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I'm a 29 year old momma of 4, with big dreams of one day having a full time nanny, a maid, and a personal chef, oh that's right i AM all those things!

Dreams do come true!

Things that i love: besides my family:
  • falling asleep on the couch and leaving my children unsupervised
  • watching movies that make me laugh to the point i just might pee my pants
  • eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • netflix marathons
  • clean towels (never folded by the way)
  • sleeping in
  • a good gif
  • going on walks with the kids (not in the summer, our faces would literally melt off)
  • Parks and Rec is my jam
  • having dance parties and mosh pits
  • spontaneously breaking out in song
  • shufflin'
  • diet DP
  • my husbands beard
  • rainbows & unicorns

PS: disclaimer
I'm random and sometimes things that come out of my mouth that don't make too much sense,(ex:this sentence) just go with it. :)

Even my blog may not make sense, but its who i am. a little loopy.


  1. Do you know how nice it is to know that someone else falls asleep while at least one of the babies is awake and playing? :) Thank you for that. I needed to know someone felt my pain today!

  2. that i love list should be mine i love list! you must be excited for the new baby on the way! do you want more than 3 kids? i can keep asking questions... i'll stop haha


I love reading every comment! It gives me warm fuzzies inside!

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