Are you a better mother for my children?

I was helping a friend at church with one of her boys, I just happened to be right there at the moment, he is the cutest spitfire with a big fun personality, and my friend jokingly said, "I swear he was supposed to be your child, Erica" I laughed and then went about my Sunday.

It got me thinking.

How often do we feel like someone else would be a better mother for our children?

I love my kids, but yes, they can be the worst. But, why do we feel like because our children are not listening, throwing a tantrum, or whatever thing they are doing that drives us nuts, someone else would be a better fit to mother them?

I'm just thinking about loud here, but maybe, its because I get get so burnt out with my kids that the idea of someone else taking care of them is a glorious thing.  Maybe, its that in general kids tend to listen better when someone else is giving them instruction (maybe that's just mine), or helping them do things. Maybe, its that I tend to have a little more patience with other peoples kids than my own.

Do I really want someone else to mother my children? no. Do I believe that there are people placed in my life at certain times to help in my mothering journey and visa versa? yes.

I am glad I have other women around me that I know would be good mothers for my children. I'm glad to have that piece of mind to know that if I need them, I can count on them to mother my children, to protect and love them.


One of the many reasons why I love being a member of my church is that I have that built in tribe everyone seems to be seeking. Any connection whether through church, a facebook group, instagram friends, twitter etc. are great places to find women with like minded goals, and values. So many amazing women in the world to connect with!

I hope that in whatever stage in life you are in right now, that you can find those women that help your life be brighter, and happier. It literally can take a village to raise children, a helpful hand, or a listening ear. There is NO better mom for your children then yourself, but there are plenty of helpers

Have you thought someone could be a better mother for your children?? 

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  1. I'm so thankful for all the amazing women who support me and my children!


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