23 days

well its that time of year again.

when we start celebrating September and the amazing things that happen in this month.

if you remember last year my mom, sisters and i for my mothers birthday week went to the Ellen show. woot!

if you don't believe me check out[this amazing video] i made right after i got back. :) woot

well folks we've done it again!

thats right my momma's birthday week Ellen Show California extravaganza is happening again. oooooo yeah!! we are all so FREAKIN EXCITED!!!

this is happening in 23 days people. 23 DAYS!!

so many other fun things happening while we are in California i can't wait!


update shmupdate

I've been so out of it lately.

children have been even more crazy, baby is starting to make my insides feel funny, and i pretty much just want to sleep 24hrs a day.
joys of life.

my husband has been an amazing trooper through all the craziness going on. he has been only secretly complaining with looks of horror and sighs of frustration. hahaha. love ya babe. :) you know it just gets better....then horrifyingly awful and miserable. love it!

soooo i hope nobody minds but you will never see a belly shot from me. sorry. okay you'll probably see a few but at the VERY end and after i've had the little peep. im just not into those, probably because i could seriously already pass off as 5 or 6 month pregnant and i'm only 12 weeks. SCORE! it's probably from the fact that i can't seriously stop eating ever cause well if i don't eat i start feeling all weird and i had a lot of stomach fluff to start with. haha.

this is us at my sisters house on sunday (2nd sunday FHE) with the rest of my family. for dinner and fun and they were going to reveal the gender of their little nugget.  yes you read that right. my older sister is pregnant too. due like 6 weeks or so before me.  oh and my sister in law is expecting too and is due 3 weeks after me! we sure do love babies in our family and are seriously blessed. :)

anywho so my sister is having a BOY! whaaaaaaaa!! shocking! but so exciting for them and can't wait to see what their little boy will look like! so adorable. 

moving on.....

borrowed this idea from my seesta. it thought it was fun. :)

How far along? 12 Weeks
Maternity clothes? i'd be a lot more comfortable, but i've been wearing jammies for the past few weeks.
Sleep: pretty good, but i'm a stomach/back sleeper which is a no no. so i have to adjust.
Best moment this week: stopping myself from throwing up. mind over matter.
Miss Anything? nothing really yet.
Movement: nothing really. except the feeling of being on a roller coaster every once in awhile. i know it's swimming in there.
Food cravings: i've always loved black beans but right now they are extra delicious.
Anything making you queasy or sick: is it wrong that i say my children, some of the things they do are just revolting. 
Have you started to show yet: not the baby really but all the flab is sticking out for sure. haha.
Gender prediction: we are going to stay girl right now, and hopefully wrong. :)
Labor Signs: yeah.flipping.right....next
Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy, except when woken up from naps. grrrrr.
Looking forward to: feeling less tired. i know i'll get there soon. :)



to sum up this last week i can use two words...really children?!? 

yeah it has been a week of seeing how far they can push me. When they push they go all out 100%, they sure don't hold anything back.

i can't even remember what days exactly these all happened, i tried to block it all out.

day one: chocolate nesquik powder all over the family room (couches included), bathroom, and children. ugh. both busted.

day two: baking powder all over family room (couches included). at least they chose a deodorizer to spread around. :) both busted.

day three: 10 koolaid packets dumped, seasoning salt, meat rub, and pepper dumped out in the family room. ugh. oh and it smelt terrible by the way. i can still smell it sometimes. ewww.  evelyn busted.

day four: crushed red pepper packet and parmesan cheese packet on family room floor. both busted. they only opened a few thank goodness. found the rest stashed away in one evelyns bags.

day five: vanilla frosting on couch and faces. both busted. amelia immediately blamed evelyn and i believed her. :)

day six: confetti cake mix in family room (couches included) they were eating it up with a laddle and spoon. both busted.  i was going to make cake cookies for chris's birthday and that morning we found this mess. yeah no very fun.

these all happened while we were sleeping.  it's not like we sleep in till like 10 or something we actually get up around 7 or 8. they just get up way before that and have time to experiment.

oh and the koolaid incident happened while amelia was napping and i had fallen asleep too. i can't help it sometimes i'm just so flippin tired. ugh. i haven't napped since then and i'm trying not to at all so these things do not happen.

i hope everyone had a great week and have an amazing weekend!!
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