my inner emo.

if you know me personally you know that i change my hair often.

when i do its not unnoticeable. its pretty much in your face and freakin sweet!!

well i got my hair done last night.  well i actually got my hair done TWICE last night. 

My sister (my hard core hair stylist) colored my hair, and it just wasn't dark enough. i was going to wait to have it redone in a few days but she said it would bother her so we did it again. a quick trip to get the right color shade and then the proses began again.

it was definitely darker this time around. haha.

i love change! and i think i channeled my inner emo and had a flash back to high school. haha. I FREAKIN LOVE IT!




my awesome blond which i love, love, loved.

& now

(its darker in person)
i told you.....everyone together now.



whose with me??

i feel like i should change the name of my blog to "whose with momma" with all my "who wants to do this with me??" can do attitude going on right now.

oh well he is another, "lets do it together."

So a lot of fun things are happening in the month of September, LABOR DAY fun, Ellen show, half my family's birthdays, road trips.
yes it is a crazy fun month.

i also want to do another thing for this month.  In addition to doing to 100 workout (if you haven't tried it yet, DO) the month of September will a designated NO SODA month. GAH! I've done one of these before (back in December) and i stayed off it for a few months. I want to try it again.

I know i feel 100% better with out soda in my diet, but i keep going back to it. I'm weak. 

just one step at a time, and i should probably join a 12 step program for my soda addiction.

so whose with me??


bed time

I'm sitting here in a quiet house. Husband is off at his friends house, and i'm so bored.  I'm  not tired enough to go to bed just yet.  i've already done my workout and holy moly!! I am feeling it.  I hope anyone else that is doing the 100 workout is feeling it too. (if your not and its a breeze, please lie to me.)

anyway, my children are tucked away all snug in their beds.  That's right, i said beds, plural.  Amelia is officially a toddler!  today is the second night she has been in her 'big girl' bed.  oh but this is not all!!  My girls are in the SAME room!


Thank you, thank you! i know, amazing things are happening at our house. Sure the first night of them sharing a room Evelyn woke up at around 2am crying and screaming cause she wet the bed and woke up Amelia, then they just played till about 4ish when then finally fell back asleep. (they were so cranky today)

I'd say its been a huge success!

I did take everything out of their room though.  I'm a mean mom.  the only thing in their room is (of course) their beds, a rug, and a couple of stuffed animal.  stuffed animals are much quieter than blocks and cars. quiet sleep = happy momma.

I'm hoping that with less distractions they will sleep better. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all thing will go well tonight!

goodnight y'all


100 workouts

okay so I've never really had a great work out routine.  The last time i had a very consistent routine was the summer before my senior year of high school and i had a football coach giving me my routine so it was pretty intense.

haven't done a very good job since then.

i was with some of my friend a few weeks ago for girls night and they were talking about how they needed to go to the gym. these girls don't need to worry about going to a gym either, they are so freakin beautiful!! i honestly can't remember the last time i went to a gym.  its why I'm so round and slacking in the whole "healthy" thing. 

I'm a busy mom, trying to keep the kids happy, trying to keep the house clean, cook meals, yeah you get the idea.  I stay pretty busy during the day. I've felt like i haven't had the time to really start a regular work out routine.

well my friend i have found my saving grace!! big thank you to pinterest and a friend (::cough cough:: Leigh) for posting this simple list of things i can do throughout the day! yes!!

I started today. Yikes it is rough. Seemed easy but things on paper usually seem that way.

If you want, start with me!!  You may be busy too, but you have a few minutes here and there to work out. GO FIGURE!?!

I know that this list and i are going to be good friends.  I don't care if i loose weight i just want to get a work out in and feel better!

Who doesn't want to feel better?

Whose with me?



well lets see its been a while. sorry about that.

i seem to have developed a slight cleaning OCD the last couple of weeks. its not a huge one just a small one.  it is a good thing though.  i like cleaning, but not my own house.  i love cleaning other people houses. weird, but maybe not. who's with me on that one?? anyone?? so my house has been cleaner now than it has been for a really long time. its kind of nice, but its always going to just get messy again. oh well, such is life. :)

so i've been cleaning in my spare time. weird!!


i ordered a pair of glasses online last week and they came in the other day.

first off i got these bad boys for free! yes thats right. from a little place called coastal contacts. oh yeah, like their FB page and you can order free glasses too, there is a little tabby for free frames! yay!

so i never showed my hubster what they looked like.  So i sent him a picture and said "your wife the nerd".  When he got home that night he looked at me for a few seconds and said "yep, my little nerd wife." hahaha

its going to take him longer to get used to them than me.  I'm not used to being able to see clearly out of glasses. my old ones were so scratched and missing pieces it was rediculous.

i hope you enjoy the new NERDY Good Job Momma!



the joy a simple cardboard box brings to children is amazing!

i remember all the fun things we would do with the giant cardboard boxes my dad would bring home on occasion. it was amazing!

so when the hubster got a new lawn mower and it came in a big box we couldn't resist not giving it to the kids to play will.

yes there has been fighting triggered by the box, the box has been in time out since too, but its still so much fun!

in NO WAY are these my kids,
but you can get the idea of how awesome a box is.


its a party

okay so my little girls have been invited to their FIRST friend birthday party!
uhhhh HUGE!! 

I mean they have been to some cousin parties but this is so different.

I'm more excited then they are. Amelia just smiles at anything i say, and I was telling evelyn about it and she was like "yeah, okay" the.end.

now i must figure out what to get their little friend. hmmmm....

what a great gift for little girls ages 2-4??

anything out right now that is popular with this age?
-your probably thinking aren't my kids this age too?!
-shouldn't you know?!
yes they are this age and no i don't. 
i know what my kids like and it's usually a used piece of paper or something broken.

help a momma out?!

thanks so much!



have i mentioned how much we like to dance in this family??

well i love dancing and i have passed this love on to my little ones.

best birthday gift given to me is Micheal Jackson Experience Dance game on wii.
like really super fun...anyway. miss evelyn has come to LOVE LOVE this game as well. 

i'll have to get a video of her dancing to a whole song, but she is 3, so this comes with a short attention span. 
this IS what i was able to capture though.... enjoy :)


date nights

Who here enjoys having a date night???
Whatever your date night may consist of, i think its freaking mandatory to go out with, yourself or your significant other, as many times as you can.

It seriously helps you recharge your batteries. 

All I'm trying to say is. Go out this weekend. Have fun, stay out late, do something stupid. :)

My personal favorite thing about going out is i get dressed up.  I do my hair, wear make-up (yes the few times i actually do) and look hot for my main squeeze!

Have a wonderful weekend my lovely friends!

Something to remember for your weekend: as the lovely Britney would say...

"Confidence is a must, happiness is a plus, edginess is a rush..."

(used my straightener to get my waves just right.)

oh and PS, i wore my flying skulls on my date with the hubster. ;)


hair fail

so i consider myself an okay hair trimmer. i trim my kids hair. i have never attempted to actually cut some length off. a minimal amount is my kind of cut.

well i was trimming evelyns hair it grows really weird and uneven. so i told her to hold still.
fail #1. Don't tell your child to hold still they will do the exact opposite.
fail #2. continue to cut even though she moved. GAH!

that's right i ended up cutting about a 4-5inch chunk of hair off the back of my daughter beautiful long hair. i had no choice but to cut the rest. it was sad. PLUS i have no idea what i'm doing. so its a bit uneven but i did the best i could.

her hair was getting so long!!

welp here is the after.....

she does look a lot more grown up. i didn't want that yet!! but she did tell me the other day to stop calling her my baby and that she was a big girl. ::sigh::

oh and big girls get to dress themselves. 

"fancy" sunday shirt with fruit shorts. cute! :)

i love my girlies.


all on drugs

(no one was harmed in the making of this pic. i was stopped at a light.)

mom's to children are the very definition of "uncool" so, i try to be cool. haha.

yeah right.

i do like to try new things.
New things in my life.
Neat shiny gold braided head band.  Yeah i wore my sweet headband like this to church the other day and my husband told me before i left. "You know you might make some of the older people have flashbacks. OR everyone will think that you've started taking drugs."

oh the joy a singe amazing headband can do!!! LOVE IT!

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not like the others.

Okay so i'm not usually the type of person that cares to accessorise any sort of outfit or look of some kind.

I'm usually trying to just barley get myself out the door, i didn't feel the need to add anything extra.
well i must admit.


The ONLY time i will admit i was wrong.  Please enjoy this moment in history.
Its super easy to through on a necklace or a cute pair of earrings! Who would have thought right?! Crazy talk!

My thoughts on these things changed well when my kids stopped messing with my things a bit.  So i figured now it a good time to try things out.  Oh and i happened to find some really cute stuff at this amazing store in San Diego that i got a few things at. And the best part is, if they break I'm not going to care there were only 1 dollar. That's right, the great accessory dollar store in the history of the planet!

The name is called 'Everythings a Deal' so right there should have let me know of the awesomeness i was about to witness.

I will show you some of the cute things i got. remember all one dollar people!! YES!

i got these two adorable rings.  my personal favorite in the turtle of course! i love it!

i seem to be going through an owl stage. just got with it.

            super fun earrings!
down side: the backs on these things are like and inch long.
if i hug someone my head will start bleeding from a hole puncture wound.
Still so cute and fun though!!

Okay these lasts set of earrings i want to plat a little game with you!!
Its called: which one is not like the others?!

Are you up for it! I hope your excited because i sure am!

First off i want to say i bought this set of earrings for the owls. bees. ladybugs and fishies.

okay let the game begin.

spot it??? hahahaha!!!



its half way through the week and i'm already super exhausted. good times. :)
but its been a great thus far and will be even better the rest.

WELL, yesterday was a special day in our household. It marked the 28th year of my hubsters birth.
(oh look at this cutie!! & holy crap i keep forgetting how much my amelia looks like her daddy as a baby. )

Yes my dear husband turned 28.  I think he's freakin out a bit about this number.  I guess i would freak out if i just turned 28 too, but alas i'm just a measly 24. :)

I know specifically something he's kinda freaked out about is having more kids after 28.  I guess since he is the youngest in his family and his dad was 28 when he was born, if he has any after 28 he's old.

I think it should be when i feel too old to have kids, no more kids.

(my favorite picture of him.
if you look closely you'll see one of his eyebrows is almost completely shaved off!!)
I just want to say
I am so lucky to have my hubby. 
He is so amazing!  He is my dictionary, random facts master, spell checker, funny, caring man!

We didn't do much for his big day.
i don't think he really wanted too, he doesn't like being the center of attention, but it was great to spend the day with him at home and just relax.

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