Capture Motherhood

I was recently tagged in a photo on Instagram by a company that I follow Regalo Baby about capturing motherhood

I love the words they posted "I didn't lose myself when I became a mom I found myself."

Its something that I've been thinking a lot about lately so it was fitting and exciting when they tagged me to share how I capture motherhood.

My younger self never had a definitive plan as to what the future held.  All I knew was that some day I would be a mom.  It was a natural transition for me, but I did have to give up a lot to be able to be a mother.  Social mental, financial. Being a mother takes, and takes, and takes.  Sometimes it takes so much that you feel like you never get anything back.  In just the past couple years I was forced to stop and look at things much differently in all areas of my life.  Things that seemed to be one way, ended up being another.  I had to build myself up more than I've ever had to in order to be the mother and the person I wanted and needed to be.  My perspective on motherhood has changed so much since then and I am glad I've had to change.

For me capturing motherhood is about the spontaneous fun, the mundane and the down right boring moments.  Moments of chaos, and moments of calm.

Its the little mom fails. Getting ready to feed your baby a bottle then dropping it right on his face.  He doesn't want to be near you any more, so you make it work.

Losing a battle with a 3 year old about wearing a winter coat when its 90 degrees outside and he's sweating, but it makes him happy.

Having a continuously messy home even though you swear to your husband that you spent at least an hour cleaning it, oh well.

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Seeing your kids have a love for the same thing (technology) and play nicely together.

Being a mother is my job.  Just like if I had a job outside the home, and I bust my butt everyday.  Its hard, its lonely, its worth it.

Thank you Regalo Baby for inspiring this post today.  If you want to join in capturing motherhood use the hashtag #capturemotherhood and tag @regalobaby  on Instagram

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