life is busy...still

Can I just title all my posts 'life is busy' cause its literally the only thing I can come up with now a days.  

Having 3 kids and being hugely pregnant just makes every day a busy day.  

I've been trying to will myself into early nesting. I'm a work in progress, but its going, alright. 

I will say it does make washing dishes a little more fun when you have a brand new sink and faucet! 
YES! We've had the sink for almost a year and my husband, for our anniversary, put it in last week. 

You guys, oh you guys. YOU GUYS!! 

I love the new sink so much and it fits way more dirty dishes.  Before you'd put in a couple plates and one pot and the sink would be full. Now put that same amount in and then triple that and there is still room.  Its really a beautiful site and it makes my adult, growing older heart very happy. 

I'm excited because it will fit baby boy for a quick bath time.  I haven't had a sink this big before and it is glorious!!! Oh and best part, i finally have a disposal!! When we moved in almost 2 years ago the disposal wasn't working, i waited almost 2 years for one and its a beast and i love it so much. 

I'm a simple gal and I don't really ask for much, and this was one of the greatest things I could have ever gotten from my husband. 

I love sink. 

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