.  Just thinking about life. Enjoying a quite moment.  I don't have any witty comments, or jokes.  I'm just being real.  My life is simple, unorganized, messy, fun, adventurous and ordinary.

To my right:

In front of me:

To my left:

A kitchen that no matter how many times i attempt to clean will have messes, dirty dishes piled in the sink, some lingering smell of something that i just can't get rid of, but its real.

My decorating may be weird and not following any decorating rules, but I've never been one to follow.  I'm more of a if it pleases me then it will stay. It's real.

Streamers that haven't been taken down for a few weeks, misplaced toys, a carpet cleaner i haven't found a home for yet, and crackers ground into the carpet. It's real.

This is part of my life. I never want to be unreal.
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