Summer bucket list

Tomorrow is the last day and then


We are excited and ready for the break!  We have 6 weeks off then back to school.  I want to make the best of these 6 weeks, and make this summer something the kids will love.

I've talked with the kids and they have a few things they want to do during the summer

  • Swim almost every day
  • Eat popsicles 
  • Eat ice cream 
  • Run in sprinklers
  • Go to the cabin 
  • Go to the beach
  • Play video games
  • Eat snow cones
  • Play at friends houses
  • Stay up late
  • Play with cousins

They come up with more every day.  Its great to be able to get their input on how they want to spend their breaks now. 
The best part is  that we can do basically everything they want to do on this list. 

We will be spending time in the woods at my parents cabin, in Oceanside, CA, in the pool, and yes their will be LOTS of ice cream, snow cones, and popsicles this summer. 

My personal bucket list goes something like this

  • Make sure Amelia is ready to start kindergarten
  • Drink plenty of water & diet DP
  • Slow down and enjoy life
Not much to my list but as long as I'm with my kids and husband i can enjoy the time off and hopefully not sweat the small stuff.  Not having to wake up and drop kids of at school will definitely be a welcome break too. 

What do you have going down with summer?  Whats on your bucket list? If you haven't started one, you should! 

Have a wonderful day folks! 


The days left

Only 5 full days and 2 half days left of the school year.

I will then have a 2nd grader and a kindergartner.

It will just be me and Cam during the day.  Its gonna be the hardest on him i think.  He wont have his buddies to play with during the day. It will be an adjustment for me trying to work and entertain him at the same time. I already fail even with the help of  Amelia, so we'll see how that goes.

I will be excited for it to be just me and Cam though.  One less to take on errands during the day, one less to entertain, one less with constant questions.  Sure i can't understand most of was Camden is screaming at me, but he just so cute when he does it. :)

Oh, growing up, its always an exciting and scary time.


I spy with my hazel eyes

Its Wednesday. Awesome!
Here are a few pictures to show what happened the first half of this week.

I received some hand made Mother's Day gifts. This is Evelyn and I. :)
I'm loving my cat shirt, she knows me so well. 

I cleaned the upstairs loft with my awesome carpet cleaner.
See that blue rectangle in front of Camden?  That is our Bose portable stereo. I connect my phones blue tooth to it and play music in my van, but Cam is obsessed and needs to have music playing 24/7 and he carries it everywhere with him.

Chris got me a ring he decided to give to me on Mothers Day instead of saving it until October for our anniversary. Its the ring in the middle less then $50, good job, :) I don't care for fancy or flashy things, bottom ring was less that 10 bucks, i wore it when my actual wedding ring was broken, top ring is my wedding ring.  I like wearing them all, each is special.

Camden has been getting into way more the past few weeks.  Maybe i shouldn't have 5 junk drawers for him to get into, but it wouldn't stop him. He's full of imagination and its fun to watch him explore.

Little dude still takes amazing naps. Hallelujah! and i still can't help by stare at him sleeping, he'll always be my little baby.  He had some awesome bedhead the other day i had to document it. 

I'm trying my hardest to let Evelyn be in charge of more things, and one of those things is being in charge of Cam when they play in the yard.  I came out to  play with them and Ev was pulling him around in our garden wheel barrel.  Its exciting that she is getting older, but I'm still trying to figure out the right way to let go of the reigns and let her steer more. 

I hope your week has been an awesome one and make the rest of this week a great one! 


a tv family

Hello people,  By now you know i blog, but gosh darn do i stink at it!


Its no secret that my family, including myself, love the spotlight.  We are big fans of going to TV shows, or being on game shows.

I complied pictures & videos from all the times we've done just that.  I seriously can not believe the cool stuff we've been able to do! Its insane!

Just so I'm clear, this is in no way bragging or saying I'm better or whatever, IM NOT!  We are regular people who just like to try and do stuff.  It is so mind boggling thinking of what we have been able to experience!!

I have no idea what will come next for us, but let me tell you, once you get the rush of doing something fun and exciting, you want to keep that feeling and go after it, again, and again! But if we hit our limit of things, i'd be totally okay with that!! I love every experience and all the fun we've had together as a family!!

Sept 2011

Sept 2011

aired April 2012

Sept 2012

taped Sept 2012  aired Dec 2012

Oct 2013

Oct 2013

Oct 2013

Oct 2014

May 2015

Now my most favorite of ALL time!!!!!!
May 2015

I seriously die laughing every.single.time! Oh it is so good! 

I have to say the moral of this post would have to be,  never give up and keep going!!  Sometimes as my sister Mallory showed us was that even though you think you're doing a horrible job at something you might just be rewarded in the end with something pretty fabulous. 

I seriously could not be more excited for my sister she deserves every bit of awesome that she experienced!!! I'm so glad Ellen saw what we see in her every day!!! 

I was there in spirit with Mallory! LOL!!!!! 

Obviously i was not there and i totally poorly photos hopped myself in! LOL!

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