looking back

As the year is up i went back through the posts from this year and found which ones you liked the most.

The top TEN most liked post of 2011.
(not including the giveaway post, cause people like those a lot.) :)

before we get to the top 10, some Honorable mentions.
I linked each one so you can go back and check out all of this years favorites. :)

Now on to the top 10!

[i kinda miss my blond hair, but then again i don't like to have to get it done so often.]
[this was one long crazy week/weekend, i'm sure there will be many more where this came from]
[one of my favorite post. i wear those earrings all the time, but i'm not sure if people notice. maybe you should start looking. :)]
[i love making these weird type of pictures. i should post all the ones i made when i was away at college. hilarious!]
[honestly this is one of my personal favorites. for obvious reasons! i love my family.]
[one of the greatest vacations i have been on hands down. it was so fun to spend the weekend with my mom and sisters. i know we'll do something like this again, just maybe not ellen, but who knows.]

4. weirded out
[what do boob and feet have in common. find out]

[i can't even tell you how happy i was to finish this. it makes me so happy to be in my kitchen!]
[i can see why you all would like this one, cause you all want my husband, yeah admit it. you know you do. hahaha :)]

and finally the one you've all been waiting for.....

[really? well i can see why cause people get sent to my sight when they google, emo moms. hahaha. its all good.]

Thanks for making this year of blogging to much fun and worth it!
I appreciate every view & comment you give me!

Thanks for being such great peeps!
Thanks for sticking with me through my craziness.
I'm sure fun stuff will be happening this next year!

Have a great New Years!


[good job momma]


what up? phone.

It's Wednesday

so it's time to check out what my phone captured this last week!

there is quite a few.
all blog worthy of course.


 i love catching Evelyn playing with her barbies and barbie house, probably just as much as.....

 catching ken being demoted from the party to the patio, getting a tan with corn feet.... what's with the corn feet Evelyn?

 princess dress up time means to look like little orphan children.

bass pro shop carousel. i got really dizzy, but it was really pretty and fun so its okay.
 evelyn seeing santa again at our ward christmas party, she was first in line, she was so excited!

 this is me on the way to my families annual christmas/white elephant christmas party.

 and this is what happens after a fun party with your family. my extra weirdness always comes out.  i wish i had a pic of my whole outfit. i'll get that from my sister and put it up. it's awesome!

 yeah this is how we roll.
don't worry girls its not that cold, just put some socks on and a sweater and you are set.
what? your legs are getting cold?
you'll live.
 our giant kitty. Buddha.
he's about the size of mia and she is trying to pic him up.

i saved the best for last!
 i stayed up till 2:30 this morning making about 40+ cinnamon rolls!
i made them for my husbands awesome team at work. i hope they like them. it was a labor of love. i almost feel asleep a few times.
this is this morning when i could finally eat my hard work.

sooooooo yummy!!!

i have a few leftover.....any takers??
i'm more than happy to share.
but don't worry, i'm making them again in a few days.

what sort of fun did you capture this week?

have a great wednesday!


here come santa clause

we took the children to see Santa again this year at bass pro shop.
by far the greatest santa experience out there. please go asap. last year was long and the girls were tired and cranky, this year hardly any wait, they were excited and laughing and there was so many other things to do and see.

this year was really fun.

we love taking a video of the run to santa, this year mia was excited but then she wasn't so sure about what was happening.

they had so much fun!
the picture that the shop took of them was so funny!
evelyn has the best cheese smile ever!
i'll scan it in the computer and



Just a few things that i'm pretty sure everyone thinks or has done.

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weirded out

by the time you have finished reading this post you may be seriously weirded out and consider me a nut case.

oh well.

Here is one of my momma secrets.

So i have terrible, terrible feet.
crap feet seem to run in my family.
oh, i mean cracked feet seem to fun in my family.

i dislike it.

in the winter it gets worse because my skin in sucked dry of any moisture it tries to hold on to.

i've used all sorts of lotion, but i don't want to go out and keep buying all sorts of stuff to see if it would work, when it potentially wont.
i have children, i don't have extra $$ to spend.

so, on to the point.

i was looking in my medicine cabinet and i came across something that i haven't used ever, or at least haven't since i had a baby.


yep that's right folks,
i have no shame. 
i put boob lotion on my feet.
i thought why wouldn't sheep's wool not work for my feet?
i know its just a lotion and can get something like it from other brands, but that fact that it's labeled for boobs just makes it weird and funny. boob. sorry i had to get it out there again.

I put it on at night or in the morning and put socks on after that and it works like a charm!! i just wear the socks for awhile.
it's really sticky so it's a pain to wash off your fingers.
buy hey, i didn't need to go buy special creams/lotions i had it all ready. score.

i'm just trying my best to live the 3 R's
reduce, REUSE, recycle
watch out, i'm going green.

so let the boob feet jokes commence.
wait, there probably aren't any.
 i think i might be on to something!

Officially weirded out?
That's what i thought.

Have a great day!

Sincerely yours,



disclaimer: i don't know if this will work for you as it does for me.
just so we are clear. :) 


Ispy with my.....non iphone.

Hello it's Wednesday!

I think everyday should be celebrated, but i decided Wednesday was the day that would get a little extra love. 

What has my phone seen this past week? I shall share!


we are just leaving to go shopping.
the only time i go to the mall is usually during Christmas time.
so i ventured out this past weekend with evelyn.
i ended up at forever 21 to purchse something for a gift exchange and got the cutest robot necklace.
we named it jamm-e, it's wall-e's cousin.
my husband picked this up for me the other night and i have a NEW favorite!
i like diet DP but DP TEN is better.
come on i need a little sugar with my DP.

 basically been sitting on our couch these last few days,
admiring my festive Christmas socks,
cause it's been cold and rainy.

speaking of cold and rainy,
i stepped back in time
to elementary school with this little number.

we woke up to find this,
little mouths decided that this was a good idea.

yes this cute little one was having fun with baby powder.
evelyn was the one that opened it, mia poured and played.
evelyn tried to blame it just on mia. HA!

take any fun phone photos this past week?
do share!!

i love a good story!



During the holiday's there are way to many good things to eat
going around, and i try to keep things in check, but it sure is hard.
so about 2 weeks ago i found this awesome website and i'll never go back.

i've never done anything like this before.
i'm sure that some or all have heard of this little beauty.
if you haven't i hope you'll be as excited as i was when i saw it.
the best part, is it has a free app for my phone too, so i can keep track all the time.
this site helps you keep track of what you eat,
and total calories you take in everyday.
it also records excersises you do and the calories burned that day.
it's simple, but it has been a real help.
however i never eat much, so my body always seems to be in starvation mode so it stores fat rather then getting rid of it.
so my challenge right now is to eat enough calories in a day so that does not happen.  who knew that eating would be so hard, when i love it so much.
i have my fun little counter on the side bar so y'all can keep track with me, and it makes sure i keep up with it when i know others are looking.
i'm sure some days will be better than others but i'm exciting to keep this up. especially during the "treats" season.
if you want check it out.
it is so easy!!



So this past Saturday i hosted a baby shower for my SIL Jennifer and her upcoming little bundle, which we are 85% sure is a girl, and that is enough in my mind to throw a girl baby shower. :)

this is her 5th child so the shower is a little unorthodox, but i thought that she deserved some love for this new little bundle.

i tried my very best to make it cute, but simple.

color scheme: orange and pink
drink: orange water and pink lemonade
food: cupcakes, dipped oreos, and cake rounds(chocolate and strawberry)
(i hate saying balls so there are called cake rounds.....)

It wasn't much but it was nice to see my SIL happy & having a good time.  She received a lot of adorable things!
I'll admit i was a little jealous of some of the things she got cause they were just so stinking cute!! :)

We had games, a diaper drawing, & prizes.

I thought i did a pretty good job getting things ready.

A first timer doing planning and making a party happen by myself. it was a lot of work but it was fun. 

The invitation was really fun to make. i made it on Picnik in about 10 minutes, got it printed at Walgreen's and sent them out that same night. It was so much cheaper than going to the store and buying some. I love to save money. 


All in all i thought it was a lot of fun.  It was a bummer that it started raining about 20 minutes before it started and it rained most of the time, but at least it wasn't hot, cause i couldn't turn the fans on because of my streamers. :)

I think I'm going to take a break from the party thing for a while, well at least parties at my house.  

Happy Monday to you all!!

Make it a great week!

Goals for the week:
-wrap all the Christmas presents
-make a skirt
-finish all the laundry
-clean out the storage closet



We celebrated Amelia's birthday on Friday because Saturday i hosted a baby shower for my SIL at my house, (pictures forthcoming) so it was too crazy for many birthday celebrations that day.

About a month ago i got a great deal from Groupon.  2 for the price of 1 admission($7) to the Children's Museum in down town Mesa. groupon had sent me 15 dollars to use toward a groupon so i bought two.  So we used those FREE passes that i "bought" and celebrated with an afternoon at the museum!

It was so much fun!  Amelia had the time of her life, and Evelyn did as well.

They just played and played and ran around and got super tired. Mia took a great nap that afternoon, she was so tired she put herself down for a nap in her bed.

I could write more but reading alone is sometimes boring, you need pictures to capture all the excitement.

we were first timers at the Museum
and we will be making more trips back.



My baby is two today!

In the last couple of weeks her two switch was turned on full swing, but she is just as cute as ever.

I am so happy that i have my Amelia in my life.

She has her crazy attitude,
 but she is one happy, easy going little nugget.

you sassy little thing.
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