preschool party


yesterday was a fun morning. Evelyn had her preschool halloween party.

the three of us (evelyn, amelia, and myself) dressed up and went to party.

evelyn is so excited to be a cat this year. yeah thats right she totally changed her mind on the whole spongebob thing and wanted to be a cat. i wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being a cat for many halloweens. she's been a little cat crazy as of late.


i was one of two moms that dressed up. i'd say there were at least 15 moms there with the kids oh and a few dads there too. hahaha. it was fun. people kept looking at me, i wonder why? hmmm.

 my little Dorthy and my cat
(she wouldn't stop touching amelia with her tail, she had way too much fun with it!)
 sweet mia, she wouldn't wear a brown wig. oh well still cute.
 her whiskers and nose were gone by the end of the party.

yes i went as a purple cow.
what do you think when someone says purple cow?
i think of a yummy grape float.
thats what we call those.

 they did a little parade around the yard.
it was cute.

decorating cookies.

and eating decorated cookies. :)
they had alot of fun
playing with the other kids
making paper pumpkins
decorating cookies
and they each got a goodie bag with treats.
i'll have pics from tick or treating tomorrow.
hopefully it goes over well.


the year of candy

did y'all know that for the 6th wedding anniversary the traditional gift is CANDY! SCORE!
so i will be eating lots of candy with my hubby today. :)
Yes, today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary. yay to us. haha.
HERE is the story of how we met :) it's pretty awesome if i do say so myself. i am a little biased though. just a smidge.
HERE is the story of our first date. :) it was also pretty awesome.
now some lovey embarrassing and awkward photos of us since we met. :)
which i know you are most excited to witness.
first comes love
 go toros. woot. i graduated in 2005
then comes marriage
then comes more babies than you can handle and you end of looking like this after 6 years.

i love being married to this guy.
he makes life so much fun.
Happy anniversary love!!


busy busy weekend.

i actually did quite a few things this past weekend.

me doing something!! i know i'm stepping it up. haha.


i went to lunch with of couple of my friends. Brooke and Deena. We don't get together often but it's always so much fun!

on my way.
 don't worry i was actually excited.
the other pic i took a looked like quasi.

we ate at California Pizza Kitchen. it was DEVINE! y'all know how much i'm loving pizza right now. yeah loved it! i started out with this avocado chip appetizer thing.  it was good, but the corn in it was a bit too sweet but still tasty.
i got the Works pizza, oh my heavenly.

i invited my SIL Amy to a little demonstration of this new Graco Car seat. it's actually pretty flipping amazing, but cha-ching a bit of a chunk of change, but in the long run worth the price i think since the kid would use the seat all the way till 2 years old.
the best part they were giving one away! guess who won that bad boy!
yep my SIL totally got herself a sick new car seat! So flippin excited for her!! YAY AMY!!

After all that awesome winning.
I took Evelyn and her kitty cat to my cousin Sarah's wedding that night.
Evelyn was so excited to go to her first wedding and the whole time kept telling me that she wished she could be married. I told her not till she is at least 18. she was sad it is so far away. cutie!
anywho the kitty cat. it was her plus one guest. she had so much fun taking pictures of her cat at the wedding. i let her take the pics and have a good time and i have about 15 cat pics on my phone, plus a few videos too.
here are a few shots of my cousin's wedding. :) all by evelyn.

my studly younger brother
with his glasses on i told him he looked like Jef with one F!
it was a really nice wedding and are so excited for Sarah!
oh and a reader asked for a belly pic. i caved ugh. i guess i love y'all that much. hahaha.
check out my glorious big belly. yep i'm a proud momma with that one. me at 21 weeks and i guess a couple of days. i'm not paying close attention. oops. :)

not the best pic, but it will do. :)
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
what did you do??


quick thoughts

children are frustrating
children are sweet
children are entertaining
children are messy
children are silly
children are loud
children are creative
children are fun
my children are my world. 
with all the ups and downs in my day i have these little peeps to remind me how blessed and loved i am. 



bread bowls.

(sorry for the terrible cell phone pic, hubby had the camera with him in cali)

one of my favorite things to make/eat is bread.

all different kinds. i don't have a machine or mixer so i just do it by hand. it is really helpful when i've had a stressful day to knead some dough. love it!!

every 2nd sunday my family rotates houses and we all get together and have dinner, play games, chit chat, you know whatever. it's the ones that are hosting that month to make a dinner and the rest of us bring a side, dessert, drink. this month was our month.

so yesterday by family came over.

it was pretty crazy getting ready for it. chris was out of town and got back late last night, so just me and my girls getting everything ready. i was tired. hahaha.

anywho of course i choose to make homemade creamy potato soup (oh this stuff is devine!!!) and bread bowls.

yes i make my bread bowls. i found this recipe via pinterest (not surprised right??) i'm not a big fan of soft bread bowls, it needs to have structure and these are perfect.

seriously they are NOT hard to make at all, super easy. i made 20 in just a few hours! the only down is just waiting for the dough to rise.

i promise it is so easy.

*Makes 6-8 bread bowls
1 1/2 tablespoons active dry yeast (use 1 tablespoon instant yeast)
2 1/2 cups warm water
2 teaspoons salt
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
7 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon cornmeal
DIRECTIONS:In a large bowl (or bowl of an electric mixer), dissolve yeast in warm water. Let stand until creamy, about 10 minutes. (You can omit this step if using instant yeast.)
Add salt, oil and 4 cups flour to the yeast mixture; beat well. Stir in the remaining flour, 1/2 cup at a time, beating well with an electric mixer at medium speed after each addition until a soft but not sticky dough is formed (you may not need to use all 7 cups). This bread bowl dough needs to be a bit firmer than a roll/bread dough so that the bread bowls rise up instead of out.
When the dough has pulled together, turn it out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth and elastic, about 6 minutes (or let knead in an electric mixer). Lightly oil a large bowl, place the dough in the bowl and turn to coat with oil. Cover with a damp cloth and let rise in a warm place until doubled in volume, about 40 minutes. Punch dough down, and divide into 6-8 equal portions. Shape each portion into a round ball. Place loaves on lightly greased baking sheets sprinkled with cornmeal (or use silpat liners or parchment paper). If desired, slash the top surface of the bread bowl several times with a sharp knife or razor. Cover and let rise in a warm place, free from drafts, until doubled in bulk, about 35 minutes.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Bake in preheated oven for 15-18 minutes until golden brown and baked through.


Maternity photos

i've been thinking that maybe i'll do some maternity photos, but i don't know. i'm not sure if i want to remember me being all round and stuff. i've seen some wonderful maternity shoots done, momma looks so beautiful, but i know i wouldn't look as good unless some serious editing is going on. hahaha.

anywho the point.

there is a right way to do a maternity shoot, and there is a wrong way to do a maternity shoot.

oh pinterest. brings me many joys, and i came across a site that had the 50 most awkward pregnancy portraits ever.

i am seriously wondering about the mental stability of these people.

here are just a couple, but seriously you need to see all of them!

i've seen some of them before. a few on awkward family photos.

i categorize these as pictures that should NEVER EVER exist!
but for my amusement i'm glad they do.

(i've given each on a title for you to enjoy. if you have one let me know!)

"poopin out a baby"

"gitty up"

"breakfast of champions?"

"peek a boo!"

"a natural birth"

i'm also questioning the photographers.
"oh yeah just like that, you are GLOWING! beautiful!"


flavor of the baby :)

if you are here reading this you are about to find out
as my dad said at some point "the flavor" of our baby.
let me start off by saying
something that i've seen with MANY of my friends
three boys, three girls
so knowing this of course i was nervous.
i love my girls yes, but i knew if it was another girl
i would punch my husband in the face.
but of course i didn't want to get my hopes up. 
i was expecting telling my family to take a little more time
but just so ya'll know
if you are going to write something on the bottom of a cupcake
use another paper liner other than white!
you can see right through it when you've finished eating your cupcake.
didn't expect that side effect.
oh well it was still pretty funny.
anywho i made cupcakes
pink and blue.
they were stinkin delicious if i might say so. :)
i wrote on the bottom of each one what we were having.
so basically what it ended up being
if you ate a cupcake you knew what we were having.
love surprises.
this one loved the cupcakes.
so what was on the bottom of those freakin delicious cupcakes???
yeah thats right rules of three STOPS right here!!
chris and i had a high five moment during the ultrasound
my doctor was like "yeah not really excited huh?"
it was pretty awesome.
We are so excited to have a little boy in our family!!
little Camden Lyle!
(we've had his name ready for him for almost 6 years!)
about time
so now you know. :)
worth the wait?
yeah, i think so too.


before the weekend.....update

How far along? 19 weeks-ish
Maternity clothes? comfy and cozy. still wearing regular shirts though. i don't buy maternity shirts. i don't see a point really.
Sleep:i love sleep. okay a little too much actually. i'm just so stinkin tired. this baby is really draining me.
Best moment this week: feeling the kicks and jabs a lot harder. can't wait till the girls can feel the baby too. :) 
Miss Anything? not being so tired.
Movement: oh yeah i'm a punching bag. right before i'm about to doze off too. great timing little peanut. :)
Food cravings: PIZZA!!! i have a serious pizza problem. i'm only craving my homemade pizza though so that's a good thing right, whole wheat crust. way better for me. riiiiiight.
Anything making you queasy or sick: not much anymore, except my stinky little toddler that won't use the potty.
Have you started to show yet: yes, i'm a proud baby belly shower offer.  
Gender prediction: we know! I promise you will all know this time come monday!! cross my heart!!!
Wedding rings on or off? On, and loose like usual.

Happy or Moody most of the time: this week i've been doing good. :) yay! keep it up hormones!
Looking forward to: telling everyone what we are having. seriously the stress of keeping this is giving me cold sores. I NEVER GET THEM! so you're welcome. hahahaha.

have a great weekend folks!!
i'll be resting at home with my family watching an amazing conference. :)


follow me elsewhere.

if you've noticed i have a serious issue with the lack of posting pictures on here.

i'm a slacker. i am sorry.

i know pictures make a post and my posts are lacking with out them. sad.

well if you have an instagram account follow me! my username is airkaka

i don't have a regular camera. i can't even remember where it is at, and it dies the second i put new batteries in it anyway.so my phone is where the goodies are at!!

anyone else just start singing that song...goodies. no just me and my twisted mind. cool.

i know it's a weird username. i think it's funny to say cause i just made you say kaka. hahaha. im a child. a friend of mine spelt my name airka one time in highschool and i thought it was funny, and thats the story. thanks for asking. :)

oh and i just signed up for this thing called twitter....? i feel like a dinosaur, it's confusing to me. i pretty much just tweet about giveaways i find right now. so if you want to know what to win follow me. i'll eventually understand it and write other things i'm sure. @airkaka87.

so those are other places you can find little ol' me.

if you have an instagram account, twitter, or both i'd love to follow you!! the more the merrier!! weeeee.


i know you want to know....


first off.


my favorite month of the entire year! i love october for so many reaason. well one, all the free candy my children get at the end of the month. really looking forward to that. well and i guess having my children dress all cute and have a great time is a plus too, but candy! yay.

i got all the decorations out and working on the finishing touches right now. aka. all the spider webs. yay!


i know you are wanting to know if we were able to find out what we are having.

i will tell you that yes. we found out what we are having. BUT. we will be keeping it to ourselves for just a short time longer. sorry, but we haven't told all our families yet. just waiting for the right moment. :) i have a hard time keeping secrets so this is hard for me, just so you know i'm not getting any joy out of making everyone wait. if that helps.

hey but good new, hopefully, we'll be finding out what my brother and SIL are having today! i'm just keeping tradition alive and letting them tell everyone before we do. :) i've never been more exciting to check for the mail man!

have a great monday!
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