Family Photos

Remember my last post about me getting ready for family pictures? Well here are some of the pictures.  We got so many good ones back! I didn't want to share them all at once though. 

These were taken at a location just a couple miles from our house next to a different housing development. Since we live out of town a ways, these special spots are close by.  

Seriously, Hunt Highway is about 40 yards to our right in the first photo. 

We absolutely love the photographer, an amazing 17 year old, Jacquelyn. It's so much fun watching her develop a love and talent for photography and that she let us be models for her. 💗

I love the individual shots she got of the kids. Each one portrays them so perfectly. 

We love our photos! 


I got dressed and put on makeup today!

Today for Mommy Style Monday its all about getting ready.  Which was convenient cause I had something to actually get ready for.  

A young women in my ward asked to take our family pictures for a school project for her photography class, and of course I was happy to volunteer our family to help. 

I like to keep my make up neutral as possible. I'm not a fan of going crazy with colors or weirdness. 
For me the most important part of my getting ready is my brows.  Its all about the brows baby. 

So here we go. Get ready with me! 

Mommy Style Monday Get Ready with me | Good Job Momma

If you want to skip the video, that's okay. I took pictures of everything I used below. :) 

Here are the products I use in my video to get my face ready.
Mommy Style Monday Get Ready with me | Good Job Momma
Covergirl BB Cream 810-Light to Medium
NYC Bronzer Color Wheel
Wet n' Wild Blush - Rose Champange
Mommy Style Monday Get Ready with me | Good Job Momma
ELF Volume Plumping Mascara
ELF Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette
Flower Take A Brow Eyebrow Kit
Mommy Style Monday Get Ready with me | Good Job Momma
Mary Kay Powder Brush
Mary Kay Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush

ELF Blending brush (right white brush)
ELF Defining brush

Mommy Style Monday Get Ready with me | Good Job Momma

Mommy Style Monday Get Ready with me | Good Job Momma

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DIY: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

I mentioned on my instagram stories that I had painted my kitchen cabinets. Builder grade cabinets are basically the ugliest, so in the midst of fall break I broke out the paint and started.

I finished the upper cabinets in 2 days and now am working on the bottom ones, which will take more time, but should be done quickly. Even just the top ones done it make a world of difference for the kitchen. The kitchen is instantly brighter and it makes me so much happier to be in there. The last time I painted cabinets was 6 years ago: oh my heck, awesome  Has it really been that long!? Crazy.

Okay, lets get to it.

Here are the items I used and some instructions on how I went about it.

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

Brushes: angled brush, foam brushes, and foam roller brush
DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

Paint: Glidden semi-gloss paint (it doesn't make it too shiny, and cleans well) color I used is called White on White

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

First thing in painting cabinets is to prep. Scrub/clean the cabinets, you can try sanding but if you have builder grade cabinets like myself, it won't do ya much good, but it can't hurt the process if you'd like to. It does help remove tough residue on the cabinets above the microwave.

After you've cleaned the cabinets, remove the cabinet doors. You can paint with them still hung but you'll probably have to take them off to fix mistakes(a lesson learned) so just take them down and save yourself some time. I used food storage cans(#10 cans) underneath the cabinet doors when painting to keep them off the ground and easier to paint all around them. Give better height and stability then regular smaller cans.

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

Prime prime prime! I do at least 2-3 coats of primer letting each coat dry at least 2 hrs.
I start with the inside then work out.

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

I use a brush to paint the inside and outside edges and then the foam paint roller to paint the flat surfaces.

While the doors are drying I paint the base cabinets. Using the roller and paint brush to get everything. Same with any drawers. I just set it off the edge of the counters so I have room around all sides to reach.

Again everything needs at least 2-3 coats of primer. If you have any drip lines or drops just lightly sand them out and you'll be good to go on the next coat.

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

Top coat will probably be another 2 coats, and if you primed well then things should go smoothly. 

DIY: painting kitchen cabinets | Good Job Momma

Painting cabinets can be intimidating, but it's really simple and what's great is if you mess up just sand and paint over! If you miss a spot when your done (I've found many spots where I missed) just paint it. 

I hope this was helpful! Seriously though just go buy paint and do it! 



We needed a new bed frame desperately.  When we moved we quickly bought a spring bed frame that wasn't too expensive so we wouldn't be sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We always said it would just be temporary and almost four years later and I was so over it! I needed a place to hang my halo and a four post bed was the only thing I could do that with. 

We've had pallet board wood pilling up in our garage for a good year or so and enough was enough. It was cooling off, sorta, and we needed to clear space for other big project and we had been putting it off for too long. 


We went from a simple drawing of plans

to actually seeing it become a reality

...to completion. What felt like forever and a day, really wasn't that long. We worked on it on weekends, and ended up being about 3 weekend but the man hours was probably about 2 days worth. I sanded and stained after Chris assembled, then Chris polyurethane'd it to perfection! Since it weighed a ton and we knew we couldn't fit it up the stairs assembled Chris took an afternoon set it all up. Lots of screws and pockets screws later we have an amazing bed that we love and will basically come with the home if we ever move. Its a beast! But that's what we wanted! Its perfect! 

The head board and foot board panels are made from the pallet boards and the rest was lumber from home depot. Hey, home depot wanna collaborate on our next project?? We love the depot! 


Leo got a haircut

Leonard got a sweet hair cut last week, and it happened.  

He's a pretty crazy boy as is, but once his hair was buzzed I swear on my life he got a little more naughty.  

My mom told me that would happen with my younger brother.  I guess getting your hair buzzed and becoming even more crazy is a family trait. 😂😂😂

Well whatever it is, Leo is still cute. I'm hopeful his added strength weakens as his hair grows. LOL! 


Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

*this is a sponsored post for UncommonGoods. I was compensated for my time, but all opinions expressed are me, myself and I
Mine and Chris's 11 year anniversary is approaching. Oh, be steel my heart.  Steel! Get it? 😂

Oh right you probably don't. Steel, is the traditional gift for the 11th wedding anniversary. I've never been one to go with traditions though. Especially, when it comes to giving gifts to my husband. I've been thinking a lot about what I should get Chris this year and not much has come to me. I wanted different, not your run of the mill gift, something uncommon. 

The clouds parted, the sun shined and what fell before me was the answer I needed,UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods is a site where if you're looking for personalized, handmade, recycled, or organic products, this is where you find it. Not only that, they're a company with an uncommon mission to have a positive impact in the workplace and in the world and giving back.
Is it too soon to talk about Christmas? Cause, shopping for my kids and family is basically done, and done! ✔✔

As I was saying, Chris and I went through and picked out a few unique anniversary gift ideas that fit our personalities perfectly. 

Unique Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The Gentlemen Grooming Kit

Did you know that Chris grew his beard for me? Near the early stage of our relationship I mentioned how great he would look with one, and he's had it ever sense. I've been telling him for years though, that he needs to get products specifically for beards to take care of it. This is a perfect gift for him. 
Unicorn Cereal Bowl

Chris saw this and said "I don't need to keep looking cause this is you." He really does know me. 💓 I've got quite the collections of mugs and bowls from Chris. "All your favorite things together in one, unicorns and you love soup and cereal, this was made for you" awwwwwww.
Awkward Moment Game

FOR US: Awkard Moment Game

Chris and I love playing card games, but I don't like losing.  I think there are only winners in this game. I can guarantee lots of laughing and fun while playing this game together.

  Pizza Rescue Kit
FOR HIM OR HER: Pizza Rescue Kit

We both agree that with our love of pizza this would be a hilarious yet practical gift that either one of us would be happy to receive. Marriage is like a pizza, and you need extra stuff to make it perfect. 😂 There's some amazing marriage advice for ya!

So tell me, what unique gifts have you given or been given for an anniversary? 


Cool Kids

They were willing to take a picture together to send to their Great Grandma Crandell to wish her a happy birthday, so of course I'm going to plaster this all over internet land!

Gosh these kids are cool.  I really should be filming my life, cause some of the things that come out of their mouths, the ideas they have, quirks they have can not be fully captured by words and pictures alone. Maybe I should start doing video clip videos, probably not vlog that could be a little ambitious too for me right now, but we'll see. What I do know is these kids are special and I love that they are mine.




Dear Leonard, 

I know being little and the youngest is hard. You can't tell us what you want yet, so you just point and scream loudly, very very loudly.  

Trust me sweet adorable son that soon you will be able to tell us that you want that cup from the counter, that someone looked at you, or someone is breathing your air with out permission.  

Until that time please please be considerate and stop making messes when you don't get your way. Please son, when I had you a bowl of something that I don't know if you want or not just push it to the side or anything else besides picking it up and dumping it out or throwing it across the room. 

While I'm at it, please don't hit me in the face and laugh anymore, it's not funny or nice to do. 

I know you're little but lets work on this together, okay? You will always be my snugly baby even when you learn to communicate, I promise. 

Love always, 


My daughters are growing up

I realized I hadn't posted about the kids back to school. Most importantly I hadn't documented on here the back to school pictures here. My oh my, how much kids grow each year.

The first day of school this year it was raining cats and dogs out side, we attempted good first day of school pic but humidity and rain plus foggy glasses isn't the best combo, but we got them, and made it to school only half soaking. LOL.

I love seeing how much they spring up each year!

Don't worry about the terrible collage pics, it is what it is, and it gets the job done. :)

Sweet Amelia girl. Such a big 2nd grader. It's hilarious to compare her 2nd grade pic with Evelyn's 2nd grade pic. 😂😂😂 These girls are polar opposites in every way possible.

Oh Evelyn. She hates smiling for pictures and I'm so confused by it, but its who she is. 😄 At least she learned what to do with her hands while getting her picture taken. She is growing into a fun smart young lady.

Their individuality is really blossoming especially how different their styles are. They have a love for pattern mixing that makes my heart swell.

Evelyn outfit
Shirt: Target
Leggings: Target

Amelia outfit
Shirt: Walmart clearence
Leggings: Walmart Clearance


Cats in the cradle

Yes this post will most definitely be about cats.

Once upon a time a co-worker of mine mentioned that her cat had a litter of kittens and that I should come by and see them cause they were the cutest. They were indeed the cutest kittens. 

That turned into me getting a kitten as a gift for my then fiance. I knew he was a big fan of cats and could not pass this up. I ended up taking two, one for my fiance, one for his sister. 

10 years later that precious little kitten passed away after living a full life with us. Buddha. He was a huge loyal friend and my husband and kids were all heart broken over losing their beloved animal. 

It probably is going to sound super mean and insensitive but I was kinda happy to no worry about an animal after Buddha passed. I did love him, but it was nice to have a break. 

Fast forward a year or so and we went to chandler mall as a family so I could go to an events and the kids and Chris walked around. Yeah, we came home with a cat. Talk about an impulse buy! 


Fast forward a few more month. I, ME of all people, brought in two more kittens into our home. 

Are you kitten me right meow?! 

WHO AM I EVEN ANYMORE?! A friend posted a picture of kitten that were going to be ready to take home and I pounced(pun intended) on the chance and decided we needed two. 

We added Sheik and Link. Yes you read that right. We have Zelda, Link and Sheik. We are that family.



Turns out getting two kittens is what experts recommend when you have a cat at home already. The kittens annoy each other and not the older cat. Kudos to me for being a natural expert. LOL! 

So yes, we indeed have 3 freakin cats now. THREE! Am I crazy cat lady status yet? Where is my plaque, medal, or award for this? 

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