Summer days{3}

Its the last day in June. ITS THE LAST DAY IN JUNE?! How did this happen?

Good gravy Marie, do i have some catching up to do.

I'm going to keep this one mostly pics, cause its the last day of June and reading a bunch of words today is overrated. So here it goes.

The last two weeks in pictures.

 card games

 kitty cat, Buddha (who i haven't seen in days. not good)

 a little circus fun

 not fans of clowns

but fans of elephants 

 played with friends 

and played with puppies

and finally, listened to Ev talk about Pokemon for hours every day.

June was fun. We swam a lot too, just never remember to get pics of that time.  I hope June was awesome for you too! Have a great day and start July off with a bang. :)


  1. Aww yes Pokemon! That's awesome that she loves it--I used to really enjoy it as a kid, too!

  2. Loves doesn't even describe it properly! it more than love at this point. ;)


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