he's back!

This last Friday my younger brother Taylor came home from his 2 year LDS mission in Uruguay. 

It's so great to have him home.

Evelyn and Amelia were so excited to see him.  This would be the first time Amelia would meet her uncle Taylor! It was so fun!

right before we left to the airport.

we parked in the wrong terminal(my fault) so we had a bus schedule(we rode the bus from 4 to terminal3) so we made an quick awesome sign out of it.  Evelyn was so excited to hold it up!

Yay! here he comes with two other missionaries! I didn't actually see this part i was too short. I'm glad chris is tall enough to get the good shots.

evelyn giving uncle taylor a big welcome home hug.
she was seriously so excited!

Amelia hugging taylor for the first time.  She was watching everyone else hug him and just had to get in on the action.

They love their uncle taylor.
He met 3 new ones.
Rigden on the far left in the hat.
Rylee the little cute nugget he is holding.
and of course Amelia.

After all the airport fun we headed over to Tia Rosa's for a delicious lunch. I haven't been there in forever and it was so delicious. YUM.

Now let all the parties begin.

So glad to have him back! It went by so incredibly fast!


  1. aww i love when missionaries come home!! just found your blog and you guys are adorable :) following now!


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