We met, fell in love, got married, and made some cute babies.
He's into science fiction stuff, star trek, star gate, things like that.
(he actually got me to like them too, shhhh don't tell him that)
He's full of just random facts, its pretty hilarious how much he just knows!
I'm a whole lot of weird and he puts up with it all.
I can be myself with him, and yet he still loves me.

The Children
Evelyn(9), Amelia(8), Camden(4), & Leonard(1)

These kiddos fill every moment of my life. They certainly drive me crazy but i miss them anytime i'm away from them.  As my children grow i find more joy then i could have ever imagined. I learn so much from them every day, and i am so thankful that i am their mother. 

I can't get enough of my family. 

they are the greatest thing in my life! 

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