How are you adjusting?

A question I get asked frequently is "how am i adjusting?" or "How is it with 4 kids?"

I answer the same each time, short, sweet & to the point: Everything is good.

I'm not one to start a long conversation in passing talking about the adjustment of adding a 4th child to our family. Even if I was struggling, I wouldn't say I was.  Especially to another mother. I've got to save face, right?

There is such a stigma about looking like we have it all together.  Especially with putting our lives out there so much especially on social media. I don't know what is real anymore. I know my "real" posts on Instagram aren't as real as they could be.  Filters galore, taking 10 "real" photos to make sure i have just the right light or angle to make sure it looks the part (black and white filter is my BFF!).  I'm not saying we all do this, but i know i have once or twice or 20 times, but I try not to cause my life revolves around telling it like it is.

So back to my question: how is it with 4 kids now?


We're good but its still hard. I am luckier than most, because Chris gets 3 months off from work to be with us.  I've had him around for each kid we've brought home and I am so thankful for that.

So far these past 7 weeks most days have been great, but different & work! We have to juggle our schedules for school drop off/pick up, feeding schedules, fewer hours of sleep, but we're truly adjusting better than I hoped. And that is the honest no filter, straight on photo of our life right now.

Its a happy, unscheduled, messy, life with 4 kids.  I get tired, grumpy, hangry, & yelly, but who doesn't when they are running on fewer Z's.

I love my new life, and still can't grasp that I have 4 children.  A friend asked the other day "how do you have 4 kids?!" I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.  I am just truly blessed, that how i guess.

Its MAY!

You know you loved seeing this every where on April 29th & 30th. Admit it!! 

Wow, May already.  Time is flying which is great but seriously sucks too.

My sweet baby is 7 weeks old already and it makes me so happy/sad.

Last month was a busy one!  Even with having a newborn I was able to get involved and attend two amazing events!

Lets talk about the first event.  April 16th was with the amazing Arizona Bloggers Meetup Group which teamed up with Say Hi Society and had a mini blogger conference in Gilbert at The Falls

photo c/o  Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

I bought my ticket when I was 36 weeks pregnant not knowing when Leonard would show up.  I was thinking he'd be at least a month old by then, I'd be good to go.  Well he was just 3 weeks old when the day for the event happened.

You may think I am completely crazy for going out so soon after giving birth, but I HAD to go!  Not because I bought a ticket, but because I needed this for me!  I don't do very many things for myself.  My days are spent benefiting my little ones and husband, so I was ready for a morning out.

photo c/o Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

I'm not a major blogger, I may never be, but one thing I've gained from this crazy life of blogging is the people.  I love the people most .  I learn more from watching & following other bloggers.

Photo c/o Beverly from  Hey, What A Day

I really enjoyed all the information from Mommy Mailbox, and Matt. Then getting pampered from PamperedByPampers, and eating delicious food from Kneaders but I loved talking with my people.  It was exactly what I needed.  I met so many more wonderful ladies to following and be inspired by.

If you're ever thinking about going to a meet up or blogging event, please go!  Its worth it, I promise!

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