so when i say 'i'll post pictures tomorrow' what i really mean is "sometimes in the next week or so....maybe" hahaha

oh man such a slacker here!!

well i've been kinda distracted this past weekend.

we got a new addition to our little clan.
well at the moment a temporary addition.

if you follow me on instagram you've seen the pics. :)

on thursday a little puppy showed up at our house. i was on my way out so i left some water out, cause i felt bad for the poor little guy he looked exhausted.  it was only 10am but it was already way too hot for this little guy. when we got back from shopping he wasn't around. 
we had to go get something around 5ish.  the girls peek out the mail slot in our front door and evelyn told me that the cute puppy is back.  I open the door and the poor thing was sitting on the door step, he looked tired, dehydrated and all sad.  i couldn't resist helping him.  so i took him around back gave him some cold water, i don't have any dog food laying around so i gave him a few pieces of chicken i had cooked from lunch. i felt bad giving it to him but it was all i had and he looked hungry.

we've been searching for any owners. he didn't have color and tags. we got him checked for a micro chip but didn't have one. we went to the pound to see if someone put up a flyer for him, i've been posting online everyday, and haven't heard anything.

i don't want to take him to the pound, because i just feel so bad for those little animals there it breaks my heart. what if no one comes for him and he is put down, i would hate myself for that.

i am a softy when it come to animals. so now we have this adorable little puppy, for the time being. 
the girls have loved having him around, he is calm and takes a lot of crap from the girls.

(cell phone pic so it's pretty crappy. sorry.)

we'll see what happens this week.

oh and we've named him 'little buddy ronan dexter' or just dex for short. :)


cat beach?

evelyn got a little yo-yo from one of those 25 cents machines at the giant pizza place in oceanside-ish (close but not exactly in the city)

oh i didn't mention the giant pizza place....my bad!

 getting excited to eat some giant slices

our family took every seat they had.

see GIANT! 28" i think it was.
we actually ate 2 of these bad boys
yes that is a gnome.
my mom love gnomes and it came with us on vacation and got lots of pictures with things.

any way so where was I....oh yes YO-YO

evelyn decided that her yoyo was her pet kitty, and she names it little buddha. this morning while daddy got ready for work he said how great it was that the cat was on a leash. she responds "well cause i'm going to take it to the cat beach"

how funny would it be if there was an actual cat beach.  they could play nice aka skin you alive. oh that would be a sight to see.

she mentioned the cat beach because while in oceanside we went to a dog beach with those 3 great danes. it was super fun.  this is getting bit long so i'll have the dog beach story for ya tomorrow.


out in the open

does anyone else try to avoid seeing people they know in public?

please tell me i'm not the only one.

don't get me wrong, i love chatting with peeps from the past and "catching up" in the 2 second conversation, but i hate awkward situations like that.

i'm the girl that will turn the channel, look away or squirm when i know that a awkward/weird moment is coming up in a movie or show. 
i'm not sure why i do it, but i guess i just hate those moments so much i just try to avoid them. i try really hard to not look like i want to run away and hide though. :)

i've experienced with many time in the last couple of weeks, it was horrifying.

one just the other day. i took my girls out to lunch. Evelyn chose a booth. the gentleman in the booth next to us looked familiar to me, i don't know him, but familiar. i try to get the girls to go to a different spot, but they were persistent. ugh.  i knew this was going to get awkward real quick.

my fears didn't disappoint.  just a few minutes later the wife of said gentleman came walking up to sit. of course i knew her and we said hi then she sat down in the booth next to me.  ugh. i wanted to run. i will say i'm glad i was facing away from their booth.

it has nothing to do with the people i see. especially the amazing person in this situation, i mean she is super fun, nice and just an all around spectacular person, i just hate the situations. i shutter again just thinking about it.




well we just got back from our family trip.  it was saweet.

this year we hunkered down in a little ol' California town called Oceanside.

It was heaven i tell ya, HEAVEN!!!!

we stayed at the porter beach house. heard of it?  it is one amazing house and is perfectly located extremely close to the beach.

it was so nice to be able to just relax and have a good time with family.

1. these girls were crazy on the car ride, but they did entertain each other pretty good.
2. us on the third story balcony looking at the beach.
3. freakishly adorable shot of the destroyer (her new nickname) 
4. getting ready to go to the beach. they were so excited.
5. this is what she looked like every day after the beach. so tired
6. on one of our walks through town.

perfect crandell vacation

more pics to come soon....

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