Traditioooooooooon, tradition!

Oh Christmas traditions.

We don't really have set traditions. Maybe someday we will have something more concrete. We mostly just have things we would like to do, but not a big deal if you don't get to it.

  • Put up tree before Thanksgiving and decorate after 
  • Visit Santa
  • Decorate gingerbread houses
  • Visit Mesa Temple lights
  • Decorate cookies

  • deliver treats to neighbors
  • fires in the backyard 
  • drinking hot chocolate
The kids and I have enjoyed thinking about and doing simple services with the  Light the World campaign for the LDS Church this year.

I have been over booked and over stressed out the last couple months.  So, I've been trying to keep things fun for my kids but also keep their expectations super low.  I hate to disappoint them with big promises and small deliveries.  We've skipped many parties and activities to just spend time and enjoy each others company.  I know Christmas time is a time for families gatherings, but this year I'm more focused on little family, at home. 

Do you enjoy traditions or do you like to keep it low key?  I'm not a planner in general so the lowest key possible for me, please. 

I'm liking this post up today with Mommy Style Monday ladies. 

Check out what traditions are happening in their homes. 

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FYI: I also recently wrote a blog post about a winter bucket list for EVMB if you're interested in that. :)


  1. I like that you're so low key! It's easier to have fun this season if you aren't constantly worried about getting to the next thing to do.

  2. We love making gingerbread houses!


  3. Quality, not quantity!!! Haven't gotten around to decorating gingerbread houses quite yet, but it's definitely a fun holiday activity!!

  4. Aw, love this. And I love your MASSIVE tree!!

  5. Bahahahaha the Fiddler gif. Dying.


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