year break is over

so when i found out i was pregnant with Camden in the summer of 2012 i was super excited, but also a little pissed.

let me explain.

i had just lost 40+ pounds. apparently, i was extremely desirable, so i got knocked up. it happens. i knew those pounds i lost were gonna come right back on. ugh. it all turned out well because i ended up gaining more than that in the pregnancy. could you imagine if i hadn't lost all that weight. phew. i blame all the pizza. oops. didn't expect that. oh well, its life.

so when i got pregnant i told myself after i have this baby, i'm gonna take a "break" so to speak. i said i'd give myself 1 year to let my body just rest and have my insides get back to normal. which is good cause my hips finally went back to where they were before at around 7 months after. it was painful.

so in march i started just observing what i was eating. not changing much. that's how i start. i need to see what im eating first then go from there. i stopped drinking soda again, and slowing started restricting. heck i still eat whatever i want but i don't go all Augustus on it. even though i want to.

so anywho. i really started working hard in April. it started with a #1800minutechallenge. All through april and may work out 180 0minutes. which is about 20 minutes a day. on May 31 i had 2730minutes. i did it.

in the middle of all this my husbands work started a Challenge. You have to complete a certain about of minutes of exercise and steps per week. 10,000 steps a day and 20 minutes a day of exercise for 4 weeks in a row to get a reward.  It started April 14th and ended June 8th.  i got my reward on week 4. i got a mini fitbit. i ended up with almost 600,000 steps for the 8 weeks it was going on. We were on a team and i crushed everyone. i didn't need to but i have an extremely competitive side. 

those two things helped me want to go and work out. i started going to a boot camp that a super awesome woman in my ward does. She is so bad A! love ya Jennifer you sexy momma! Shes kicking my trash and i am super happy about it.  i started going to another boot camp with my super smokin hot bff Brooke and when she teaches i want to strangle her only because i love her so much. her workouts are killer.

anyway, i've been trying to work my bootay off. its a work in progress. i haven't been weighing myself this time around and it feels good not getting all obsessive over a number. all i care about is that im back in my pre pregnancy jeans, they're a little snug, but they'll be loose in a couple months, after hard freakin work. something im looking forward to.

and to my super amazing sexy lover husband. i know i'll be smoking hot again, so lets keep it that way. no knocking me up this time around. love you babe!!!!

a little progress for ya.

end of march to beginning of june.


  1. So awesome!! you'll have to teach me some of your work out routines!

  2. Oh yeah baby. You know it. Insert every inappropriate innuendo you can think of here. I love you. K thanks for all the good times, see you in like 2 minutes. You know where.


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