Unto others

I am supposed to be writing a talk right now, but i have way to many thoughts jumping around that i need to get out of my brain. So i'm starting here.

Where do i even begin. I have so many things going on right now that take up my time that i feel like i have nothing to do all at. Its weird, i know and doesn't make any sense whatsoever but that's how my brain is functioning at the moment. absolute zero. i get distracted easily and its hard to get back to what i need to be doing.

The main thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is how people treat each other. There have been many things that I've seen and heard that just make me want to slap people with a delicious sea bass. Knock some common sense in to them.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Its simple, spelled out very clearly, and easy to follow. How you treat others is a reflection of how you'd like to be treated. You can't expect someone to be kind to you when you don't give them the same courtesy and respect.

I'm an honest person, and honestly, i don't like everyone i meet right away. there i said it, its out there, i can't take it back and that's okay. I'm human, i have attitude just like everyone else, but something I've learned that has made my life drama free is how i react to those people. We may not be become best friends forever, besties or whatever (not everyone needs to be) but, I give everyone i meet a chance, i try.

I feel like people aren't given a chance so show others what they got.  I don't usually make a great first impression. I can sometimes (depending on the circumstances of meeting) come off as abrasive and harsh, i'm an extremely sarcastic person so i may seem rude, or mean, or a just a complete nut case, and i am so unbelievably grateful that people have given me more chances to show them what i got.   

What if i was the last straw to this persons already difficult life because i didn't have time to chat for a couple minutes?  What if this person just needed a friendly smile as an answer to a prayer? What if i could have changed someones life by just being there when they needed someone to listen? What if?! 

Its a terrible way to live, if you're constantly thinking 'what if'? 

I am no way a perfect person, not even a smidgen of me is perfect and that's okay, because i have friends and family that let me know that its okay, that they accept me for who i am and they can look past all my flaws and weirdness.  I want to be respected, i want people to like me, i want friends and family to laugh with and have fun with.  I know that the only way that i am going to get what i want, is to give, what i want, to someone else. 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

I am no writer and I have trouble getting my thoughts to be coherent, it's not a gift i posses. This post is sloppy and spastic but its what i feel. I just want to see more love for others and i pray everyday that somehow i can help someone feel love, respect, and self worth.  The world can be harsh and sucky, and we shouldn't be adding to that. i feel like a hippie spreading the love, but i totally believe in it. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts. I feel much better now that they are written and out there.

Spread the love, man.

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