its not all about me, but really it is.

Ah, the year of the reunion.

10 years has passed

do i feel old? not in the slightest.

am i excited to see people from high school? of course.

the planning process for my 10 high school reunion has begun. right now the great debate, the date. i'll show up whenever it is, so i'm just sitting back and changing my vote every once in awhile, stir things up a bit. :)

I've been thinking about these past 10 years, and I totally rocked it. I mean really, hard core rocked it! Sometimes things totally sucked, but i rocked that part too! Most people would think my life it so boring but i love it!

Examples being awesome at my own life:

- i got married (8years baby!)and guess what it totally rules!! love everything about being married. i love that i have someone to share dumb internet videos with at 2 am and we cry air-laugh together (and the after hour/afternoon delight activities are a big perk too.)  but really i get a best friend, every day. he even grew a beard for me, that really says a lot. i big puffy heart love my husband.

- i created life. i have three tiny little persons that call me mom, mommy or my personal favorite MA, MA, MOM, MOM, MA, MOM, MA!!

- i have volunteered countless hours helping other people. i seriously love helping people, any way that i can. sure, it makes feel good but really there are no selfless good deeds, right...Phoebe & Joey?

- I've been on 2 games shows. 1 hasn't aired yet and not quite certain when or if it will, but still. I put myself out there and it was so unbelievably fun! Just FYI- Wayne Brady does in fact smell good.

- I've been a homeowner since 2009 and its been the greatest decision that i forced my husband to agree on. We love owning our home.

- I attempted college cause that's what you're supposed to do after high school, but it just wasn't for me and that's okay! i ruled at sucking at college.

- I've gained and lost probably 100's of pounds since then, and guess what. i could care less what anyone has to say about me cause I rock my body, and i love myself.

- Sometimes, people on twitter think i'm funny. It brings be great pride and joy to be apart of twitter. they just get me. follow me  @airkaka87 < shameless plug 

There are so many little things every day that i rock at but I'm not gonna go into them because really, this would go on forever.

I guess i'm just saying that sometimes people dread this time. getting older, blah, blah, blah.   They feel like they have to make an impression or that what they have done in their life doesn't measure up to what so-and-so did, or they don't look the same as they did back then.  GOOD. Be happy with the life you've lived so far, be proud of the stuff you do everyday. I was pretty proud of myself today cause i washed the dishes, i dislike doing that,  but i did it so i drank a Diet DP to celebrate! yow!

but for reals, i love everything I've been able to do these past years. good or bad, its been one heck of a ride.

this post is dedicated to all those fellow 05' graduates out there. may you be awesome at everything you do and happy Facebook stalking before your 10 year reunions.


  1. I love love love your posts! You inspire me to enjoy life more! Rock on my friend.

  2. Definitely not an 05 graduate LOL I graduated in that decade called the 90's but I love your words of inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ruled at sucking at college... lol! Hi five yo!
    Great post. I love your outlook on your past 10 years. Keep it up girl!

  4. Great post! You're so positive and it's quite refreshing! :)


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