so this past monday, the 17th. St. Patrick day. you know the holiday

i hope you all wore green so you didn't get pinched and i hope you ate something green that day

i made green eggs and green pancakes, and green jello. Ev of course turned her nose up to them, and almost threw up from gagging because they looked weird. 
this girl folks. 

Mia of course ate a little bit of everything. one point though she said "mom, cheese on jello is gross" well duh.
this girl folks.

the kids were still a bit sick from the weekend. so any adventures that day were to be short & sweet or non existent. a little of both happened that day

 i had a babysitter lined up, but, they didn't end up coming. so we cancelled our lunch plans and did some stuff with the kids. 

we went and got some froyo! i LUV froyo. and when i say L-U-V its pronounced like LOUve, its a extra special type of love. then after that we went to Target, got a few things then i skipped over to Joann's to get Gold vinyl stickers for my kitchen. yeah it RULES!

anywho, came home and just sat around the rest of the day.

i was able to go and get one free thing that day!
more than last year, so, YAY! 

i had never had firehouse so i wanted to try them and they are just right down the street. score. 
it was so delicious. yum yum! i found a new fav sub place! 

nothing amazing happened, but it was a good day. 

oh right, my bad, it was my birthday.

27 years of amazingness

 27 looks pretty good on me. 


dude, i got this

 just cause i know you all want to know,

i taught RS on the 9th

and i just gotta add to this just a bit...
one thing that i love about living where we are and meeting the people that i have met 
is that there are a whole bunch of crazies.

i have seriously LOVED every second of it.

something that i need is people.
im a people hog.
 i need them to laugh with, and at me. 
people that can joke around and be fun.

and these humans are pretty swell.


one year

its crazy to think that i no longer have a baby anymore and that he's a full blown toddler now. 

Camden turned ONE on the 1st. 
I still feel like it was just yesterday that i had him. 
i remember it so clearly.
maybe because i wasn't doped up?
or maybe because i never wanted to forget that moment and i thought about it all the time after 
and i still do. 

if you're new around here im talking about this post. :)

just a tiny little brother that grew so big, so quickly. 

he is a mommas boy through and through. 
nothing is fun unless momma is near by.
sweet but annoying, but i love him for it. 

he is so smiley 
he knows how to work his lips. whether he is pouting or smiling. 
he loves airplanes, and cars and to climb.
he's been walking since 10 months and is trying to run now. 
he loves figuring out how things work and will spend quite a bit of time doing that

its been a week in his one year old life, and he has already changed so much. 
its so fun to watch him learn, and discover.

we love our little cam cam
we are so blessed to have him in our little family. 



i finally decided to give you a house tour!


but im gonna do this a little different. i hope you enjoy.

may i present: 

my house as a teenager instagram. :) 

chillin by the stairs. **mwah** #stairs #dontfalldown #selfie

#chillin in the family room. #lazy #cute #word #familyroom #selfie

making a snack in the #kitchen. #yumyum #nomnomnomnom #selfie

decided to hang out in the back yard.
 #perfectweather #dirt #mud #imlame #imawesome #selfie

#loft time. #hangingout #chillin #awesome #LOLZ #selfie

 room/ bathroom #selfie #stopcheckingmeout #thatsmybutt #hashtag #selfie

camcams room. #baby #cutie #letters #name #selfie

ev/mia room #pink #flowers #cute #princess #adorable #fun #selfie

man cave #mancave #movies #obsessed #starwars #cars #tv #selfie

#bathroom #selfie #serious #glasses #soup #sink #qtips 

i hope you enjoyed the tour. #icouldnthelpmyselfidieeverytimeilookatateensinstagrampage 


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