who? what? where?

where oh where has my little dog gone?

wait uhhh, yeah sorry, i don't even have a dog, and if my cat went missing ..... uhhhh never mind.

but really, i've been off in another world it seems.

yeah no big deal, i'm just jumpin into the unknown, unexplained, and plain weird. it's cool, i pretty much belong there anyway.

now that you are all officially weirded out i give you this.....

you can oooo and awwww now its okay. hahaha.

this is where i have been,
-just chillin with my ladies. 
-babysitting for family
-planning my ATTACK for black friday.
-watching way too many episodes of awesomeness on Netflix (aka. desperate housewives(which i finished) 30 Rock, toddlers and tiaras, and the list goes on.)
-trying to keep the house clean, which has been pretty easy, but i just jinx myself.
-trying to make sick kids be well again.

and saving the best for last.....

-trying to keep up with my little attitude pants Amelia. Yeah she is two(deceber 3rd) and is full of sass and serious RAGE. i thought miss Evelyn was bad, but i'm in for an all new challenge with this little munchkin. Yes she is adorable, but she has looks that could kill, that is no joke, but it is still hilarious. :)

i wish you all a merry week, i'll see y'all just around the river bend.


  1. hahaha love the first picture! and yes the 2 year old thing is going to be so fun-cheers!

  2. The first picture is how i feel when I'm at work....

  3. THanks for sharing my holiday button on your links page! Be sure to enter the giveaways all week! Good luck!


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