Create or Not Create, that is the quesiton

I was feeling particularly crafty the other day and I got out some canvases, paint and brushes. Printed off some shapes, cut those out then started painting.

I don't have water color paints, I'm actually not 100% sure whats the difference but I just took regular acrylic paint that I had and watered it down. Worked perfectly to me, but i'm not an expert.

I ended up with a water color state of Arizona, orange like the sunset(if you know the reference then you get 10 virtual high fives), and free handed a little cacti.

Scanned them into the computer, cleaned them up, and I'm happy with how they turned out.

I never know what to do with the things I create. Its obviously fear based because someone, somewhere is better at everything I do, so whats the point in sharing the things I do. I'm trying to get over it, so I though I'd share with you today.

What do you think? Want one?


You're Awesome Giveaway Recap!!

In the middle of April I sent out a bat signal on Instagram asking if anyone would be interested in collaborating in a giveaway idea I had.  I was definitely scared to ask, but this is my year of fearless, so I went for it.

What started out as more of mothers theme thing, morphed into the YOU'RE AWESOME GIVEAWAY! Cause really shouldn't we celebrate the little awesome things we do as people every single day!

I thought it would just be one maybe two participants, ended up being 5! Five amazing human beings participated in my crazy giveaway idea! Gets me pumped for possible future collaborations and giveaways.

We had 5 weeks of awesome! Kicked it off on April 17th and ended May 19th! Check out all the business/shops/creatives below! Also, follow me on instagram @airkaka
(*disclaimer* i was not given any product/items/services in exchange for this giveaway. having these amazing women choose to participate was enough for me.πŸ’“)


Jordan Whitlach


Natalie Devore


Andrea Hunt


Melissa Jennings
INSTAGRAM: @the.mamallama


Tammy Gabel
INSTAGRAM: @mommatammyaz


Summertime Sanity Savers

The End.

Kidding, but sometimes it can feel like that. Summer is the end.
The whole heat thing, then add no school on top of that. It can be hectic and busy, but we always make the best of the time together. In order to save my sanity though, I have to have at least a few things planned to keep the heard entertained.

Before the school year ends and the summer begins, I always like to attempt to make a summer bucket list with my kids. Well, we make the list, but the attempt is in actually checking off things on our list. We try our best to do as many things on the list as we can.

The List:

  • Sleep over at grandma & papa Crandell
  • Go to Cabin
  • Visit at least 3 different splash parks
  • Visit at least 3 different pools
  • One designated craft day a week
  • Sign up for summer reading program at the library
  • Go to library once a week
  • Take a day trip: Tucson, Tombstone, Prescott, Snowflake, Petrified Forest 
  • Movie Nights
  • Back to school party
  • Ice cream party
  • Get a sitter at least 4 times
  • Personal quiet/meditation time 
  • Go to the Mesa Temple Visitor Center story time
June 1st is the last day of school for us and my girls are eagerly looking forward to that day. I'm excited too, but in order for me to be able to keep myself sane i'll have to be extra organized this summer. Hopefully our list will help. 

I'm linking up this post today with Mommy Style Monday. Want to join the Mommy Style Monday link up? Visit Kiana // Glitter & Donuts or Madeline // CaseyLand and sign up! 

Check out what everyone else is up to this summer! 

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Arizona Bloggers Meetup with Boncom

I was able to attend an Arizona Bloggers meet up that was hosted by the amazing Boncom team. They are doing some beautiful things as they connect people, organization, companies with influencers to make a difference and share goodness in the world.

I've had the chance to partner with them in the past and share some holiday campaigns and it's a pleasure to be included, even in a small way, to make a bigger difference.

Designed by Grace + Vine

Designed by Grace + Vine

BYU Tv, Studio C, Random Acts, Relative Race, Extinct Tv

Swag Bag Goodies
Whimzical Woods Barn, Rod Works, Project Life, Seth Adam Smith, Greg TrimbleTaylor Town, Retrogram Boards, White Elegance, Goldyn Eero, Olivewood Designs, Moments Defined, Lolly Letters, Lucky Love, Prickly Pear Lane, Fiiz 

If I start writing about all the details about what the presenters & keynote speaks talked about this would be an extremely lengthy post.  I will write separate posts on all that because each needs its own.

I will say that I am so glad there are people willing to share their talents, stories, and life with others.

We heard from Jamie Hutchings, Seth Adam Smith, Kristyn Merkley, & Becky Higgins.

Each their own, but together they shared messages of strength, balance, hope, light, and love. There was even more, but like I said, lengthy.

I love walking away from an event feeling inspired and feeling better about myself than when I showed up. I have so many things I want to accomplish, so many things I'd like to share, and just so many thing. All the talk about balance was something I definitely needed to hear. Inspired words from those I look up to.

For the moment this is all I will share. Stay tuned for more and I might reference this night a lot in the coming months.


This Mothers Day

After a long week of the stomach flu running rapid through our home I am ready for the calm.

This Mother's Day will be simple, calm and hopefully germ free.

I am lucky.

Lucky to have four special little children that I get to love & nurture every day.  That's all I need. No frill, no hoopla, just love from the ones that call me mom. Shouldn't mother's day be a mothers day after all? That's all I want (well, maybe a nap tooπŸ˜‰)

Happy Mother's Day and thank you to all the mom's out there for being the best mom's they can be.



Little Hands

We were all hit hard with the evil stomach flu this past week and many popsicles were consumed.

These little hands couldn't get enough of them. They also couldn't wait for me to take a pictures of them too. πŸ’—
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