month of may

this month ended up with quite a bit happening.
this is a long one.
but with plenty of pics. :)

Mothers day 
is was a great day. 
breakfast for lunch
a few gifts
visiting moms
spending the day with my kids

1. evelyn made paper flowers. the cutest!!
2. pretty flowers & new dance game. ( it is hard! but i will win it all!)
3. i've always wanted a FHE board.
4. and more candy than i should have eaten from my parents but i did.

2 days after mothers day i got another gift!
the gift of
cyst removal

1. right before the doc cut my face open.
2. right after getting home. my face hurt a bit from him pushing so much on my cheek.
3. a couple of days later. i was slightly bruised but not as bad and i was expecting.
4. taken 2 weeks after.

i'll have a tiny scar but meh. i'm totally okay with that!
i'm glad to have my old cheek back. its been 9 years!!

cool fact: my husband has not known me with out it. 
it appeared right before i met him. 

on the 16th Evelyn graduated from preschool
i was very excited for her because she was excited
but really, does there need to be a big hoopla celebration for everything now?
we are happy she will be in kindergarten next year and so is our bank account.

evelyn with her school friend brynnlee

okay and finally last weekend we were able to go on a little trip to Las Vegas.
it was the first trip with 3 kids and it was excellent.
i was worried that Camden would have a hard time with the car ride, but he was perfect.
he slept pretty much the whole time.
we've come to realize that Amelia in fact DOES get car sick.
and Evelyn DOES NOT like peeing on the side of the highway.
it was an eventful trip and tons of fun.
it was the perfect way to end 12 weeks of having Chris home with us.
he is back to work now.

the end. 

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