Dear weekend,
I wish you would mean more to me, but being a mom its not like its a break or anything, but thank you for happening, anyway.

Dear messy house,
I love you just the way you are.

Dear people,
If you come to my home it will be messy, you may step on a super sticky patch in the kitchen, you may thinking "dang girl" to a number of things, and that's okay.

Dear diet dp,
Thank you for being there for me when i need you the most.

Dear children,
Thank you for being super cranky most days because it helps me cherish all the amazing time we have together even more.  You keep it up, you're rock stars!

Dear Arizona,
*sigh* I wish good things didn't have to come to an end, but i can feel your amazing weather pulling away and it makes me weep a little bit.  I still love you.

Dear Husband,
I hope you have a super amazing time in Cali! You work so hard for us and you deserve this break! We all miss you already!

Dear pizza,
You will be saving me on more than one occasion this weekend. Thank you in advance.




This poor dead mouse was the victim of my old, yet playful, killing machine cat, Buddha. Poor guy went into the wrong yard and it cost him his life.

It could not have been more perfect timing though, it was the perfect day to bust out the  TEMPTATIONS SNACKY MOUSE  for Buddha to play with!

*i received the following products complimentary, for testing, from Influenster*
*all opinions of product are my own and my cats* 

This mouse is much cuter and it can't die. WIN WIN!!  And it just makes me smile!

Buddha was the first baby in our family.  He is still my fur baby and he is so unbelievably patient with the kids.  He is such a lovey cat, and he deserves treats all the time!  I wasn't sure how he was going to react to this little toy, i was so happy to see him get into it.

Evelyn helped me put some treats in and got him all excited to attack it.  This is the perfect toy for my kids to give Buddha treats in!! I know they'll have a blast watching him try and get the treats out.

For being an old man cat i could tell he really liked it and he basically swallowed the treats hole! So i'm thinking TWO PAWS up from Mr. Buddha and TWO THUMBS up from the human!!

Thank you Influenster and Temptations for our rad new cat toy!!


Birthday giveaway: WINNER!!!

All names went into a bowl and the winner has been chosen!

Evelyn picked the winner....was it YOU?!






GOES TO.........







Birthday/spring break trip

We rolled in late Thursday night from a great few days in California with the kids.  Before i go picture crazy don't forget to enter my Birthday week giveaway! Ends this Sunday!

We left Monday morning, cranky/excited kids + lots of stops made for a longer drive then we would have hoped for but that's just how traveling with children goes.  Thankfully no car sickness.

Tuesday morning the kids were up and ready to go. Chris and I on the other hand could have used way more sleep.  It was a long night of trying to get Camden to stay in bed, who ended up waking everyone at 3AM! Yikes is right! Got ready and headed across the street to Knott's Berry Farm. Chris has never been and that last night i was here was on my birthday when i think i was a teenager. I think 15 maybe.

When we told the kids we were going to Knott's for spring break they had no idea what we were talking about and thought it was a regular farm where you could pick berries. So when they realized it was not that but an amusement park they were super stoked.

It was the perfect day to go.  Hardly anyone was there and it stayed that way until we left the park around 4.  The girls had an absolute blast and got on every ride they were able to go on by themselves in Camp Snoopy.  We rode all the train rides together as a family.  We tried to get Camden to go on a few but he wasn't having it.  I did get him to go on one with me.  He hated/loved it, silly boy.

We were exhausted by the time we left and the kids slept great that night.

It was so great to spend my birthday at Knott's! I got a birthday pin and all the workers wished me a happy birthday. We had so much fun, even though i didn't go on many rides, it was all about my kids and seeing how much fun they were having. Making memories together is really why we went. It was perfect!! We love Knott's Berry Farm!

this is the ride i made Cam ride. He was crying, then saying wee then crying. 

about 5 seconds later he almost fell over because he drifted off to sleep. poor guy didn't nap so he was tired!

Chris went on the Ferris Wheel with the girls. That's me with Cam.  
Oh and Chris said that when he was getting on the ferris wheel with the girls the ride operator noticed their shirts and said how much he liked them. Chris told him that i drew them and the guy told Chris that they looked just like Schultz drawings and that they are always needing more people in the art department. Made me feel super awesome and seriously if only.

We're thinking we might buy season passes and go a few times this summer. It would be so fun for sure!!

Thanks for reading!!! Just a heads up my next post will be all about how i went to a spa and got a massage and facial for the very first time.

Have an awesome weekend folks!




Super excited to be 28 tomorrow!!!
I'm spring breaking/birthday parting at the happiest place on earth with my family
Knott's Berry Farm. 

I've been trying to think how in the world can i even top my last post. I've had some of the best convos with friends and messages sent to me about it. Its the best of times y'all! 
I thought why not do a simple giveaway
It was the obvious choice. 

These are few of my favorite places birthday giveaway.


If you'd like to follow me on instagram, facebook twitter or my blog i would LOVE that, but not a requirement to enter.   

-One name will be randomly selected on Monday, March 23rd.
-Winner will have 48 hours to respond.  If they fail to respond a new winner will be chosen.
-Winner will receive ONE $25 dollar gift card to the store they choose. 
Chose from: Amazon, QuickTrip or Target.

disclaimer: Amazon, Target and Quicktrip are not sponsoring this giveaway. 
Good Job Momma is solely running this giveaway.

There have been some issues with comments not going through!!
If your commenting from your phone it looks like its going to be an ornery toddler about it.
sorry about that. 


Don't be a crotch watcher

You may be slightly confused by the title.  It's actually something that many of us do or have seen. Trust me.

Let me explain what I'm talking about.

If you drive, and have a cell phone chances are you are in fact a crotch watcher.  Now do you understand? No? Okay.

Picture this.

You're driving along and your phone lights up, you know not to look while driving, but you just take a peek, just to see. Pray there is a red light so you can stop and check the notification on your phone, what was it?! text, facebook, instagram, did someone finally tweet me?! You are anticipating the red light, you are already ever so slightly reaching for your phone. Finally red light! You grab your phone super psyched and then look down at it and smile. Me in the car next to you all i can tell is that you are smiling at your crotchel region and pray you are actually looking at your phone and not in fact smiling at your crotch. My favorite it as at night when they have a glowing crotch. hahahaha!!

I think we all know this.  I did a little experiment the last couple of days and i have to admit it was tough.

I put my phone on silent/vibrate shoved it in the bottom of my purse and tried desperately to forget about it.  The urge to grab my phone was intense y'all! INTENSE!  I found myself at a red light staring at my purse thinking, i wonder if i got a message, maybe someone needs me right this second!  I was fighting the urge to not look at my phone, and it won a couple of times (when i was driving alone), but i made it! For the most part, i was not a crotch watcher, and let me tell you, it feels phenomenal.

Next time you're driving and stopped at a light instead of grabbing your phone. Just take a quick look around you and see who is a crotch watcher.  Its crazy, the number of people out there.

I feel like the no text and driving movement should also include

"Don't watch your crotch, watch the road!"

It was nice not thinking about my phone while driving.  Yes, i missed a few calls, texts and such but i didn't worry about it.  I actually wrote this whole post out in my head while driving because i could! I was more aware of things around me and more focused on keeping my kiddos safe.  I was ready for anything that might be coming at me.

If you want to continue being a crotch watcher, don't be one while driving. Please for every life out there please do not look at your phone while driving.

I will continue with my NO CROTCH WATCH life and hopefully you'll join me too.

Happy safe driving everyone.

This concludes my PSA on safe driving practices.


My week{phone edition}

If you follow me on instagram then you get to see inside my life pretty much daily. if not then you should be. I keep going back and forth should i keep it private or open it up.  I mean my life is already out there with this blog.  Its a toss up. Anyway, here are a few pics that i may or may not have already posted on instagram.

1. Camden is the sweetest/turdest little boy right now. 
he'll bring me all sorts of things while i'm trying to work and then he'll want something run over point then throw a huge tantrum.  Its an emotional time for this little guy as he tries to figure it all out. 

2.  Picking up Evelyn from school is one of Cams least favorite things to do. 
The center console of my van busted so no music in my van.  I'm going slightly insane, and Cam is not happy he doesn't have any tunes to rock out to anymore during pick up.

3.  I was at my favorite thrift store and i found a crimper!  I was just talking about it with some peeps and i just happen to find one the next week it is awesome. I stopped after about 30 minutes of doing my hair, cause my arms were so dead.  It is quite the work out! I got the top done though. I had forgotten how incredibly cool crimped hair was. :) I crimped the girls hair and they are fans! I'm bringing it back baby! 

4.  My blog business cards came in!! I designed them myself.  I wanted something simple, fun, and eye catching.  I decided to get some cause at the events i've been to, people are all swapping cards, and i'm like DOY! network girl! So im going to.  I think i'm going to leave my cards with special treat around town in the next week, or maybe on my birthday. I'll update ya and let you know what i decided, but how fun would that be! 

5.  I'm one that normally wears a lot of non colored clothing. Things i like just seem to come in black or darker colors.  Anyway, East Valley Moms had our contributor picture meeting a couple days ago, and they said to coordinate with the color theme of the blog, mint green & coral.  I was like, uhhhh, so i'm just gonna go and buy some stuff then. I'm trying my best to try just a smidgen more, but you know me, I'm a stretchy pants & stained t-shirts for life kinda girl. 
I'm super excited to see how everyone's pictures turned out! YAY! 



Talking on a video.

"There's no one else i'd rather be, than me."
I've been trying to get computer stuff working.

Here's a little vid of me, just being me. :)

mic is not working 100% so this could be really quiet for you. 


Second birthday

My mothering heart is in denial that my sweet little baby is now 2.

If you'd like to reminisce on this day with me you can read about his birth story HERE

How do they grow so fast!? It's just crazy! I blinked too many times and the time just flew by! 

Oh my Camden man.
He is super sweet & helpful, loves to cuddle, and loves his sisters so much.  
He's loves to jump off things, climb everything, throw sticks, make messes, get dirty. 
He doesn't like being naked, so thankful for this, BUT hates getting his clothes changed.  Once he's wearing a shirt he wants to wear it all day everyday. Silly, stinky boy.  
He plays pretend, plays videos games with dad.  His personality is just so funny. He's a natural comedian and he barley talks. That's talent. 

We love our Camden Lyle. 

Happy Birthday buddy
We are so lucky to have you in our family.  

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