Create or Not Create, that is the quesiton

I was feeling particularly crafty the other day and I got out some canvases, paint and brushes. Printed off some shapes, cut those out then started painting.

I don't have water color paints, I'm actually not 100% sure whats the difference but I just took regular acrylic paint that I had and watered it down. Worked perfectly to me, but i'm not an expert.

I ended up with a water color state of Arizona, orange like the sunset(if you know the reference then you get 10 virtual high fives), and free handed a little cacti.

Scanned them into the computer, cleaned them up, and I'm happy with how they turned out.

I never know what to do with the things I create. Its obviously fear based because someone, somewhere is better at everything I do, so whats the point in sharing the things I do. I'm trying to get over it, so I though I'd share with you today.

What do you think? Want one?

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