mud pies

my backyard is small and simple. grass usually overgrown or dead, but i still love it.

my girlies love, LOVE venturing outside.  even if its 110+ outside they will try to escape to the backyard.

it was overcast a bit and a little cooler so i let me go outside. with water and they had the best time. they were out there for a couple of hours just playing and doing their thing.

i love outside time too. perfect time to take pictures of their adventures in the backyard.

yes the good mother i am.  i saw them having a hard time digging a whole in the mud with their little toys, so i went and got some spoons and gave those to them. they were very excited when i handed them those. they dug a great hole after that!

MY LITTLE CRAZIES!!  I remember growing up playing in mud, and loving it.  Looks like my kids will do that same.

Oh and they also painted the house too. child labor?? yep. they did a great mud painting job. :)


fill it in fool.

I'm a complete newbie at this.

Sometimes i think i'm cool and i copy people, cause they are really the cool ones.
i got this from Muffin Loves Biscuit
who has been doing this for some time now, and welp she is cool.

if you want to play along click on the scrumptious picture below and link up. mmMMmmm.....berries.
we all secretly want to be cool. i'm just less secretive about it.  enjoy!

1. My favorite color is   green.  all shades of green.  its the color i associate with most with living. if its green it's living, therefore happy. my logic is simple and weird. i know.

2. My travel destination of choice is  any where with my family. i could be anywhere the mountains, a lake, the beach, as long as my family is with me its my fav.

3. My favorite food is  chips and salsa. delish. i could eat it for every meal and be happy.

4. My happy place is  in the car.  i love having the feeling of being free to go where i want. it doesn't happen a lot so it is definitely my happy place.  
5. My favorite saying is    "what the johnny?" its an expression that my dad has been using since i was little and it is fitting for any occasion. try it out. its awesome.

6. My dirty little secret is   that i'm not sure what it is. i do lots of things people wouldn't want to know and most people do as well. i shower sometimes once a week, i hardly wash my jeans, i play with dolls,  and i like watching startrek & stargate. you know the norm.

7. Something friends might say about me is that I   im totally crazy(in a fun way or not. their choice), or that i laugh really loud, okay both. yeah that seems about right.


deal or i pull your hair

Okay, I've been so slacking on a lot of things lately. My bloggity for one!  I been going through some withdrawals and don't feel much motivation.  I still wish i was on vacation. okay, not necessarily on vacation just back in California.  awwww dreams.  maybe someday.

Just cause i've been slacking doesn't mean there are plenty of crazy things going on in our household.

My kids have picked some pretty great new skills that i thought i would share with ya'll. (by great i mean...why must you do this!?! your driving me crazy!!)

Evelyn has always been good at making deals, you get this, so i get this. well its moved to a new level.

She thinks she is the boss now.  some of my favorites.
  • mom you go here sit and i'll go play computer. okay.
  • let me see, i got it! i get ice cream and you go play computer
  • i get drink, you get drink, we go watch tv.
  • you go lay down, i go play okay.
  • i get strawberries, and i get juice, you stay here. okay
  • i do letters on your phone and you watch.
most of the "commands" happen early in the morning while I'm still lying in bed and she is free to roam the house on her own for a little bit.  i think she's realized that she can take advantage of my tiredness. they aren't really driving me crazy sometimes it just gets old.

Amelia.  my sweet little small fry.  Well maybe not too sweet anymore.  She has found a new love for two wonderful things.

1.  pulling hair and laughing hysterically while she does it.
2.  hitting and laughing hysterically while she does it.

why must she think it's so funny to inflict pain on others?  at this point there doesn't seem any hope in stopping her ways.  her punishment for these things she hates but she keep on doing them.  i hold her in my lap and hold on to her hands and fold them and she has to that do that for 1 1/2 minutes. then she just laughs and goes on doing them again.

the joys of sweet children and the many things they pick up from......everywhere and everything. gah.

does any one have any really great punishments or ways they discipline their kids, help a momma out.  please?!


Pay It Forward

This week on Blogger Idol the contestants are given the assignment to Pay It Forward.

Choose at least 5 blogs that they love and share a little about them, so we the blogging community can get to know others and branch out into the awesomeness of the blogging world.

Great assignment, is it not?!  Oh it sure is!!!

Just cause i'm judging doesn't mean a can't play along right?  I wanna send some blog love too!

I have many blogs i just can't enough of, here are a few of my many favorites!!! ENJOY!

1.  Stay Gold, Autumn.
I started blog stalking her when i found out she was dating a guy i knew from high school.  I knew she was perfect for him, and was super excited when i found out they were getting married. Yay!  I was able to meet her and she is just a kind, beautiful, charming, honest, and funny in real life as she is on her blog.  She is quite stylish as well.  Check out this beauty.  You'll love some Autumn all year round. :)

2. Muffin Loves Biscuit
I stumbled upon this little sweetie just a few months ago.  She is super hilarious, and takes some amazing photos.  Her posts are always so entertaining.  Maybe its because i'm having a wonderful time reading about how she is adjusting to the sweltering heat of AZ. Okay that sounds mean, but its not, i've lived here my whole life and i'm still working on adjusting to the heat.

3.  Chapterhouse Lane
Another recent discovery and i've had the opportunity to meet her in person, she is an amazing person inside and out.  This girl can write her heart out!  She has an amazing story she's posting on her blog.  Just a warning once you've started reading you will be addicted!  Trust me!

4.  Mom, The Intern
This chicka, yes is a momma, but her blog is so much more.  Its awesome.  She has some amazing stories, and wonderful thoughts.  When i first started reading her blog she was doing a "Live your best: challenge" The things she challenged are great and i was hooked immediately.  I could tell just from her blog that she would be an amazing person to meet and also a sweet heart in real life.  I love me some honest, funny folks.

5. Page Travelers Tales
Last but not least, The Page Traveler. Miss Darci.  I met this beauty a few years ago at a mutuals friends dinner party for just a few seconds, but i recently had the opportunity to get to know her much better when we both moved into the same neighborhood.  She is super smart, funny, and a very caring person.  She has amazing ideas, and writes like a champ. Her blog reflects her well.  Just one of my many favorite things about her blog are these "love mom" letters to her little monkey boy.  They are very entertaining cause our little muchkins are just weeks apart.

Check out these super fun crazy ladies!! 
Send them some blogging love!!

Follow their blogs or else. 
Don't make me fist threaten you!!
::shakes fist:: 


New favs

Okay if anyone is in the San Diego area please go to an amazing little joint we went too!

Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop

It was delicious, but the best part was the decor of the place. 

I was humming.....I am I am, the whole time i was there.

Yes seriously please go if you are in the area.

My girls thought it was pretty amazing!!  And they ate their food too, something else amazing!

I've come to realize how many amazing places i found in San Diego that i want to be in my hometown immediately, but i guess its the extra specialness that makes Saint Diego such an amazing place!


where to begin

well if you didn't figure out where i was let me tell you.

a land of giant windmills & beautiful blue skys

where houses are amazing, bright and full of sand.

thats right i just got back from a california adventure OR known as C.A.C.A

Crandells. Awesome. California. Adventure

and yes we made shirts and they are awesome.

many posts to come on all the awesome things we did in San Diego coming up.

It was so nice
1. to get out of the heat 2. be with my whole family (minus one-in uruguay) 3.chill at the beach. 4. got to see one of my best buds. 5. Best of all i have a killler tan.



i'm going back to my 30 days of awesome. i remembered it once again. its about time.

i've been thinking about taking some of those brain pills that are on the market.
maybe it would help me.

day 11-write a bucket list of things you want to do before you die

i don't like to think of myself as dieing, im living, so im making a slight change.

day 11- write a bucket list of things you want to do before you turn 35.
( i was going to say 30 but that only gives me 6 years, i need at least 11)
  • take some of those brain pills.
  • have another baby/be done with having babies(this one is when im 30)
  • get a van/suv that will fit our family comfortably
  • visit all the states west of the Mississippi.
  • visit all the states east of the Mississippi.
  • be an active member of my children's PTA :)
  • go back to school and get a degree in Secondary Education
  • go on a family vacation every summer.
  • visit another country
  • learn to speak a foreign language
  • and many other things i'm sure, but i'm tired so maybe i'll add more as the days go on.
any suggestions on something i should add to my list i'm up for anything really?

edit: hey ya'll i've been having a super awesome sunny time in a magical land. i finally have a kick butt tan and my children are finally seeing some sun so they don't look so albino-ish anymore! sweet awesome! happy monday!!



By far one of my favorite songs from Michael.  And also me and evelyn's favorite song to dance to on Michael Jackson the Experience game on wii.

Are you a Michael music fan?  if you say no i'm not sure we can be friends any more. okay we can still be friends i'll still love ya.


where you going?

"I'm going crazy nuts!" 
I wanna go crazy nuts too!

Well this crazy nut is about to venture out into the world with her familia.  I'm really excited for the awesome adventure.   So with that said posts this next week will be brief, even more random than usual, and few. 

Here's to an exciting C.A.C.A (I'll explain it to you when your older, so next week.)



NO not the computer silly the man himself Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter Party i think went off swimmingly! i seriously thought that there would be some killing curses spatted off when the tournament began but alas there was not.  Thank goodness.  I should have had people sign wavers before it started you know just in case.

i of course, in my awesomeness, foolishly forgot to take a SINGLE picture of the main events and the loads of HP fanatics that came.

I'm glad i was able to host a good time for those that came!

if you want to see some pictures this amazing beauty remembered to be cool and take a few shots.

i love having parties.  to my husbands dismay there shall be a lot more parties in our future. :)

any random holiday/event coming up in the next couple of months that can be partyized??


what the lettuce??

I wish i could read the minds of my children so i could figure out why when they do things.

For example:

I was reading a few things the other day in the front room (i was out of the room for 10 minutes) i open the door to the kitchen and i hear running.  I know this is not a good thing.  Evelyn has clearly been up to no good.  I walk in and there is lettuce, everywhere!

I find her and ask her why she decided that this was a good idea.  She said that she was making me lunch.  awwww thank you, but nice try.

as punishment i had her pick up every piece and had her count everyone she picked up and threw away. i did have to help count once she got past 20.  I believe we ended on 117.

i asked if she was going to do this again and she said "no mom i'm done counting." :) mmmwhaha.



okay my goals for this week are:
  1. clean the house top to bottom & i mean spotless
  2. keep said spotless house that way
  3. paint front living room, and maybe get the family room done too
  4. if i can't paint family room get all crayon/pencil/marker off the wall stat.
  5. make sure house doesn't smell like cat/dirty diapers/feet or any other nasty smell.
  6. stay sane.
Why would i be so crazy about getting the house clean when in fact it honestly is NEVER EVER clean?!?!

Well i'm glad you asked cause there will be a little shindig going down at me casa this coming Saturday.  coolness.

Its a Harry Potter Party.  A friend of mine as throwing the party and I'm letting her use my house cause it can fit a few more peeps.

Hey if you'd like to join us in our awesomeness shoot me an email or find me on that facepalm and I'll send you the info. :)

Have a super duper Independence Day folks!!



so yesterday our power went out,  just like about half of the city of mesa.  i was grateful it was only off for a bit and not the rest of the day like some folks. 

when the power went out evelyn was enjoying a movie. it turns off commence "OH NO" for about 10 minutes. then the following conversation took place.

e-mom what happend?!
me-the power went out so the tv doesn't work right now
e-oh no mom, small tv? (the tv in her room)
me-honey that one won't work either, all the power is out no tv's will work right now
e-let me check? i go check small tv, okay.
me-okay, but its not going to work.
e-okay, run run run, shuffle shuffle shuffle, click, click, OH NO MOM!!!
me-what happened?
e- tv doesn't work!! its dead.
me- i know the power is out so no tv's will work.
e- i know! lets get batteries. it will work.
me- hun batteries won't work on tv's i'm sorry.
e- ugh! nothing to do now!
me- i'm sorry, lets play a game.
e- swords, michael?? (games on the wii)
me- no those games won't work, a board game.
e- no mom.
she lays down and falls asleep. :)
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