4 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse

I know I'm not the first to admit that when it comes to staying connected to my spouse its not the easiest.. Chris and I both have busy schedules, work hard, and honestly are just tired. 4 kids can really wear you out. When we're feeling distant and out of wack we step back and focus on a few simple things to keep us connected.

We've been married for 10 years and we're still trying to figure it all out, but there are 4 ways that help us stay connected and keep our marriage alive and well.

  • laugh together: 

    One of the first things that attracted me to Chris was that he made me laugh. I'm a simple gal and laughing with me is the way to my heart. We've been laughing with and at each other ever since the night we met. Funny movies, silly memes, crazy situations you're in, you name it, laugh about it. Laughter is the cure to a cranky spouse.

  • talk: 
    It doesn't have to be deep, thought provoking conversations (those are important to have some times too though). Talk about your day, something you saw, how work is going, ideas you have for something, anything. Share. Most importantly, respect and listen to what the other person is saying. Even if its something you have absolutely no interest in (like guns, and airplanes), be present in the conversation. Nobody likes talking to a wall. 💗

  • surprise each other:  
    If you see something they might like, even if its just a small item, like a diet dp from QT. Its a sweet gesture to show you are thinking of them. Surprise them with a flirty playful text, or a note where they will see when they are away from you. Fun and spontaneity are a great way to keep your interest piqued and also can lead to the last thing..

  • have sex: 
    Yep, I went there. I mean come on, how could I not mention it?! Sex, sex, sex, sex ,sex sex-sex. If talking about sex is wrong then I don't want to be right. It's by far one of the best and most fun ways to connect. Sex is a huge factor in a marriage and its the bomb. Feel more confidence, love and trust in your relationship and it straight up makes you happy. 

Honestly, if you are respectful, honest, loving and generous.  You'll still have issues for sure, no marriage is perfect, but it sure will help keep you happier with the person you've chosen to share your life together with. 

I'm linking up these extremely wise and helpful tips of staying connected to your spouse with the Mommy Style Monday ladies. Check out what others had to say about connecting with their spouses. How do you stay connected with your spouse? 

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Happy Humping 


I am so on the ball: December [three]

Okay last little bit for catch up for December.  Then on to January. ;)


Breakfast with Santa event with East Valley Moms Blog 

Amelia turned 7

Holiday Concerts 

Student of the month award 


Family Reunion (Chris's side)

The last few days of December Chris's moms side of the family had a family reunion. 

It was 3 days filled with food, and family.  I don't know very many people on Chris's side unless they live in the valley.  It was great to have so many people able to travel as far as the east coast to Arizona to spend time with everyone. 

The last day of the reunion we were able to get pictures of everyone that was there and also family pictures. I'm just gonna drop these pictures and call it good. 

photos from Leigh Root at Leigh Root Photography.

Leigh did an amazing job at getting so many people pictures and they turned out amazing. 

Lenora & Roy McClellan

Great & Great-Great Grand Children
Grand (spouses included), Great & Great-Great Grand Children

Whole Group (just a few missing)


I am so on the ball: December [ONE]  [TWO] 

I am so on the ball: December [two]

Lets keep knocking out this list...


Breakfast with Santa event with East Valley Moms Blog 

Amelia turned 7

Holiday Concerts 

Student of the month award 


Family Reunion (Chris's side)

Evelyn and Amelia both had Holiday Concerts this year. A week a part. 

Surpise surprise Evelyn didn't want a picture after her concert, but Mia was happy to after her concert the following week.  

Both girls had speaking parts in their concerts and the did an amazing job.  Evelyn ended up being thrown in last second to cover a different speaking part of someone that didn't show.  She did awesome. Both girls are always happy to be on stage and performing and doing their best. 

Evelyn was happy to take a picture with her student of the month medal though.  Evelyn was selected along with one other kid to receive this award for the month of December. She works hard at school and pushes herself to be the best student she can be.  Very proud of Evelyn and she is very proud of herself and her accomplishments. 

Christmas was very chill this year.  Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year we were able to go to church and it was very nice.  Its not very often we get to do that, and that was my favorite part of Christmas this year. 

I didn't take any pictures of the kids opening gifts, just a quick family pic before church and some random cute pics of the kids Christmas Eve. 

I am so on the ball: December  [ONE] [THREE]

I am so on the ball: December [one]

Let's get this ball rolling a little bit and back track a few months so I can get caught up and not feel so bad about it.


Breakfast with Santa event with East Valley Moms Blog

Amelia turned 7

Holiday Concerts

Student of the month award


Family Reunion (Chris's side)

It was a busy month. I wasn't really into Christmas this year, I was over it before it began, but I still tried to make it as magical as I could for my kids.

Anyway, lets begin

BWS & Amelia's birthday fell on the same day this year. Bummer, but thankfully it was a morning gig and we had a party planned for later that day. I was so tired by the end of the day but it was a fun day and Amelia said it was the best birthday ever. :)

Amelia wanted a cat theme birthday.  I made a cat pinata that was difficult to break and kept falling off the string.  Gold fish and swedish fish for cat treats. I made fun little cat treat bags(i guess i forgot to take a pic of them).  Played a few games, pin the tail on ms. kitty, and yard ball toss. It was a fun little party and it really made her happy and smile.

I am so on the ball: December  [TWO]  [THREE]


You had me at pizza

If you know me, then you know my love for pizza runs deep and true.

I even wrote a whole post about my new found love for MOD pizza. 

Well when I had the chance to write a post for East Valley Moms Blog about National Pizza Day, I ran with it! 

I wrote about 20 Gift Ideas for National Pizza Day. <<<< You're gonna want to check it out, cause you're gonna want every single thing in this post! 

I am seriously giddy at how the post turned out!  Did you know how much pizza themed crap there was out there?! TONS! I spent hours and hours looking through everything on amazon and It made my heart happy to see so much pizza.  It was hard to narrow it down to 20. I could have had a list of 50+ easily. I just kept it to my fav favs, instead of just my favs. 😉

National Pizza Day is February 9th!! Put it in your calendars now!


Hi February

Oh February, 

I remember last year this time being 100% different. 

I was really hopeful that our sweet Leonard would make me happy and come this month.  I would have been hilarious and amazing to have him on the 29th.  I was gifted with a birth that day, but not my own.  One of my best friends has her sweet baby boy on the 29th of February.  :) 

I was hopeful just for the fact that it would have been really fun and nice to have our kids birthdays be 4 months in a row. Amelia-December, Evelyn-January, Leonard-February, & Camden-March. That would have been a dream, cause hello, how cool would that have been!

Oh well, not all dreams can come true.  

Anyway, this month I am hopeful to be more deliberate in showing love to others. Friends and family. 

Especially to my dear husband.  

We haven't had the best relationship for the past year or two and it's mostly my fault.  I've been so bitter and angry about all sorts of different things, and have been taking it out on him. Its a simple case of, who can I take out my aggression on? you're the closest so I pick you. It's unfair and hurtful and I don't want to be bitter and angry.  I'm working on it, and I'm glad he hasn't left me in the dust, and hasn't given up on me. 

I love the life we have even though its far from normal or simple. Love sure is complicated, but worth the fight. 💗💗💗

I don't like airing out our dirty laundry.  It's not my style, but this is my year to be fearless, and not give a crap about what others may thing and for me to be brave is all areas of my life. 

I know I make my life seem like roses and unicorns but its not. oh well. 💁

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