fun phone surprises

evelyn likes to play games on my phone.

i trust her with it so i usually let her play with it unsupervised while i'm cleaning or something else around the house.

i love getting my phone back and see all the fun things she's done with it.

there are like 50 recordings of her singing her made up songs, they are the sweetest little things and she is so proud of them. makes me smile.

this time around she made some videos and took a few pics.

they just crack me up! i'll share a few with you. :)

throwing toys at your sister, that's what i call love. :)
evelyn's laugh kills me! love it!
love listening to them while the screen is black.
what did evelyn do to make amelia be like that on the couch.
love my girls.  they are so entertaining (at least to me)


nervous wreck

today is THE day.
we will hopefully find out if we are having a
we are super excited
but of course really nervous.
we don't have the best track record of finding out
on THEE appointment.
so far 0 for 2
and then having to wait till the next months appointment.
so i'm nervous that will happen
but also won't be surprised if it does.
my children tend to be very private in that matter.
so far most all the votes are for boy.
now everyone will be wrong!
thank for that folks. haha
just kidding, love ya peeps!
i'll let you know!


time changes

april 2010

(poor phone quality, sorry)
april 2012

looking through pictures is a favorite things of mine.
time sure changes things.

the three of us sure have gone through lots of changes in the last couple of years. :)

with lots more changes to come to our family, and we are so excited! :)

i love change. change is never a bad thing to me, always good.


playing dress up

asked my children what they would like to be for halloween.

there answers didn't really surpirse me at all.

amelia- she didn't really answer, but she said she wants to be pretty. so i'm thinking some sort of princess. really as long as she is wearing a poofy skirt and her pretty sparkly shoes she will be as happy as a clam. :)

evelyn- this girl is funny. i asked do you want to match your sister and be a princess or ballerina. She laughs and says "no mom, i'm gonna be spongebob!"

yeah. hahahaha this girls just cracks me up!! she is so not girly and i love it!!

reminds me of myself when i was her age. :)

yep i was an army dude sportin a sweet mustache and a quasi-mullet. :)
thank you momma for letting me be me.



dear bed,
why must you be so comfy and cozy? please be less appealing during the day so i don't give in to naps and leave my children unsupervised. thanks

dear walmart shopping carts,
stop squeaking and shaking uncontrollably!! the end.

dear taste buds,
can we please be buddies again? stop with the nonsense of leaving a nasty taste in my mouth when the food i ate was delicious!

dear evelyn,
thank you for being a good helper this week. you still had your moments, but i'm glad you understand now that i am not allowed to pick you up and i can't bend like you right now. you are a sweet heart. :)

dear amelia,
please just stop being a terrible toddler. i know you are learning to deal with growing up right now, and still being so small, but please lets just move on to the next phase. still love you tons nugget. :)

dear binkies,

dear husband,
thank you for mowing the front lawn today. i will however miss seeing animals disappear in the forest grass. :)


dreaming just a wee bit

How far along? 17 weeks
Maternity clothes? yeppers.
Sleep: sleeping pretty good, but already having to get up in the middle of the night to pee. ugh!
Best moment this week: can't really recall a super awesome moment.
Miss Anything? sleeping on my stomach
Movement: yes. this little one is always on the move
Food cravings: corn dogs, pizza(i had pizza 4 times this last week), salads
Anything making you queasy or sick: things have been getting a lot better in this area. still certain smells, sometimes
Have you started to show yet: yeah, BIG time!
Gender prediction: i seriously still have no idea. i'm usually wrong.
Labor Signs: yeah.flipping.right....next
Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy. on occasion i lose my cool.
Looking forward to: 1 week people till we know what baby is!!! eeeek!!

i was at target today with amelia while evelyn was on her first class field trip and i was looking at all the adorable baby clothes.  i gravitated to the boys section right away.

you could say that i'm dreaming of a boy, just a wee bit. i know exactly what outfit i would go back and buy as a coming home from the hospital outfit! oh it was precious! of course i don't want to get my hopes up. i also picked out a girl coming home from the hospital outfit i would go back and buy too. :)

any predictions from the crowd??


a beautiful life

i know i just posted about an amazing weekend that i just had. it really was fun and i really did have a great time. i was glad i had so much to do so i wouldn't have time to really be able to have time to stop and think.  keep my mind occupied.

moments at night on the trip while everyone was sleeping i stayed awake and tried not to cry, tried not the think, but it came anyways. i'm an emotional wreck already so it was extremely difficult to keep it in at night.

wednesday night my sisters and i spent the night at my parents house to make leaving in the morning easier, but i didn't get much sleep that night. around 9 that night my dad was on his way to my grandparents house. i asked him what was wrong, he didn't want to tell me but i wanted to know. if it was something with my family i want to know.  he told me that my aunt was having complications from a surgery and it wasn't looking very good.  i was in shock. about an hour later we got the news that she had passed.

my heart broke.

i stayed up most of the night thinking.  it's always hard when a friend, or family member leaves this world, and you start to wonder why. why this person? why now? obviously i don't have those answers. i only know that everyone has their time and when it happens, it's the right time. 

writing this is a way of healing for me.  my family is not known for showing much emotion. i learned to surpress my feeling when i was younger cause i got made fun of one time when i cried, and that has followed me ever since.  i saw crying as a weakness.
as i have gotten older and have learned more about myself and have realied on myself more i realize that i have a very sensitve soul. as soon as i invest in anyones life even a little, my heart is in it. i emotionally attach myself with out hesitation. i used to see it as a weakness, naturally since i tried so hard to get rid of emotions, but i don't see it that way anymore.

this past weekend of thinking about my dear aunt and her beautiful life, filled with love and family i couldn't help but reflect on mine as well.

i might end up being the "big softy" of the family, but you know what, that's okay. i'd be proud to be the one that will cry with you, show support, be the one that people come for when they are in need.

life is what you make it.  we only have but a small moment in this life to be able to be who we are, and love it.

to my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, i pray for peace to be with you, and your hearts to be filled with love. i so wish i could be there with each of you as you go through this part of your journey, but know that i am thinking about you, praying for you and that i love you.



so got back from a super jam packed weekend.
4am- leave for cali
11:30ish- get to hotel and get ready as quickly as possible
(btw they didn't have a room for us so we got dressed/ready in the lobby bathroom)
12:30ish- get to ellen parking lot and wait to go in
(last year i was #50 woot! go half! didn't think about later that i got my age. haha. nice)
my phone died after this point lame. it seems to be having battery issues, probably from me dropping it all the time. OOPS!
ellen show was totally awesome AGAIN!!
we sat in the exact same spot as last year.
yeah we be cool like that.

we got the phillip phillips cd and it's pretty good.
i didn't watch american idol so i wasn't really sure who he was.
4:30ish-get out of ellen, and try to escape from packed parking lot to make it to hollywood to go to the Jimmy Kimmel show
5:30ish- finally get to hollywood, park, walk across street, wait in long line at jimmy and were one of the last few people to get in!
we had some great seats too.
it's smaller in person, at least i thought so.
the guests were one of my favorite Jimmy Kimmel guests ever
Terry Bradshaw!
this guy is so flippin hilarious and just cracks me up!
then Dave Matthews was there and then did an outdoor concert.
we didn't stay for the concert we were ready to go and were so tired.
9ish- got back to hotel ate some dinner finally!! PIZZA YUM!!
the hit the sack! we were all super tired!
i wish i knew how to sleep.
children have taught me how not too.
woke up at 6.
after everyone else woke up we started getting ready for the next show, lets make a deal.
i ended up coming up with my costume and making it the day before we left and i thought it turned out pretty good.
total: 2 bucks to whip it together. haha. score! love cheap!
i ended up deciding to be a unicorn.
my sister was able to get my hair to look like a horses mane. yeeehaw. hahaha.
i forgot to take a picture of my whole outfit. ooops. haha
but if you go to this LINK they put up pictures of the groups/peeps that went and took pics.
i guess if you want you could buy a picture too. haha.
any who it was fun and all around a great time.
we sat right behind the piano man cat grey
 (i think that's how you spell it. i can't be certain)
so fingers crossed we'll be in a shot, cause they show him every once in awhile on the show. on occasion, right?
the episode is airing sometime in december.
i'll let ya'll know when i know for sure.
after the show, changed, then walked the less that 100 feet from our hotel to BJ's! oh how freakin delicious that place is!
we were all starving cause he missed lunch from being at the show.
so we filled out bellies with yummy food then crashed again once we got back.
was a pretty chill day that i pretty much dedicated to taking pictures of the food i ate.
my sisters went on a Hollywood stars home tour
my mom and i walked downtown Burbank and then ate lunch at this amazing pizza place called ZPIZZA!!
have i mentioned that i LOVE pizza, and this was the best ever!

so good.
my mom and i ate this entire large pizza
with out even it phasing us. haha.
we didn't get much of breakfast so we were hungry.
after deliciousness
my mom had to fly home so she left around 2 and i got to watch CABLE TELEVISION for a good 2 hours with out any interruptions!
 it was great i caught up mostly on the Kardashians.
 how i miss that show dearly. :)
later that night after the star tour yayhoos got back we went to Universal City walk and well, walked around, did some shopping oh and ate food.

yummy Johnny Rockets onion rings and fries hit the SPOT! YUM!
then some freakin delicious frozen yogurt to end the night.

drove home.
came home to a clean home!
thank you sweet loving husband.
you are the best. :)
it was a super fun weekend
lots of laughing, dancing, and eating
this is sufficiently long enough so i think i'll stop now.
i hope you enjoyed my recap of events.
i was totally going to do another vlog, but eh, just far to much to cover and i clearly can get chatting and keep going on forever!


a peek inside

i've heard you can tell a lot about a women by the contents of her purse. well what about a momma's purse. hmmmmmm....that's a whole different breed right there.

i bring this up because i cleaned my purse out in prep for my trip this weekend, and i just have some great stuff in there. :)

lets have a look, shall we.

::i promise everything you see was actually in my purse when i started cleaning it out::

one- standard keys
two-must have baggie of wipes
three-the best graham crackers, Kroger seriously try them
four-pile of bobby pins
five-glasses cleaning cloth
seven- loose change at the bottom of the bag.

eight-mints, best gum ever (strawberry mix orbit) and sonic mints
nine-random food reward cards and my baby doc appt card.
(thought i lost that.)
ten-this has been in my purse for two years
my little narwhal friend. not a toy for my children
eleven-golden spoon. haven't had that since may, i believe
twelve- chap sticks two are empty but are still purse worthy
thirteen- essie nail polish
fourteen- cute earring given to me.
fifteen- giant pair of scissors. you never know
sixteen- crumpled, faded old receipts
seventeen- yep we still sport the hair comb. :)
thanks for stopping by and enjoying an really random part of my life. my purse. im actually surprised i didn't pull out a stack of diapers. 
oh and when i dumped my purse on the table i got an added bonus, an ANT! hahaha i guess enjoying the crumbs on the bottom of my bag.
i figured out my costume thanks for the advice and input i got from friend and family.
 i'm working on it right now and can't wait to show you the final product. :)


need ideas. HELP!

so one thing that my mom, sisters and i are doing while in cali is going to the show Lets Make A Deal.
sweet i know. i'll totally get picked i know it. hahaha...yeah right :)
anywho i need some ideas for costumes. something super simple and cheap, but still fun and creative.
i have a few ideas myself but i'm curious what other ideas are out there.
and i know it's totally last minute, but i find that the best ideas come when you are scrapped for time. am i right!
thanks peeps!


2 hours of quiet

yesterday was a BIG day for evelyn.

she started her first day of preschool and last first day of preschool. haha. it's pretty crazy to think that she will be in kindergarten next year. to that i say....AWESOME!! i can't wait.


before school shots. she was super excited!
 then amelia decided she needed to join in the picture taking fun.
poor girl thought she was going to get to go to school too. it was sad.  don't worry next year amelia.

after i dropped evelyn off i got home and amelia fell asleep with in minutes of getting home. 

2 whole hours of quiet time during the middle of the day! i had no idea what to do. that hasn't happened in years!!  i decided to enjoy that time just this once and do nothing. haha. it was nice.

Evelyn loves school and can't wait to go every week and neither can I! i'm terrible but i want more opportunities for silence. hahaha.

i'm gonna have to start being the cool mom now though and have great after school snacks! pinterest here i come for ideas!  any one have a really great idea for after school snack please share!!


in a nut shell

Woweee i am tired.  been up since 4:30...my choice. we had a yard sale and it actually went pretty good. sold lots of stuff but still have lots of stuff left. 

should we have another sale next week but smaller or should i post the stuff online and see if it will sell that way?? tough choices. maybe i'll do both. :)

any way. not much going on in these parts.

just the usual.
-house is a mess and i don't really care. 
-i go days without changing out of my pajamas, i aint going anywhere anyways.
-dishes overload in the sink, this one i care a little about cause if it stinks i'm out for the count. dang nose and it's ability to smell really strong right now.
-having fun and going crazy

How far along? 14 weeks
Maternity clothes? oh you betcha buns i am!! i am workin it. i'm all about comfort.
Sleep: i love sleeping and i'm pretty good at it too.
Best moment this week: amelia putting her hand on my tummy and telling me there is a baby in there. she is super excited.
Miss Anything? my old nose
Movement: not much. just some waves of some sort
Food cravings: rice, ice, salads, and as of today corn dogs. YUM!
Anything making you queasy or sick: smells. oh good heavens. it is so bad this time around it is ridiculous. oh and hair makes me gag.  like stuck on my fingers, or wet hair in the shower. which stinks cause my hair falls out like crazy, seriously i'm balding.
Have you started to show yet: i guess you could say i am. well i think so but to other people i may not look like it or they might be so polite to ask if it's baby or im just chunky.
Gender prediction: each pregnancy has been 100% different so i can't really predict anything.
Labor Signs: yeah.flipping.right....next
Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: i'm trying to stay on the happy side all the time, but occasionally i can get a little cross.
Looking forward to: actually finding out what the baby is at the end of the month. so excited!
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