three's company

what are all he words to that song. three's company.

come and knock on my door. we'll be waiting for you...and...the thing and the thing...three's company too.

hahaha i love that friends episode. i tried to find a clip but alas i didn't. so it's probably not as funny to you if you haven't seen it.

well we found a new home for our sweet little puppy. it was needed. my girls were not very nice to him and got in his face alot and i could tell that he didn't really like to be around them anymore. so i knew i needed to get him in a place that wouldn't annoy him so much.  i nice lady came and picked him up on Wednesday night.  the girls were a upset. okay they were really upset but they knew he wasn't going to stay i think they just didn't think that he would actually go. actually amelia didn't really care, it was evelyn who really had the fit. 

i felt bad that it didn't work out for our family but we learned that a dog for the girls is not something that can happen now.  so we decided that when all the kids are at least 5. so when evelyn is 10 we'll think about it again.

we'll have plenty of distractions to keep the girls mind off of puppy.  evelyn every morning asks if my tummy is going to pop today and every morning i tell her nope not yet. after you turn 5 then it will be almost time for mommy to pop.

weird conversation....or not

the girls fought over who could "hold" baby for the picture so they each got there own shot with baby.

they are both so excited to be sisters again and are even more obsessed with babies since i told them. evelyn is holding a baby magazine that i got from the doctors office.
they are so in love already and it makes me so happy. 

we are so excited!

ps: when i say spring i mean early march.
"due date" technically is feb 28th.
 doc changed it to march 2nd
i told him to change it again to march 7th
 just for good measure. :)
so it's really DUE WEEK!



well this past week i took amelia to my sisters and got her hair fixed. oh and it is so stinking adorable!!

she was so good sitting still, letting kim work her magic. well it probably helped that that i kept shoveling smarties her way to keep her still and happy. you gotta do whatcha ya gotta do!

a little picture reminder of what it was.

and now what it is!!!

my sister is amazing at working her magic hair skills. she ended up cutting an aline cut with lots of little layers to hide some of the really short pieces.  it turned out amazing and amelia was very excited with her new look.

she is growing up and this cut make her look so much older. well she doesn't acted like she's older but looks wise...yes. much, much older.

my baby isn't much of a baby anymore.


full of surpises

sorry i've been MIA as of late. i don't know what to tell ya. oops. :)

so i'd thought i'd share some pictures today that i captured on my phone....well cause i don't have any other camera.

so lets begin.

i have this 2 and a half year old you see, and she is just a little ball of sass and love.
 exhibit A

this little love of mine decided the other day to give her barbie a nice hair cut.

exhibit B

i wasn't upset about that because i did that all the time to my barbies and i was freakishly surprised it actually took so this long for this to happen.

well exhibit A decided she wanted to look like exhibit B

so this brings us to....

exhibit C

(exhibit A picture is what the front looks like. short and choppy too.)

yep looks like she chopped whatever she could grab in the back and the top and snipped away. it is just out of control.
an absolute mess!

i am so sad cause looks like the only solution is to get the girl a super short hair cut, like pixie short. :(

i know she is going to be furious because she loves getting her hair done and getting braid and ponytails in it. but she'll just have to deal with it i guess.

i'll have to get some bows and headbands to make up for the other stuff. poor girl.

why must children do things like this.
she does keep things interesting and keeps me on my toes.

my little amelia.


copy cat

so no much has been going on this last little bit.

we still have the pup.  he is fitting in quite nice with the family.

evelyn has developed something extreamly annoying...copying everything i say. heaven help me! she did it for the first time the other day when a couple of friends were over visting. good thing for evelyn they were there cause i kept my cool.  hahaha. 

sure isn't the best thing in the world, but i'm working my way around it. if she decides to start copying, i say freakishly long sentences and do it really fast so she gets confused and laughs then walks away. i know she'll figure out that soon and i'll have to come up with something else.

joys of litte children and their ways to mess with momma.


amelia has been giving me more and more attitude lately.telling me no, hitting, screaming, throwing tantrums. its so hard to stay mad cause she turns on her cute and i just melt. she know how to work her way onto people. she is just good.

i love my girls they bring my life so much love and meaning. they drive me totally crazy some days but i couldn't imagine my life with out them.  they have taught me so much about love and especially patience and i am continully learning and growing.  i am far from being a perfect mother but i'm trying my best and i hope my children know that i would do anything for them. they are my world.



so i had to share this video. this is my cousins husband and he makes the weirdest videos on youtube, but they are super funny. **warning this song is super catchy and you will have a hard time not getting it stuck in your head. hahaha.**

enjoy! happy tuesday!

oh and please check out his video mr. poopers as well. super funny.


lazy days of summer

it seems so be hard for me to write in the summer. i've figured out why.

1. it is way too hot outside so of course that means laziness.
2. i don't cook as much in the summer because it's hot so i am hungry, tired, and lazy.
3. i don't want to take the kids too many places because the van in 200 degrees, so i am lazy.

so i just don't like doing things when it's hot. if i don't do anything i have nothing to write about. not the best excuse but it's 110+ everyday and my brain has apparently boiled along with everything else.

sorry about that. we will be going something where tonight though, but to my parents to swim with the family. i guess that counts, but i'll still be lazy about it just to keep up my reputation.

we don't have any plans this year for the fourth. we will be lazy and stay indoors. i am pathedic. hahaha. 

anyone doing fun things this wednesday??  actually leaving your house?

have a great week folks!!!

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