the other mothers

if you are a mother please read it. if you aren't a mother read it anyway. :)
(its a little lengthy but worth it)
i am so guilty of comparing myself to other mothers.
i should be taking them more places. i should sign them up for special activities. i should dress them up more. i should have their hair perfect every time we go anywhere. i should dress like a real mom. i should be back to my pre baby weight already. i wish i could look like "so and so".  why can't i live like them?  i'm never going to be good at that. i wish i could be crafty, good moms are crafty. why can't i teach my kids to do what that kid does? why can't they act like their kids?
Marvin J. Ashton said, “There is a natural, probably a mortal tendency to compare ourselves with others. Unfortunately, when we make these comparisons, we tend to compare our weakest attributes with someone else’s strongest. Obviously these kinds of comparisons are destructive and only reinforce the fear that somehow we don’t measure up.”
so unbelievably true. i guess what i'm trying to say is. i'm not a perfect mom, but i'm a good one for my kids.
i'm hoping that i can remember this and stop try to be something that i'm not. which is okay.
which reminds me....
"I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me." the lessons you can learn from Disney movies is amazing. thank you wreck it ralph for teaching me that. :)
i hope that as mothers we can be whatever mother we want to be with out feeling inadequate or pressure to be something we aren't. we are the best mother for our children.


How to get back to my normal.

i will not feel like myself for a while longer. its going to take hard work and dedication to get my body back to the way it was before.

never have i understood the line "sweatpants are all that fit me right now." more than right now in my life, and i'm okay with that. i just had a baby, almost 6 weeks ago. so until i can fit back into my favorite jeans i got myself a few things to help me feel a little better about the whole situation.

my list of
How to get back to my normal.
(even just a little bit)

i have no time for something complicated.
this is perfect and simple.
i've lost that "glow"
 so this helps bring some life back into my face.
nobody needs to see momma zombie face.

seriously i feel like if my teeth are sparkling white and pretty
the rest of me can be in shambles.
i have a thing for my teeth.
the feeling is mutual

oh and my normal is these in the fridge and i sneak one or two,
 okay 10
while my children are unaware playing in the next room.
okay so that is my short list of my how to get back to my normal.
i have a few other "HOW TO" lists up my sleeve. when you spend most of your day sitting and snuggling a baby your mind goes in full on crazy mode, which is when i come up with my best stuff. :)


bread cat

Sometimes with children you need to find something hilarious to get you through the day.
i have found it.

we will most definitely try this with our cat! yes.
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