non day

happy non existence day 3 out of 4 years!!

how to celebrate.

Chris and i were joking around this morning that today is the only day i can boss him around...or was is not boss him around.

it was early and i was in and out at that point.
so the conversation is a little hazy.

i for one would love to celebrate this non day with one of these bad boys....

oh goodness is it ever worth the weight!

so freakin delish.


irish mint & chocolate

blackberries, strawberries, kiwi, & raspberries


the best part i the next one i get is free,

i frequent them often and have filled my card. yes!

have a great day folk!

make sure you come back tomorrow!!

some awesome things are going on and i'm telling you all about it!

do not miss out!


fun squared

i'm not sure whats going on...i'm having such a hard time finishing posts around here.

i'll start one, never finish, then go back to it and delete it. it has been never ending cycle of lame squared.

sorry about that.

nobody likes a lame squared.  i promise more fun squared around these parts from now on.

cross my heart. i do not hope to die, and i will not stick a needle in my eye, but i promise. :)

so on the agenda this week- more work outs. woot!

i started last week on a boot camp with this guy

i know you know him.

yep billy blanks.
and seriously billy tanks do coming it bigger sizes...

ahhh yes, that is much better.

so it is a system of videos with tae bo, resistance bands, crunches, you know all the good work out jazz.

and after a work out a pretty much look like this,

crazy eyes.

i'm excited for the next 3 weeks of work outs.

i'll end the day after my b-day.
yay, happy freakin birthday to me! :)

evelyn watched my do a work out the other day and later on i saw her doing some of the moves i was doing. what a cutie.

i'm surpisingly not sore at all, i'm not sure if that is a good sign or a bad sign. i'm usually sore, maybe i'm just getting stronger?

i can't believe i'm saying this but they are actually fun workouts. i get excited to do them....what is happening to me!?!!


wish me luck! have an awesome monday!!


friday video

two video's from

Pete in a box on youtube
for your entertainment to start off your weekend.

makes some freaking hilarious/awesome videos. bahaha.

i watch them over and over again and laugh my butt off everytime.

poke war is super funny, but my favorite is this one

seriously i can not even count how many times i have watched this! funny every time!!

enjoy your weekend folks!!!


won't give up

this is a wonderful song, but i love it even more because of the marine that is in the video. (see him at 2:30)

he is a really good friend of my husband who was injured in march of last year in, i think Afghanistan, and he has had an amazing recovery and has certainly not given up. that's his beautiful wife with him dancing. they are so cute together. :)



i learned that a dear friend of mine lost her sweet little baby to SIDS.

i am completely heart broken.

i know that everything will be alright and that they will be together again, but i know that she is still hurting and grieving. 

to learn more about SIDS go here.  The more knowlegable we are about the better.


dear daddy

this is just sweet and i hope my girls feel this way about their daddy when they grow up.
i know i think this about my dad. he is number one.


baby center

i've been a member of baby center since i was pregnant with evelyn, so awhile i guess.  they send me weekly things about milestones, behavior issues, safety, etc. and all that jazz. 

i love the title of the emails they send. my personal favorite was for i think it was amelia. "is your child normal?" haha thanks baby center for making me think my child is a freak!

anywho, i occasionally read through them, and yes i get some great tips and keeps myself educated on how to help my children.

since my baby is now 26th months i looked though what milestones she should have reached by now.


  • Point to an object that you name. [check]
  • Recognize the names of familiar people, objects, and body parts. [check]
  • Use short phrases and two- to four-word sentences. [check]
  • Follow simple instructions. [check]
  • Repeat words he overhears. [check]
  • Find an object even if you hide it under two or three blankets. [check]
  • Sort objects by shape or color. [half check]
  • Play make-believe. [check]

  • the only thing she is kind of lacking is the shapes and colors things. she does organize things but not by that.  it's hard to teach her those things when your 4 year old pipes in every time and trys to show off her skills.

    "yes evelyn, i know you know these things but i am trying to teach sister them."

    yeah that gets said alot around here.

    anywho, i hadn't said anything about my kids really in a while so i thought i would talk about the small one today.  :)

    my favorite picture of this one.
    happy friday ya'll.

    i'm so flippin glad it's here cause i'm not babysitting any kids today!

    it has been a very VERY long week.


    nothing new

    so one of my goals this year is to not by anything new.

    for example our van, not new. still rad though.

    so like clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. will not be new at all.

    not including food, or does it? haha.

    i love shopping at thrift stores. i seriously LOVE thrift stores. Chris made fun of me the other day because he noticed that i gave myself reminders on the calendar of when the 50% off days were at Goodwill. (it's funny when a regular price at a thrift store i will not pay, and it's already so freaking cheap, i am that cheap! i love it!) These are very important day's people, and i'm excited to go to a dollar day every once in awhile. woot.

    okay so the point.  i was looking online at a wedding registry the a few weeks back on target.

    then these puppies showed up some how on my screen...i don't even know, they were just seeking me out i guess.


    of course since they are boots they are on clearance.

    i am in a pickle!

    what to do.

    i mean i already failed at the whole no soda thing....arg.

    don't worry these aren't the only kind of problems in my life, but wouldn't it be nice if all the problems we had were trying to figure out if we should by hot bow boots or not!?

    oh that would be heaven.

    there are plenty of other things that you'll probably hear an ear full about, and will probably offend most of the people i know...any way, i'm getting off topic.

    should i? or shouldn't i?

    pass or buy?


    i'm a cheater

    yes i said that right. i will fess up on valentines day.

    while others are gushing about love, happiness, and unicorns. i will come clean.

    my peers, my confidants.

    hello my name is erica,
    and i am a cheater.

    i hate the word but it's true. i'll be judged, out casted, maybe stoned.

    but it will all be worth it. i don't care, this is who i am.

    i will own this, and i certainly have.

    my love and i reunited again, after what seemed like such a long time. it was blissful.

    oh and did i mention a doctor too. yeah i know.

    i cheated on my no soda people! come on. stop thinking terrible things about me. bahahaha.

    sorry katie, i'm a failure.

    it's zero points, i just can't turn that down!

    have an amazing valentines day folk.

    and remember.

    "once a cheater always a cheater" & "we were on a break!"


    mission complete

    well we did it folks.

    we got to the edge of the cliff and jumped.

    we bought a mini van. oh goodness. i've named it Vana and she is a....

    it ain't no toyota, it's cooler.  05' dodge caravan. it's pretty pimp if you ask me. 

    I've entered into a new realm of motherhood.

    next here comes recitals, lessons, play dates, school.  okay, most of that won't happen, but I'm just saying it could, but I'm not planning on going many places.

    i honestly don't know how to have a vehicle.  I'm so used to being home that i will probably get over whelmed with just the thought that i could go somewhere if needed.

    it's weird. i keep looking outside...yep, it's still there, nope not a dream.

    oh and we did not know that it had some sort of alarm.

    we don't have a clicker thing to get in the car so you do it old fashion way. put the key in and open the driver side door.  well i did that, hop in and it starts honking. uhhhh, i go into crazy mode, did i turn the key the wrong direction? did i accidentally hit something and turn something on? they never said it had an alarm! i'm looking around to see if there is a way to turn in off, not that i can see.  so i thought, meh, i'll just put the key in to start it up that should shut it up. it did. i'm not sure how to keep it from doing this. it didn't do it ever when we were testing it or driving it around that morning. hmmm. i wonder if they even knew. who knows all i know is i need that thing out pronto!  it's so flippin annoying. ugh. oh well.

    oh and mia had a full fledged freak out(i've never heard her scream that loud before) when we tried to get her to go home in the van. it was the only option. she was not a happy camper and screamed most of the way home until she fell asleep.

    oh children, such joys.  it's a big adjustment for all of us for sure. it will take some time to get used to it. like trying to drive at night. i haven't driven a vehicle with dark tint at night in for EVER it was weird. or maybe the tint is just darker, i don't know but i'll get used to it soon. i hope.

    -peace, love, and rockin mini vans.


    love song

    in honor of the day of love coming up i thought i would give you a few love songs.

    two of these songs are what i consider "our songs" 

    weezer- best friend
    cake- love you madly

    they were songs in our wedding video. yeah we be cool.

    no sappy slow love crap as our songs. i'm not into that. :)


    love songs by Erica Jenkins on Grooveshark

    do you have an "our song"?

    i'd love to know!


    you are going too slow

    i know it's only the 7th but i'm already done with February. 

    can it be march like now?!?

    it has nothing to do with no soda this month, honestly i don't mind not drinking soda. no big deal.

    i just love the month of march...

    or i might just want it to be my birthday already, wear a lot of green, turn 25, you know the goods.

    and i want it to be the 23rd like pronto!!  hunger games anyone? yes? no?



    no way, yes way

    Well folks it is February.

    the month of luv. yes, luv, not love. say it right peeps.

    first off, a big happy birthday to my adorable niece who is turning 6 today. can't wait to celebrate with her later today. it's going to be fun.

    second, no fizz.  yes i'm joining and supporting miss katie in no fizz February. if you didn't catch that, no soda.

    i had my final goodbye to my diet dp last night at dinner.  i'm not worried i've done this loads of times. i just need to stop going back, but alas i can not stay away.

    this will help me with number three (even though diet sodas are zero points)

    thirdly, did i mention that i started a coolio little program ( i did not pay or sign up for anything official, just the right formula and my handy phone app) called weight watchers. yeah i am. cool points over here. i have my competitive buddy doing it with me aka my seesta (she made me do it. kidding! she asked and i caved willingly).

    i figured with all these ladies i know getting pregnant and getting huge why not i get smaller. bahahaha! mean, but true. still love ya friends, no hate. :)

    i feel like i'm forgetting something...oh yeah that day my hubby and i don't celebrate till after its over, that's when all the sales are. spending the least amount possible is our kind of celebrating. (yes we are super lame, but we are thee coolest) :)

    make it a great day!!
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