the search is on

well, this is our year baby!


this is the year we will finally be getting a second vehicle.  over 3 years with having one car has been long enough. we are going to be buying another car for me, and the kiddos. no we are not going to be going crazy, we are buying used and will not have a payment on this car as well.

live within our means.

i need some suggestions.

we want either....

a mini van or

a suburban, yukon, or something like this.

we keep going back and forth on what we should get, so i'm turning to you.  what would you suggest we get?  those that have these vehicles what do you like about it most?

thanks for your help peeps!!


a tip


do you despise it?
cringe at just the mention of it?
want to punch the nearest person because of it?

if you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a winner.


seriously though folks.  cleaning had been a sort of battle.  I love having a clean house but i just couldn't make that happen so i would be bitter and upset at the world. i started taking my frustration out of the goodies and treats in the freezer and cupboards. yikes!

angry eating is not my friend.

so I've taken a new approach on the death word....cleaning.

for the past week I've tried something different and it seems to be working for me.

get this...

not caring. :) weeeeee!

now that i don't care as much if the house is a mess, because it always was, it's clean. WHAAAA!!?!

It's cray cray and all forms of it. 

I've realized i don't need a schedule or a list of things to do.  It just takes some patience.  that's it.

i was frustrated before with the fact that i have to clean the same thing multiple times in one day, but now i just leave it, and then when i get around that area I'll clean it up real quick.

again. WHAAA?!?!

So not caring has been my missing link all along!?!?! hahaha.

it feels good not to care, and just get around to it when i do.  Which now i get around to it all the time. 

I don't see it as a chore so much anymore, so i'm okay with it.

I'm not making any sense am i? well in my mixed up head it makes perfect sense.

so what we've learned today...

laziness = clean
clean = meh
meh = happy
happy = clean.



I'm so glad i could help you all with my cleaning tips! Have good one!


writing utensils, i hate you.

yes, sometimes i just hate pens, crayons, markers, etc. especially if they are decorating my walls. lame times 10.

exhibit A:

pen one of the more difficult things to get off of walls. in my opinon.

i found something the other day that said it would take pen marks off walls.

in the past i used magic erasers. i thought that they were the shiz!

well step a side lame erase, i got a new boo.

exhibit B:

yes that's right i have a strong armed boo. i slapped my self in the face a few times because i can't believe that pinterest, PINTERST, of all places needed to tell me that this would work! sometimes i shame myself.

and yes diet Dr. Pepper is KEY to clean in this household!

all you need is a wet sponge with an abbrasive/mean side, and some baking soda.

exhibit C & D:

to keep from pouring baking soda all over myself, i just dipped it in, eventually the whole thing was dipped.

then you just have at it. you need a good thick amount i think to get it to work really well.

after about 5 mintues this lovely patch of evil was terminated.

exhibit E:

i suggest you wipe it down with a wet cloth to get all the excess baking soda off. but worked like a charm.

i tried in right after on some crayon, easily came off. SCORE!!

hopefully i will be able to keep up with having clean walls with this little cleaning tool. i don't think i'll have any problem as long as i have a diet DP in hand.

thank you stong arm cleaning boo for hammering out my problem.

oh man i just kill myself!!

have a wonderful day and happy weekend of cleaning!!


you can't hide....when worlds colide.

so I've been looking through pictures from the last years and i like to compare.

have you noticed how many times I've compare?
lets just say A LOT!

so i have to know what do you think???

see any difference.

i do, but i can't help but wonder....

1. good lighting
2. good posing
3. good photographer
4. longer hair
5. brown my color not purple
6. all of thee above

I'm gonna be honest those are the same pants in the picture.
i literally only own one pair of jeans. i am not even kidding.
i'm cray cray.

anyway, so i am still the same "size".

maybe it was all the water i drank last year.
 i should probably do that again this year.

more water in 2012!
score!! a slogan for the year.

and this is what happens when you listen to britney, gaga, flo rider, & estelle while you are blogging!! hahaha. best combo in the freakin universe!!

make it an awesome day!


birthday blowout

it's wednesday so it's phone picture time. weeeee!!
but, my phone was having some problems sending pictures, so i have no pictures for you. lame. but one thing did send over! this video, but it is sideways. lame. just tilt your head a bit and it is perfect!

evelyn in years past has scream bloody murder when we've sung happy birthday to her, but this year she did something different. enjoy.

happy wednesday y'all!!


what stage?

i went to a baby shower this past weekend.  it was super fun. i love getting together with the girls i grew up with. good times. i did not take any pictures. slacker, right here folks. oops.
well anyway. the first time baby momma (woot!) asked me what stage i like the best.  i said i like the baby stage, from like 3 months on.  The more i think about it i'm not sure what stage i really like.

there are good and bad to each stage.  i'm just not sure which one i've enjoyed most. 

i love babies, they are so cute, smiley, happy, just simple, and they stay put.
but i do like when they learn to get around, watching their face as they discover new and interesting things, and seeing how many times they can get away with something.

the talking stage is a fun one to reach.  finally able to communicate. evelyn took her time to start talking, and mia started talking a little bit sooner (still working on it a bit, but i can understand her for the most part). its fun to watch them put two and two together, follow directions because they understand. pretend to tell jokes the laugh their faces off when they are done, and you laugh with them, just because, then you both are laughing uncontrollably.  good times

i can't wait to find out what happens in the 4 and beyond. i'm a little nervous. :)

i'm just feeling sentimental with evelyn growing up and amelia not being a baby anymore. i've been spending more time just watching.  just been observing them and it amazes me every time how freakin lucky i am to have such cute little ones. They are smart, funny, kind, generous, friendly, and so many other things that i was hoping to see in my own children.  I just hope that i'll be a good enough mom to help them keep those qualities as they grow up.


4 years ago

It's a special day. 

4 years ago today, drugs forced this little bundle of cuteness to finally come into the world.

only 10 days late weighing 8lbs 1oz, 20.5 inches long.

i was happy she came at 5pm. so i had time to recover and get settled in my room so we could watch The Biggest Loser together.

my little peanut.

How in the world did my little baby go from this...

...to this!!!

She is growing up so fast and it's freaking me out.
i went though pretty much all the pictures of her from the day she was born until now.
i did notice that she makes the same crying face now that she made when she was a baby. i guess i get to hold onto that baby part of her.
Happy Birthday to my sweet little 4 year old!


te te te telephone.

I'm liking the whole phone picks on Wednesday thing.

we'll see if i keep this up...that would be cool. i think.

well enjoy the random. :)

1. my favorite new hair do. i love it!
call me elga. :)

2. my children being their weirdo selves and then asking for me to take a picture of them.

3. my elliptical machine. love this bad boy.
 i haven't figured out a name for it yet.

4.evelyn playing her favorite game on wii. Michael Jackson. ghost of jealousy is her favorite one and she is really good at it.
that's me relaxing on the couch watching her in my new aero comfy sweats my husband got for me. yeah one of the other spoiled things. :)

5.my new favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. plain oatmeal with a little cinnamon, a little bit of brown sugar and sliced apples. yum.

6. i love finding random pictures that evelyn has taken while she is playing with my phone. yeah she thought a picture of her cute little toes was just what i needed. :)

happy wednesday peeps. till next time. :)


spoiled much?

so this last week it seems like my husband is spoiling me.

this does not happen like ever, because i don't like it.

my children should be the one to get spoiled, but oh well. he does what he does, and i love him for it.

it's probably because he is making up for the fact that he pissed me off in a dream i had. hahahaha. oh dream hate, gotta love it!

one of the things he got me was a pretty little ring.
let me just start by saying, i have a beautiful wedding ring, that i love.
okay on to the story.

when we were picking rings for our wedding, i told him that i just want a simple eternity band, and i would be okay with no diamonds too. i'm not really into flashy things, or wearing jewelry.

well he showed me what he got and he was so proud of it. he told me (to a certain degree or another, i can't remember exact, it was awhile ago) that he wanted to get me something better, or something, then what i wanted. that i deserved more.
he then realized that i was very serious, and i told him that it was beautiful but not what i wanted, but thank you and i still love it. he didn't forget to mention after his little scolding that it was supposed to be a bigger diamond and he told them to switch it out for a smaller one. i was very grateful for that.

i feel bad but i haven't really let it go for the past 5 years. oops. hahaha. rule numero uno: always listen to your wife/fiancee

i think he finally got annoyed at me bringing it up every once in awhile. so he got me a ring. it's cute, it's simple, it was cheap, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! it's not even real diamonds and i couldn't be happier with it!!!!

i am so happy that my husband finally realized i really don't like the flashy and that i don't need much to make me happy, and i'm serious. i don't think he has believed me about that.

yes my dear husband you are one lucky son-of-a-gun. to find a woman who doesn't care for diamonds of any kind.

love you lots husband. thank you for my new precious.


late, oh well.

now that things are cooled down a bit, i will post some pictures of the big day for my little children.

evelyn loves santa & mia well, she could care less really.

they were so excited with all the things that he brought to our house this year.

1,2 &3
The girls were so excited to open their presents.

i got Anasatia on VHS! Yes! just what i always wanted.
just kidding. chris put some earring in that cause he wanted to through me off if i tried to guess what it was.

we ended up at my parents house at 2:30pm to have breakfast with my aunts, uncles & cousins on my mom's side.
it was the best breakfast ever.
the girls got their gifts from papa and grandma crandell.

nothing better then getting to play with new toys on christmas.

i ended up getting chris something for christmas. cause i knew he got me something, we usually don't get each other things, it's all about the children. however, i got him all 3 matrix movies on blu-ray.  i got a wicked sweet deal on amazon, thanks to Freebies 2 deals for posting about it.

it was a great year. now i'm trying to convince evelyn that we need to take down the christmas tress. not going to well.

oh and i decided to send out a new year card instead of christmas. i like that idea because cause i can never remember to send things out before.


inappropriately awesome

oh hey remember me? i'm the chick that usually blogs here. i kind of forgot about blogging for a bit, still in recovery from the holiday madness.

i will not bore you with my goals for this year until after my families annual Goal Planning meeting. woot!!

until then, enjoy my latest obsession. autocorrect! woot.

instead of blogging at night i've been air laughing my butt off with all the hilarious autocorrects going around!

they are inappropriately awesome. hahaha. don't be offended, you are too cool for that!


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