bring it around town

so we've been actually normalizing around these parts.
it feels normal. haha.
camden is growing like crazy!
love this little brother.
little brother 1 day old
 little brother 3 weeks old
his little belly has grown and he is out of most of the NB clothes.
my little cutie.
the girls have been having a good time being big sisters, playing in the back yard and going to grandma and papas house.

amelia's mugshot. with pudding mustache
this past tuesday the 19th my brother and sister in law welcomed their little boy!!!
Rhett Nathan!
he is the cutest guy and a little chunk.
i love him already!
i got to go see him on wednesday, he is so sweet!

 i mean seriously look at this guy.
he was 8lb 14oz!
bigger than Camden!
go baby RHETT!
after i went to see him i went and got the kids and we went to my parents to keep rhetts brother and sister company.
my girls love their cousins.

i was swinging these two in the back yard and they both feel asleep.
my cutie pie niece rylee and little camden.
little people are so much fun.
even when they are pains in the rear end. :)
hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Ahh cute post :) I can't believe Cam is 3 weeks already! He is so cute!

  2. Love how your nephew and your son will be going through the same milestones at practically the same time! That will be AMAZING!!!!

    Love your girls... They are quite adorable.

    I am glad everything is normalizing for you.

    Love you tons.

    My far away sister.

  3. Super cute photos - my little one has grown out of all of his newborn clothes! He grew 3.5cms in the first two weeks - and he was already long to begin with!


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