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Hello people,  By now you know i blog, but gosh darn do i stink at it!


Its no secret that my family, including myself, love the spotlight.  We are big fans of going to TV shows, or being on game shows.

I complied pictures & videos from all the times we've done just that.  I seriously can not believe the cool stuff we've been able to do! Its insane!

Just so I'm clear, this is in no way bragging or saying I'm better or whatever, IM NOT!  We are regular people who just like to try and do stuff.  It is so mind boggling thinking of what we have been able to experience!!

I have no idea what will come next for us, but let me tell you, once you get the rush of doing something fun and exciting, you want to keep that feeling and go after it, again, and again! But if we hit our limit of things, i'd be totally okay with that!! I love every experience and all the fun we've had together as a family!!

Sept 2011

Sept 2011

aired April 2012

Sept 2012

taped Sept 2012  aired Dec 2012

Oct 2013

Oct 2013

Oct 2013

Oct 2014

May 2015

Now my most favorite of ALL time!!!!!!
May 2015

I seriously die laughing every.single.time! Oh it is so good! 

I have to say the moral of this post would have to be,  never give up and keep going!!  Sometimes as my sister Mallory showed us was that even though you think you're doing a horrible job at something you might just be rewarded in the end with something pretty fabulous. 

I seriously could not be more excited for my sister she deserves every bit of awesome that she experienced!!! I'm so glad Ellen saw what we see in her every day!!! 

I was there in spirit with Mallory! LOL!!!!! 

Obviously i was not there and i totally poorly photos hopped myself in! LOL!


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  2. I love this! When your sister got the car I got tears! How wonderful that your family gets to have to many memorable and amazing experiences!

  3. How am i JUST seeing this post!! haha!! this is awesome!!


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