random weekend

so this weekend was full of fun things.

Friday, one of my cousins got married.  They are a super cute couple.  I helped at their wedding reception that night from 6 till about 9:30.  It was a beautiful reception, with some amazing food, and great cake.  It was fun helping out! seriously, a good time. I really love working at receptions, like for serious, i love it! If anyone is looking for someone at any time i would love to help! :)It was also a plus that i got A LOT of walking in, it was a great workout too. WOOT! two for one right that! awesome! haha

Saturday, consisted of...as i'm typing i can't really remember.

hold please.

(five minutes later. have a mentioned how terrible my memory is? well it is awful and it got worse after children.)

okay, i remember now. we did not much. i guess that is why couldn't remember. oops. :) we just did some grocery shopping, played "water jump" out side for a bit with the girls. (water jump is basically just sprinklers but that's what they call it. i have no idea.) then we decided to go out to eat as a family. you know sit down. whoa we are getting crazy up in here peeps, watch out!  we went to the bees of the apple (applebees if you didn't catch my coolio lingo) and we had a good time as a family. you know playing with sugar packets, saying hi to everyone, and screaming with excitement, the goods. :)

i feel bad cause i totally stink at taking pictures. i know that i love reading peoples stories and blogs with pictures. why must i be so lame? must change this.

we'll be at the zoo today so i will try and remember to take pictures and i'll have a super splendid picture filled post comin at ya!! i hope.

thanks for stopping by....you stay classy.


am i doing enough

i've been feeling really frustrated lately.  i haven't been losing weight really this last few weeks, month really. i haven't gained anything it's always the same when i get on the scale once a week,(just a few ounces here and there difference) but i just haven't been losing. and it's really discouraging.

i'm not gonna lie, these past 4 months have been really hard.  especially with having to be a mother and wife and helping my children and husband with all of their needs when all i really want is so be number one.  i really just want to only focus on me.  yeah only in my dreams right. hahaha. i can dream right. 

i've been doing a lot of thinking and figuring out myself a bit more and figuring out why i let myself get to where i was/am.  someone i know said to me one day.  "you are always going, and moving, why are you not a stick?" yeah, burrrrrn. but even though those words were maybe harsh, she was right. why was i not a stick? i'm always going, doing something active. it all revolved around food for me. i like to eat. who doesn't right, but there is a time to eat, and a time to not eat. i've finally noticed when i eat when i'm not supposed to. when i'm upset, frustrated or just bored (aka: mindless eating).  so clearly i was that way all time cause i was eating alot. i would say mostly mindless eating.  just the comfort of eating something, made me feel good.  well, i was happily eating my self to a terrible life.

i am no way "cured" of this mind set of eating, but i am certainly getting better. It is frustrating to eat well, exercises, do what i know i should be doing to get healthy and not see any results on the scale from this, and then i start thinking a little treat won't hurt it will make me feel better.  I start a war with myself on whether i should eat this or not.  it's a constant mind battle, and i'm getting the healthy me to win. 

i have been especially frustrated today.  so i decided to go through my old clothes and try them on.  first i was angry with myself because these clothes are HUGE, then i felt relief.  I am NOT that person any more.  It made me feel better about the progress that i've been making.  It has been so far, long & hard, but very rewarding too.  I still have tons of work left but i'm hoping by the end of the year i'll be a completly different person. A happier and healthier person.

i'm getting rid of all the old clothes that dont fit anymore, a sort of closure on that past person. :)

thanks for sticking with me and keeping me motivated! :)

have a happy thursday!


i haven't died.....yet

bbghcoincidence the day i kick soda infogcgffxg """,",,""",,""",,,," the butt and say goodbye to it i get a seriously awful head cold. really?! it's been since friday and i'm so done with it. get out of my life stupid cold!!
this was supposed to be fun, but this cold is making it simply lame.

after this comment from my bloggy friend Kateri i swore off the stuff. eeeeeeeeew!

BloggerKateri Von Steal said...

Do me a favor.
You want to kick diet soda?
Don't clean your toilet bowl for two weeks.
Let it get that gross ring around the toilet, that we only see in Walmart and Gas Station bathrooms...
Then. Take a Glass of your precious Diet Dr. Pepper.
Pour it in the toilet bowl and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Once you see how crystal clean your toilet will be...
You'll never drink another sip.


<3 you.

4/19/12 3:40 PM


starting over

I've decided today is the best day to start over.

why start Monday when you could start today. hooray!

"dieting" is hard for sure.  well, it's not really a diet, i'm going more for a lifestyle change and i'm getting it. i know more about what my body responds too.

funny story. 

this is a direct quote form my husbands facebook page.

"Just had an interesting conversation with erica. I walk in the room, and she mumbles something. I ask her what she said, and she says "yes". I said "I didn't hear what you said in the first place" and she replies "i said yes!". Confused, I asked again what she was talking about, and she said "you know what, I'm done, I am going back to sleep." I asked one more time what she was talking about and she says "i told you, yes, she has the carrots. You asked, and I said yes" she rolls over and I think she is out. Still have no idea what she was talking about, but I guess I will look for carrots in the morning."

see i AM getting it! i'm dreaming about carrots! that is awesome!

i'm going to go full on awesome mode now. ready for this, cause i know i'm ready for this. what i've been doing has been a warm up :)

1,200 calories a day.
exercises at least 5x a week.
get 8 hours of sleep.

sounds easy enough right. hahahaha. oh man.

one thing i know i need to get rid of is the one thing i'm trying to hard to hold on too.....

diet soda. i know it is so terrible and awful for you, i'm just having a hard time with it. slow and steady, i'll get off the stuff soon. i can't just go cold turkey, that's just too hard. i hate that i'm addicted to the stuff. ugh.

cheers to a new me. wish me luck. :)


let the meeting begin

okay so i've been completely brainless the last few days. why.....i wish i knew. i've sat down to write some stuff (pretty amazing stuff too) and i just sit here.

lookin all weird and whaaaaa at my computer screen.  then i start blog stalking myself again, and i laugh at the awesome stuff i wrote. what it WRONG with me!! ahhhhhh! its probably super weird/bad how much i think i'm funny, when i'm probably not even all that funny.  i have ithinkimhilariousitis. yeah, look it up. it's real....ish. i hope, well if it's not then it is now. i declare ithinkimhilariousitis to be so, because it was written, amen.

so i declare this to be the first official meeting. if you'd like to join, please feel free. this is a safe environment.

i'll start.

my name is erica and i have come today to admit that i have ithinkimhilariousitis.

my last episode was just a few minutes ago when i was reading through my earlier posts and i came across this picture...

right after i saw it i started laughing.

the sad lonely carts, flat car, the tree explosion.  is there a cure?

if there is i don't know if i'm ready for one. i'm that deep into this. i don't think i want to stop laughing at my corny jokes, weird word phrases, & silly pictures. 

this will take time and i feel much better with this coming out. thank you for coming today and listening to all my feelings.

meeting adjourned.


make a deal

so yesterday was my sister Kim AND sister-in-law Amy's Birthday!
i hope they both had a super awesome amazing birthday!!
Kim turned the flirty age of 30 and Amy turned a sassy 24!

something totally exciting happened yesterday for my sister Kim and my brother in law Max.

They went to Let's make a deal in November and their episode aired yesterday!! uhhhhh so cool on her birthday!!

oh and yeah they were picked too!

check out their awesome video!  :) it was on facebook yesterday so if you've already seen it, well just watch it again cause it's that awesome. i've watched it a lot!

if the video doesn't load here is the link. **fishing for a deal**

all i can say is bbq & margaritas at their place! wha what!! :)
and......DO IT, DO IT!

seriously, so cool! hahaha. love it.

Happy birthday to kim! Happy birthday to amy!! love ya girls!


someday i'll be....

livin in a big ol' city. anyone know that song? yes, Taylor swift! i just have it in my head cause i was just thinking about how my little nephew rig sings it pretty darn good(there is a video and i'll have to find it!) and so does my niece Hanna. who sang it for me the other day while we were driving around, she told me it was her favorite song ever, too funny.

any who, Taylor swift brings me to Ellen. you know cause they are like bff's.  i think i've mentioned a few times on here how much i just love Ellen and her show. any who, i love YouTube and i was browsing and i came across this video.
please enjoy. i hope you laugh as much as i did.

and that's why she is the bomb. bahahaha. made my day!

happy thursday!



dear children,
if you stop sitting on the edge of the couch backwards you won't fall and hit your head, every time. either learn from experience or please listen to me. I've watched you do this too many times.

dear body,
please stop wanting to eat chocolate bunnies. they are the death of me. just stop. thanks. 

dear motherly instinct/cat like reflexes,
thank you for saving your 4 year old from getting boiling water spilt on her head and in the process burning your own hand.  the pain of that was worth it.

dear husband,
thank you for bringing home diet dr.pepper after i sent you a threatening text telling you to bring me home some...or else. :)

dear readers,
you people are swell. the end.


too many eggs

We had a great easter weekend. I didn't take any pics of sunday. i forgot, but these are from saturday at my grandparents house.  it was fun and the girls had a great time, finding eggs and then riding the train.

i hope everyone had a great weekend too!


cartoon hunks

i hope i'm not alone in saying that some of those characters in cartoons are pretty dang good looking.  i've got my list of cartoon hunks....i'm sure you've thought about it, don't lie to me :). here are just a few i can think about now, i'm sure there are more and will be more in the future. :)

my list of cartoon hunks


obviously he's strong, handsome and come on a God. can't beat that...oh wait yes you can, continue

the beast:

please tell me i'm not the only one that thinks the beast is better looking than the actually man prince.



continuing with animal theme

Robin Hood:

Have you noticed how foxy he is and yes i know he's a fox.

i'm gonna through this guy in for good measure too...



moving on

Prince Eric:

yep, enough said.

Mega Mind:

maybe i just really like smart, evil blue dudes or maybe i don't judge a book by its cover...

i should probably mention that I'm not a crazy person.

okay my last one before you all run and hide and try to avoid me.


yep that one.  first cartoon crush ever right there, and just happens to be the main man of one of my most favorite movies of all time. :)

okay now that i've giving you this side of me, i sure you all knew was there from the beginning, i want to know do you have a list? do you like the ones on my list?

are you literally shaking your head at me? i'd be okay with that.

if we are going to stay friends i needed this to get out in the open.  secrets don't make friends. :)

have a great day!


how i went about being a loser

so i got a couple of questions about how i'm losing weight.
there is actually few things that i've love to share with ya.

just so everyone knows. it's taken lots of time, patience and dedication for sure.

At the end of November i started really getting motivated and i really wanted a way to track my food and just see how bad i really was. 

So i signed up with My Fitness Pal. a free calorie counter.  i did a week of just what i normally ate. I was all over the place! some days i would only consume 600-800 calories and others over 2000! i obviously was not smart about what i was eating and not knowledgeable about how much i should be eating, i was a mess.

so i started off by setting my goal to eat 1500 calories a day and drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day.

i wasn't going all crazed diet, i didn't put crazy restrictions on myself, i knew i would cave and sabotage myself. so i let things open.

and honestly after just a few weeks of doing that i was feeling great!! i lost a few pounds, and was doing good. the holiday's hit but i was still doing good. i didn't over do it because i knew I'd be logging everything in and i didn't want to disappoint myself.

i was doing really great. i knew though i need to change my calorie intake to be a little lower soon. that's when at the end of January Weight Watchers came into play.  i was just what i needed to keep me going.

i got a handy dandy phone app to keep track of my points, but by then i was so used to tracking my food i kept doing that too. so for the last 3 months I've been keeping track of points while at the same time tracking the phone in myfitnesspal too. i've added friends on myfitnesspal to keep myself honest and motivated.

it seems to be working really well for me.  i started walking, then did Billy Blanks Boot camp to get some muscle, now i'm going both walking and the boot camp intermittently to keep things going too. i feel better when i work out. i may not loose as much because of it, but i can feel the difference and my clothes feel the difference too. it has helped that i've been eating more fruits and vegetables every day, they are zero points so i try and eat as much as i can, so i stay full longer and feel more satisfied.

this has gotten kind of lengthy so i won't go into what i eat specifically, but if you'd like to know...ask. i'd be happy to share!

:)  so now you know how i became a loser.  it's pretty awesome and to think i could be 40 pounds down in another 3 months! that's so exciting to think about!


results, woot!

so i survived shopping on friday. hahaha. i think i've mentioned this before but i'm not one to go shopping for a extended period of time. hahaha. short and sweet and i'm out, but that was not the case on friday, but i didn't really mind. it was nice.

we went to a few different store at AZ mills. what did i get?

hmmm...well, i tried on lots of shirts and a few skirts/dresses.

i ended up coming home with only 3 things, BUT very proud of my three perchases for sure!

frist: floral pencil skirt at forever21+ 

yeah it's not that short on me i swear! did i mention im only 5'4 so this skirt goes just past my knees! hahaha. kinda glad to be a wee shorty for that skirt! it was a steal only $11 woot!

see!! looks so different on me! sorry picture is so blurry. i was moving i guess. :)

next after trying on a bunch of things at oldnavy, i walked out with nothing. i was debating on a few things but in the end, i decided to wait them out. i can always go back and get them later.

then we went to marshall's got a super trippy black and white shirt. soooo cool!

yeah see trippy! love it

then i got a wicked awesome shirt from H&M! i got to be honest i've only ever bought a pari of earrings from them, cause honestly that's what fit.  so excited that i got this shirt! husband thought it looked like curtains, hahahaha! thats okay i like my curtain/rug shirt it's awesome!


i'm trying to figure out what i like....what the crap is my style?! it's all over the place, but is that it? just a mesh of stuff..

i have no idea, i've never really thought about it!

oh and i do need some help i'm supposed to get a 'statement' necklace. something bright so if you've seen something around let me know where i can look. anything bright and fun would be great!!!
i hope i can find more things that i like and actually start to, i don't know, look put together more. that might be nice. 

just because i'm a mom doesn't mean i have to dress like one right?!

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