How are you adjusting?

A question I get asked frequently is "how am i adjusting?" or "How is it with 4 kids?"

I answer the same each time, short, sweet & to the point: Everything is good.

I'm not one to start a long conversation in passing talking about the adjustment of adding a 4th child to our family. Even if I was struggling, I wouldn't say I was.  Especially to another mother. I've got to save face, right?

There is such a stigma about looking like we have it all together.  Especially with putting our lives out there so much especially on social media. I don't know what is real anymore. I know my "real" posts on Instagram aren't as real as they could be.  Filters galore, taking 10 "real" photos to make sure i have just the right light or angle to make sure it looks the part (black and white filter is my BFF!).  I'm not saying we all do this, but i know i have once or twice or 20 times, but I try not to cause my life revolves around telling it like it is.

So back to my question: how is it with 4 kids now?


We're good but its still hard. I am luckier than most, because Chris gets 3 months off from work to be with us.  I've had him around for each kid we've brought home and I am so thankful for that.

So far these past 7 weeks most days have been great, but different & work! We have to juggle our schedules for school drop off/pick up, feeding schedules, fewer hours of sleep, but we're truly adjusting better than I hoped. And that is the honest no filter, straight on photo of our life right now.

Its a happy, unscheduled, messy, life with 4 kids.  I get tired, grumpy, hangry, & yelly, but who doesn't when they are running on fewer Z's.

I love my new life, and still can't grasp that I have 4 children.  A friend asked the other day "how do you have 4 kids?!" I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.  I am just truly blessed, that how i guess.


  1. I struggle with the filters too. But once in a while when someone's coming over and I want to hide my dirty dishes in the oven, I think "What would Erica do?" And I leave them in the sink. :)

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