I tried to outsmart a pinterest recipe

Chris came home from work Monday night all excited saying that he was going to be making a dessert that he found online.  I told him i would let him make it himself.  About 5 minutes in i basically took over.  I can't help it, but that's pretty much how everything went horribly wrong.

You've seen pinterest fails before, I'm sure of it. Well i thought i would be smarter than the pinterest recipe and change things up a bit and not follow the recipe exactly and well it didn't go so well.

Here is the original recipe: Homemade Little Debbie star crunch-no bake

It seems like a super simple recipe with super simple instructions. I'll go with what we did wrong.

  • We only have salted butter.  Eh, I'm sure that will be fine, through it in!  
  • I know what i'm doing honey, this doesn't need to be microwaved this long. 
  • It would go faster if we didn't make them into disks and we just flattened them into bars
  • We'll just put them in the fridge for a few minutes and let them cool and then put the chocolate on
It was basically an avalanche of i know better then this recipe.  

They ended up being bricks!  Giant, tooth chipping, yet extremely tasty, bricks! 

I mean once we sawed out a piece, then successfully taken a bite, then were able to chew on the piece for a bit, it got chewy and it actually tasted really good! 

It was an unfortunate series of mishaps that lead to our brick homemade star crunch krispies.  

I vow now to try again and follow the recipe EXACTLY.  Its gonna bother me until i figure out if this yummy recipe can actually be replicated successfully. 

Wish us luck! 


  1. I am going to share with you a secret recipe for no-fail Rice Krispie Treats that my mom lived on while she was eating low-fat, with no dishes to clean up!

    1 jar of marshmallow creme
    handfuls of Rice Krispies

    Pour the cereal into the jar of marshmallow creme; eat with your fingers.

    1. Thats a good idea. I'll have to just eat it that way from now on. :)


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