ellen show awesome

so  i know that i have a serious glare on my glasses but whatev.

so i thought it would be fun to recap my ellen experience with a video, so you sweet awesome readers can see that i am really totally a nut case and i that i laugh all the time. :)

enjoy! i may look like a fool, but remember 60% of the time i look like this every time! :)

this picture was right before the show.  i look all crazy eyed. hahah i was just so excited! 50!!!!


  1. best video ever! ha ha! btw the show called me today and she was bummed that i was back home. :( so was i:( double sad- but i told her to call me any time and i will come back!!

  2. Ok you are so funny!!! I am so jealous!!! So lukcy!!! I bet you guys had a ton of fun! I hope i can find the video of todays episode on youtube I can only imagine how crazy you guys were!! haha

  3. So jealous!

    I absolutely love Ellen!


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