the internet lies to you

This video cracks me up every time i watch it! Thank you twitter friends for bringing this to me. Its funny cause its true. Anyways. 

Why are we putting so much of ourselves online and better yet, trusting total strangers with secrets?!

I put myself online, you know me, but not everything.  There are many things that i don't share online because it would be online, all over the internet for people to see. I share things that I'm okay with people knowing, its just a given.

I was a part of a couple secret Facebook groups, we'll call "the wife club" and "noob wife club".  I honestly only asked to join because i heard it was a complete train wreck and i just had to see for myself and it did not disappoint. Some of the things people were sharing in this secret group were mind blowing!!

I'm talking 'why in the world would you feel comfortable sharing this with total strangers' kind of stuff. Are you looking for validation for your actions? Why are you not talking to your husband about this and coming here!? just stop it!!!

I was ultimately kicked out of said club because i broke the first rule: don't talk about it or associates with anyone that talks about it or else we'll hunt you down and burn you at the stake. 
Don't even get me started about if you have a twitter and are in the group, you should just jump ship now cause they are coming for you. RUN!

I feel like everyone should learn a valuable lesson from posting private things on the internet, just don't.  Its like those pictures from teachers you see on facebook saying they are trying to teach their students about internet safety and that what you put online spread like wildfire, yeah cause it actually does.  Even if its private or secret and its closed off to other people, it will eventually make its way out into the world and you either won't care, or you'll be embarrassed.  There is never a safe place on the internet, but please don't stop cause its an entertaining tornado. So many conflicting emotions.

Moral of the story is this:

Wives, if you feel like there is something bothering you about your husband, talk to them.
Husbands, if you feel like there is something bothering you about your wife, talk to them.
If you need encouragement, talk with a bishop, pastor, friend, counselor, a family member, anyone else but strangers online in secret face book groups. People can see you.

Open communication in relationships are dying and its just sad.
I understand the need to share and find people to connect with, i get it, but there is a time and place for that.

I just had to share this cause it has been a cray cray weekend and i feel so much better telling all of you, some complete strangers, how the internet is awesome, full of lies and secrets.

Have a wonderful week friends!!

Long live communication and secret facebook groups.


  1. Amen AMen AMEN A-to the freaking-MEN

  2. Wives Club IS a total train wreck but the whole Twitter thing was super low. I was really disappointed.


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