well well well.

whats new with you?

yeah you guessed it, i had my baby!

only a day late of my expected due date, but really i consider this little guy of mine ON TIME!!!


So lets get into what when down, before i forget too much.  if you get weirded out of birth then you might not like this story. i'm not going to get into details because honestly i think birth is gross, so yeah. hahaha. i'll spare you.

lets it begin. this is a long one.

friday morning i was at the end of my rope, i just could not be pregnant for one more day, my body had enough. but i knew i could have very well have weeks to go. so i told myself i am not going to bed with out my baby in my arms tonight. then i tried to figure out how that was going to happen. evelyn had a field trip that morning, when her and chris got home around 11am i decided you know what i'm just going to go for it. so yes, i did. i drank some sick nasty stuff, clearly i was desperate. castor oil. i attempted 4 tablespoons, which i heard is the "magic" number. i couldn't choke it down, i had mixed it with OJ too. i probably only got down maybe 2 tablespoons but i figured if i was ready it would work. 

I'm just really going with positive thinking at this point. so fast forward to 3pm.  i had one contraction. AWESOME!! i'm so flippin excited. 4 minutes later another! SCORE!  2 minutes another, again 2 mintues.  after timing them for an hour they were consistently 2 minutes apart and 1 minute in length. my mind i'm thinking, uhhhh isn't this when people are told to go to the hospital?

i called my mom, warned her we were going. we were going to drop the girls off at their house, plans changed mid drive. i was nervous cause i know i could go quickly and i'm not about to have things go down in a van down by the river.

we get to hospital. wait for my mom. we get checked in. as we are getting checked in the triage nurse comes in and looks at me, see's that i'm smiling, cracking jokes and says "oh you are going to fine." as in this girl is probably not that far. so we are walking in the triage room, right outside the door, my water breaks! what!? uhhhh AWESOME!!!
baby had done his business though, so it was pretty gross. eeewwwww. so thankfully they had one labor and delivery room available. yay. so wheeled away we went. get in, changed, cleaned up, and was checked. this was about 7pm. i was at 6cm almost a 7. yay!! they do their routine questions yadda, yadda, my nurse started talking about an epidural and i stopped her and told her to never mention it again. in a nice way of course, and that was that. :)

i have to say that the contractions weren't really all that bad. i could get through them. breathing, focusing on things, and just staying positive and laughing. after about almost 2 hours of being around 7.5cm things started to get interesting. things got more intense, not unmanageable, just stronger. the hardest part was of course transition. it wasn't a very long space of time, it was just the whole, yeah i feel like a need to poop out a baby and i can't yet feeling, which was hard to resist and just breath through. good grief. i guess at one point i swore under my breath. i don't remember that but really i can't be blamed for anything coming out of my mouth that that point. i tried my best to stay focused and calm. i thought i did a pretty good job, but when i had to get him out i knew and i had to wait for the doc to get there. LONGEST like 5 minutes of my life. hahaha.

pushing the baby out was i'd say the BEST part ever. such a relief and it didn't hurt.  i pushed a few times and my little man was born! yay!! i asked the doctor if it was still a boy, yep he's all boy, then they layed him on me and the first thing i said was on my goodness he is heavy!! they weighed him and he was 8lbs 10oz. he could have very well been a tiny bit more cause he kept pooping while the nurses were trying to clean him up. haha. 20.5inches long. born at 10:23pm. i was so hyped up on baby love i had the hardest time falling asleep that night, i just had so much energy it was amazing!!

my nurse mentioned how great i did. i think she was just happy i wasn't a psycho while in labor and didn't want to kill her. she was super amazing, i feel like i was really lucky getting her as my nurse.

so here we are 6 days later, feeling great, just trying to get a schedule down and figure our new lives out. i must say that my husband is the bomb! he's been my rock through it all and has been doing so much to make things easier on me.

so now picture time!!!



 camden with his cousin henry.
henry is 7weeks old
camden is 2 days old
cam is bigger.
that's my boy!



  1. He is PERFECT! Perfect name.Perfect everything! I love that he already has a mohawk too! So happy for you guys :)

  2. hahaha I had to laugh at the bit about Camden doing his business... I never got to see my water because I had it broken for me.
    and seriously, momma, way to go! You are amazing! I can't believe you were a 6 (or 7) and they "weren't that painful" I thought I was going to die at 4!

    Oh, and I have been loving your instagrams of the little man.. and I LOVE the name!


    And this story was awesome.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    His big sisters look so PROUD and HAPPY!

    Love it!


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