23 days

well its that time of year again.

when we start celebrating September and the amazing things that happen in this month.

if you remember last year my mom, sisters and i for my mothers birthday week went to the Ellen show. woot!

if you don't believe me check out[this amazing video] i made right after i got back. :) woot

well folks we've done it again!

thats right my momma's birthday week Ellen Show California extravaganza is happening again. oooooo yeah!! we are all so FREAKIN EXCITED!!!

this is happening in 23 days people. 23 DAYS!!

so many other fun things happening while we are in California i can't wait!


  1. hahaha! So so excited too! AHHH!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! i just re watched your video!! hilarious!! i cant imagine our second time on ellen being as fun as that BUT WE WILL SURE TRY!! :)

  3. K you are seriously hilarious!! I cant wait to see that video! By the way we are due around the same time..as of now im due march 12th!!


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