people of earth

its me.

i can't even count how many times i've had to reintroduce myself, to myself. sometimes when you go away for a while you have a hard time coming back. i'm gonna write all the things in my brain right now so i can sleep.

-i learned all about paypal today.

-i finished watching Friends on Netflix. its pretty exciting to finished a goal 2 days early.

-there is one spot on my back that itches constantly and i can never reach.

-we used amazon pantry and got a bunch of little 12oz plastic bottle sodas and they are just so adorable and i feel like a giant when i'm holding them

-i haven't folded any laundry in weeks, and i don't really care

-i am so happy i have Chris. he is literally my favorite person ever. he just gets me and i love him hardcore

-no your not hardcore, unless you live hardcore, and the legend of the rent was way hardcore.

-i watched all the marvel movies.

-i watched captain america for the first time, and i got way more from avengers, i was like wahhhh!! i get that now! amazing! and then winter soldier, excuse me?! so cool.

-camden is almost 2 and its super exciting. he's the funnest

-i am so excited for the girls to play soccer this season and i can't wait for cam to start playing next year.

-i love where i am at in life. amazing husband, beautiful crazy kids, great house, wonderful friends, amazing family. getting older is seriously the best.

-i could really go for a froyo right now. im gonna make it happen this weekend. eh, maybe.

-im focusing on saying no this year.  its something i have to learn, i hate saying no. if i say no or don't offer to help at all i have this guilt that just eats at me. i have to learn that i can't do everything and that i should only do the things that will compliment my life not complicate. (oh my gosh, i'm a scholar! i totally just came up with that!)

-"I should only do things that will compliment my life, not complicate"
                 -Erica Jenkins

-i totally just googled my amazing phrase and i didn't see it anywhere, but then again..internet. so i could be out there but i checked. let it be known, I CHECKED! but i'm still sure its out there. eh.

- the end.
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